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Trump on Eric Schneiderman in 2013 tweet: ‘Wait and see, worse than Spitzer or Weiner’

Former New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has denied accusations against him. In this photo, Schneiderman pauses while speaking to reporters following a press conference to call for an end of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids in New York state courts, in the Brooklyn borough of New York City, Aug. 3, 2017. Photo: International Business Times/Getty/Drew Angerer

By Victor Morton | 7 May 2018

THE WASHINGTON TIMES — Did President Trump know something?

Almost five years ago, Mr. Trump tweeted that Eric Schneiderman, then the new New York attorney general, was “worse than” two well-known Democratic sex criminals.

On Monday night, Mr. Schneiderman was the object of the latest #MeToo bombshell. The New Yorker reported in a lengthy feature about four women — two named, two unnamed — accusing Mr. Schneiderman of slapping and choking them in intimate situations without consent and with threatening them with surveillance and death if they talked.

Within hours of the article’s publication, Mr. Schneiderman resigned. […]

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