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The Transgender Takeover of Girls Sports: Just Stand Aside and Let the Clown World Crash

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In the battle against Clown World skulduggery, sometimes the best strategy is to just step back and let the discordians ruin things. Such is the case with the issue of transgender biological males who identify as women showing up to dominate women’s sports. Under Title IX, a biological male who has taken male-hormone suppressing drugs for at least one year qualifies to compete in most female sports. Naturally, these biological males can run circles around women. A recent case in Connecticut illustrates this.

Tyrones beat mere girls for state title

The fact is that the best-of-class men across a variety of speed sports are on average 11% faster than the best-of-class women. Therefore, a transgender man who’s not best of class can defeat best-of-class women again and again and again.

Research by Ira Hammerman looked at hemoglobin counts and the maximum amount of oxygen an athlete can use in a minute. Men have an average of 13.6 to 17.5 grams of hemoglobin per decalliter in their blood. Women have 12.0 t7o 15.5 g/dl. A biological male self-identifying as a female and taking hormones for a year will not alter that. The ratio, at .88 to .89, is the same as the speed performance difference between the sexes.

Of course, blood-oxygen efficiency is in addition to the fact that genetic males have thicker muscle mass, narrower hips, broader shoulders, longer and larger bone structure, etc. — all of the ingredients necessary for athletic prowess. Suppressing testosterone for a year doesn’t diminish these qualities either.

One would think that real feminists would be assembling en mass to defend the rights of biological women in sports, but apparently not. Therefore, this is one of those occasions in which those of us on the outside of Clown World looking in should simply play Rope a Dope. Rope a Dope was Mohomand Ali’s tactic of going to the rope to wear out his opponent.

The Crime Syndicate ïs running this operation as part of their cheap gamesmanship. They want to get a rise out of normies for the purpose of slinging homophobic and transphobic slurs. But why should we play along with that?

Watch and learn: Transgender player manhandles mere girl opponent

Therefore, the preferred strategy is a Gandhi-esque stand down, or a Rope a Dope. Waste no emotional energy on this issue, and let the clown posse proceed with ruining and wrecking women’s sports. Stay out of this, let them indulge themselves and then grab the popcorn.

While the issue plays out at the state level in the U.S., the Olympic Committee in 2016 announced changes to the rules for transgender competitors. It dropped its requirement for sex-reassignment surgery and hormone therapy for transgender Olympic athletes.

In other words, previously, a biologically male athlete who wished to compete as a transgender woman had to have his willy whacked and receive hormone injections to achieve estrogen levels comparable to that of the average woman. No more.

Now, the Olympic Committee says chicks with dicks are welcome, the biologically male transgender athletes don’t have to have estrogen therapy at all. All they have to do is suppress their testosterone production for one year prior to Olympics. The maximum allowable testosterone level is far higher than what would be considered normal for a biological female.

Of course, the Olympic Committee provided no rules or restrictions for biological women who wish to compete as transgender men other than that they identify as male.

We will likely see these new rules in play for the first time during the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. Should be quite the horror show.

At the current trend, there will be two sports left: men’s sports and trannie sports. Trannie sports will consist of chicks with dicks taking all the medals, while the mere biological girls walk dejected and defeated off the field.

Winter Watch Takeaway

This process should go down quite rapidly. Perhaps a half a generation (and maybe less) of today’s Gen-Z girl athletes will have to make the necessary sacrifice in the Clown World wars. You have to learn how to lose for the sake of social justice. For parents who have daughters who get cut from the team in favor of biological males, until this scam crashes and burns, just take one for the team. But look at the larger points and goals that will be made in the end. And how embarrassing for the feminists who are supporting this unnatural takeover when they have to pick up the pieces.

Thread Reader: A girl who objects to being forced to compete against male bodies is called a TERF [Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist] and a “whining little bitch.” This is the desired result of the lie that TW [biologically male Trans Women] are “the most victimized, vulnerable women on earth”; they’re given everything they want, no matter how unfair to women.

4 Comments on The Transgender Takeover of Girls Sports: Just Stand Aside and Let the Clown World Crash

  1. Only one way to stop the joke; that is for real girls/women to stand down and refuse to participate.

  2. It’s fairly easy to understand why this is humorous to me – and it is. I’m having a little
    more trouble with why I enjoy it 🙂 I think it’s because if these ‘faggots’ – & let’s face it,
    mostly they are – were just lovable losers, it would be, “Hey, welcome to the girl’s club,
    let’s share make-up and wardrobe tips …” But instead they are getting whopped, and
    often whopped good in no doubter fashion, and they don’t like the taste of losing. And
    it’s, well … a beautiful thing. Embrace it. Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where
    Kramer was dominating his karate class. When Jerry points out that he is beating up
    children, Kramer responds, “But we’re all at the same skill level!” A family member
    who was a pretty good tennis player and watched a lot of the tournaments on TV
    used to tell me that any male on the pro tour, even if he wasn’t ranked in the first
    200 or so could beat any of the ranked women and pretty handily too. Why?!
    Because, that’s why. Too much speed and power on the ball. That’s just the
    way it is.Sorry – no deep analysis needed. Hey gals, viva la difference !

