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Starbucks: No Standards + Hypertolerance = Barbarians at the Gates

Black Lives Matter protesters demonstrate against Starbucks from inside a Center City Starbucks in Philadelphia in April 2018. PHOTO: Mark Makela/Reuters

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz on Thursday announced his decision to allow the baristas’ restrooms to be open public toilets and its retail space free meeting halls for non-paying customers and ne’er-do-wells. The basis for this, as he put it:

So, in other words, basic decorum and manners your mama should have taught you is now thrown out the window. Those with bad manners and lowlife behavior will be treated the same as paying customers with good manners.

While Schultz was at it, the Jewish billionaire (net worth $3 billion) out of the blue said “the world” is “questioning the moral leadership of America” and urged the public to reject nationalism. In other words, he is espousing societal hyper-tolerance, whereby thug life barbarians are let in to the country at large.

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In today’s Brave New World, barbarians are encouraged to display and engage in entitled, bratty behaviors, such as using others without any consideration. Then, if you have a word with these ‘tards, somebody shows up with a bullhorn and disturbs your peace. And if you are a manager who’s attempting to defend a retail space, you will be fired.

There are now so many of these in-your-face, Luciferian, do-as-thou-wilt types running amok that there will be a chilling effect and a crowding out. Polite decent people will quietly avoid the free-for-alls. The will to deal with this threat will melt away. Whatever cache SBUX still retains as a public space will be diminished as standards as loosened.

Advisory: The perfect restroom plan for TNNers.

Bay Area Rail Transit (BART) in California’s Bay Area demonstrated in spades what happens when nobody faces thug-life barbarians head on. Public spaces turn into drug-shooting galleries. The public discerns a none-dare-enter-here environment and stays away. An enormous infrastructure investment is negatively impacted because the lowest-common-denominator double-bind propaganda trained managers don’t want to offend barbarians. It doesn’t take a vivid imagination to see this scene replicated just about everywhere. Your future is here.

6 Comments on Starbucks: No Standards + Hypertolerance = Barbarians at the Gates

  1. I am sure everybody reading has hit the head at SBUX, or other chains in an emergency without being a customer. The proper decorum, as I see it, is not to linger and use up seating to boot. If you do choose to loiter, certainly don’t make a bratty scene if the manager checks you out. Seems like common sense.

    • This is actually great news because I love Starbucks rest rooms when I travel. They are clean and private. Great places for second level rest room requirements. But I always felt obligated to order and then drink one of their crappy and overpriced coffees in fairness. Now I will just (quietly) walk in, do my business, save $5 on their crap coffee and find a real coffee shop. If anyone gripes I’ll tell them to talk to Howard.
      Win-win as far as I’m concerned.

  2. It is common in Europe that there is a charge for the rest room – 30 to 50 euro cents – in places such as fast food restaurants. In cafés and taverns the lavatory is free only for paying customers, with an, e.g., 50 cent charge for anyone not buying a drink. So maybe go ahead and get that €2 cheap beer, which at a café will often give you the privilege to hang out at length.

    But it seems the overall plan of the oligarchy, is to turn most of Western societies into something like Brazil, where heavy crime affects the entire populace, and one moves around or goes shopping with heavy security awareness and precautions, where the idea of a middle class moving around calmly and safely in public has disappeared.

    It struck me when being in the USA a couple of decades ago, that European-style street safety had already mostly disappeared there. In the USA what you could almost never find was all these 3 things together: An urban area that was (a) walkable (b) safe and (3) working class. You could get 2 of those 3, but not all 3 outside of rare pockets. In Europe all 3 are stll often reality together, tho the cities are quickly devolving toward the USA-Brasil pattern.

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