Boycott Chipotle (Again)! And Minnesota’s Hidden Somali Crime Problem

Mural on a building wall in Minnesota depicts cultural diversity of community. PHOTO:

Tainted Food, Data Breaches, Labeling Lies, Trafficking Illegals and Now Race Industry Pandering

Last week, another low-wage employee became a casualty in the battle between the race industry and corporate America. Knee-jerks at Chipotle Mexican Grill corporate on Nov. 17 fired the manager of a Minneapolis, Minnesota, restaurant following the emergence of a viral video created by a group of young black thugs.

You’ve probably heard the story by now, and maybe you’ve seen the video. If not, here’s the quick and dirty. (International readers, if you don’t know what Chipotle is, it’s where hipsters used to go for Mexican fast food. But over the last several years, the national franchise’s brand image of “hand-crafted” burritos made responsibly and sourced ethically was destroyed by tainted-food outbreaks, data breaches, labeling lies and criminal investigations into trafficking of illegal-immigrant labor.) See: [Is Chipotle Being Targeted by Saboteurs and Gravedancers?]

The viral video shows the manager of a Chipotle — a young Hispanic woman — telling the group at the counter that they must show that they have money to pay for the food before the restaurant will prepare their order. This is because the manager recognized this group of young men, who had previously come in, ordered food then grabbed their takeout bags and headed for the exit without paying at the register. She was friendly about it but firm and not confrontational.

Rather than move along, the young thugs pulled out a cell phone and tried to initiate a confrontation with the manager, who eventually disappears into the other end of the restaurant rather than take the bait. The group, realizing they were being ignored, then start harassing other customers, asking why they were able to get food without showing their money.

The boyz posted the video on social media with race-victim comments, and the post went viral. Commenters online excoriated the manager for being racist. Some media outlet contacted Chipotle, which quickly released a statement indicating the manager had been fired and the company would review its practices. The story then went national. Shortly thereafter, old social media posts by the boyz emerged in which they confessed to running other “dine and dash” thefts around Minneapolis.

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Colin Flaherty, the author of “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry,” chimed in on the incident in the following video and added an important nugget of background information on dine-and-dash that nobody else did.

Yep, these boyz are Somali. More on that in a moment.

Chipotle’s decision to fire the manager drew heated public criticism. A few days later, Chipotle issued a statement claiming that it had reviewed additional facts relating to the incident, had publicly apologized to the manager and said it would rehire her.

However, the “in light of additional facts” narrative is a lie. Chipotle admitted it knew about the boyz history of theft before firing her and did so because Chipotle had “no choice” but to believe the word of the man who was convicted in January of theft and had previously pleaded guilty to another theft charge, Zero Hedge recapped Tuesday.

The Untold Part of the Story: Certain Bad Actors

Sure, there are a lot of reasons to pounce on Chipotle — as well as other mega-companies, like Starbucks, that pander to the race industry, which includes the media. Conversely, it’s encouraging to see that the public is becoming wise to race hoaxes. But there’s another angle to the story that has been overlooked — and I believe deliberately so both here in the United States as well as in Europe. It’s a Somali immigration problem- although American blacks end up unjustly tarnished from this skullduggery.

The Somali capital of America is Minnesota, or more specifically, the Cedar-Riverside area of Minneapolis-St. Paul, known by locals as “Little Mogadishu.” In the mid-1800s, immigrants from Germany and Scandinavia were the first settlers, and for a time, the neighborhood had the highest concentration of Swedes in the state, according to the local Star Tribune newspaper. Today, Little Mogadishu’s 8,000 residents are almost entirely Somali immigrants.

Of the 100,000 Somalis the U.S. has resettled during the last 30 years, 80,000 went to Minnesota, according to Wikipedia. The U.S. Resettlement Program continues to transfer thousands of Somalis refugees to America each year and the majority continue to be placed in Minnesota at the behest of religious charities.

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CHART: Breitbart

As Minnesota’s Somali population has grown, so have incidents of crime related to roving Somali gangs. The crimes are too numerous to recount — even though its frequently obscured, under-reported or outright unreported by police and local media. And too often Somali crime is unfairly framed as “Muslim crime” by (((certain media))) to further Muslim-demonization and ulterior agendas (((elsewhere))).

The state of Minnesota is trying to address its Somali crime problem by throwing money at it — $18 million to be exact, for housing, healthcare and education. Meanwhile, last May it was reported that Somalis immigrants stole millions in state welfare and literally shipped in suitcases back to Africa.

Somalia tops the list of the Top 10 Most Violent Countries in the world. Foreign Policy magazine reports that, after being almost entirely eradicated in 2000, Somali piracy incidents are on the rise in the Horne of Africa. It’s a cutthroat culture without a doubt. Is the forced migration of culturally violent Somalis into culturally Nordic Minnesota some sort of scheme? Is this clash of cultures meant to tame Somalis or genocide Swedes?

The Somali problem extends well beyond the borders of Minnesota. Canada’s Somali problem dates back nearly a decade. Somalis top the lists of migrant-related homicide, sexual assaults and rape in Germany. Somalis brought the knockout game to Denmark. In Sweden — another place where migrant crime is hidden by the (((media))) and globalist politicians — Somali “super mums” have taken it upon themselves to police the no-go zones of Stockholm at night in effort to stop and prevent crime by Somali youths and gangs. And in Finland, as in the U.S., some little gal working a low-pay job stands up to degeneracy by Somali boyz. Doesn’t look like she got fired for it though.

Torchy Takeaway

Meanwhile, and aside from the immigration issue, corporations seem to be making it policy to immediately fire hard-working, low-wage, devoted employees who every day are on the front lines in a battle against degeneracy — employees who are sacrificing their own safety, and for what? The company’s bottom line.

Ivory tower elites — more interested in politics, profits and corporate image than their own people — appear clueless about the crime in the neighborhoods they’ve chosen for their franchises. They need to acknowledge their own ignorance and stop succumbing to special interest groups. Company executives need to do an investigation into incidents before lowering the boom on staff who make a wage that’s on average 400 to 600 times lower than theirs. If some customer cries “racist,” then provide your low-wage worker a brief paid leave and do a little due diligence. Stop demoralizing and punishing good people.

And employees, stop putting your asses on the line for somebody else’s bottom line. It’s wonderful to see people battle against degeneracy, but isn’t your life worth more than the cost of a burrito? Mega-chains can afford to pay for security. Until they do, let the degenerates have the store. Make the ivory tower types bear the brunt of their shoddy practices and globalist politics.

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  1. The problem seems to be entirely young male thugs. Somali women, especially mature ones, are often good people. But they need to step up and reign in their punk boyz, just as the Somali mothers in Sweden are trying to do.

  2. What is it about Chipotle that it is constantly targeted by the media? Who owns that company? Something is funny there. The recent romaine lettuce scare must have affected them too.

    Mothers can try to rein boyz in, but the sociopathic types from Somalia will probably kill their mothers in the end and nothing will be done. Wasn’t Trump going to stop this nonsense?

    You guys should publish a list of all the religious charities that participate in the relocation programs; I’ll bet many would be stunned. Time the churches took some heat for it all.

  3. “As for Christianity, there is a dispute among Halachic authorities, but the vast majority consider it idolatry as well. Islam, on the other hand, is not considered idolatry.”
    Read that last bit again, very slowly, so the christianzionists can keep up:
    “Islam, on the other hand, is not considered idolatry.”

    HIAS-Jews & CAIR-Muslums work together to genocidally flood Christianity:
    Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) Imports “Refugees” to White Countries, Even from Israel
    The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) organization—targeted by the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers—works full time to bring fake refugees to America and Europe, while at the same time helping to expel them from Israel and ship them to white countries, a review of that organization’s activities shows.

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