  3. People who believe feminists who are gender-critical (radical lesbians, radical feminists who are heterosexual or lesbians, male supporters, mostly heterosexual, but some gay) aren’t fighting back aren’t bothering to find out whether they are or not and should check out www., Meghan Murphy’s Canadian site. There are a mass of articles and links on that site from the entire English-speaking world on transgenderism and podcasts with feminists and academics and activists and scholars on this and other women/girls-related issues. That site will introduce you to the feminists who are fighting back as well as links to other sites that are fighting these developments.

    For an excellent compilation of the phenomenon, not just in sports but on all the ways transgenderism is in many ways the latest movement against women (with the in-built aim of female erasure as well as lesbian erasure and even an undermining of homosexuality) and as such is misogynist, read: Sheila Jeffreys’ latest book “Gender Hurts.” Don’t miss it. She is a brilliant scholar. One of her earlier books, “Unpacking Queer Politics: A Lesbian Feminist Perspective” analyzes the forces that transformed the egalitarian and humane theory behind the original gay rights movement that have brought us to the bizarre place where we are today.

    Gender-critical women find themselves in the unusual position of being on the same side as the right-wing, for different reasons on the whole, but sometimes for the same reasons. Check out for their panels on this issue, a group I don’t trust on the whole for their veracity but believe their coverage of this issue is of some use in the fight against it.

    The Democratic Party, (whether neoliberal or liberal), liberal feminists in or out of academia, and apparently most of what is termed the Left, and of course the media, have signed on to these developments, perhaps as a defense against criticism that may threaten their positions or result in law suits. The alacrity, celerity, and indeed outright gleefulness with which many have adopted the ideas and ideology behind transgenderism is shocking. It is clear to women that the Democratic Party and the Left leadership do not care about women and girls (and neither do the leaders of the Right). It is certainly understandable that many of us wonder whether this movement should be seen as a way to make an end run against women’s demand for social justice in that the inclusion of transgender male persons as women profoundly undermines women’s and girls’ ability to find remedies in law and in fact with respect to the exclusively sex-based rights heretofore assumed to be those of natal-born females. This is the reason the so-called Equality Act is problematic in the minds of gender-critical persons. It is not women who transition to males who are lobbying for any rights that undermine those of natal-born males. it is only natal-born males who transition to female who lobby against the rights of women and girls and say that they have the right to be considered eligible in all the ways women and girls are now to any goods and services previously provided them.

    Jacobin Magazine and other Leftist entities won’t even publish gender-critical writers or writers who advocate for the abolition of prostitution and pornography or even for the Nordic model that decriminalizes the selling of sex but criminalizes the buyers of sex, the johns, as well as the criminalization of the pimps. Neither the Right nor the Left respect or support women in ways that will strike at the source of the inequality between the sexes. Males who think feminists are taking over aren’t thinking clearly but emotionally. So much of what is considered female power in our world is really the image of the manipulation of women and girls in capitalism and not at all helpful (rather the opposite) for females. Check out the list that Heritage has assembled (you will find it on their site) of the big money behind this movement. I cannot say that it is correct or even tell you how they assembled it, but it is of interest nonetheless.

    The issue for gender-critical women isn’t that there is no such thing as gender dysphoria or that trans people should not be treated humanely. We believe that their rights in housing, employment, education, and health care must be respected. They should not be able, however, to transgress rights and boundaries of women and girls and must be provided separate provision. They should not be placed in women’s prisons, receive scholarships or other honors set aside for females, be allowed in facilities that treat or serve as a refuge for vulnerable women (women who are there precisely because they have experienced violence from males in some cases), be allowed in positions of authority over women or girls with respect to women’s programs, or be allowed to compete in women’s or girls’ sports. Also, we believe that men who either undergo full or partial medicalization or opt for simple self-identification should not be literally believed to be women (nor women believed to be men). Many things go wrong in pregnancy, resulting in anomalies, and some of these are the birth of hermaphrodites or infants with some degree of hermaphroditism along a spectrum and there are also other ambiguous anomolous conditions aside from hermaphroditism. However, these are relatively few and the trans lobby hides behind such people as representative of the whole. Most people are born with XX or XY chromosomes. There is no such thing as pink or blue brains or persons born in a body different from the sex of their brain. There is (as yet, to be sure scientists somewhere are working on it) no way that a person can literally change their chromosomal makeup to be the opposite sex either through medicalization or self-identification. Less than 15% of trans people opt now for medicalization, for reasons that should be obvious.

    There has been a huge increase in requests to transition by females and males, especially females, over 4000% in females in Britain alone, for instance. It is should be obvious why females in today’s world would wish to transition. It isn’t easy being an adolescent female with the situation of bullying, in person and on line, policing female bodies and minds that is so prevalent today. The abuse awaiting females, especially female journalists of color and others on line, is endemic to the web and is a source of concern. For that matter, it isn’t always easy for boys either and boys are prone to violence when you consider the many boys and young men who become serial and mass killers in the U.S.

    I have read or heard gender-critical activists say that they have trans allies who do not believe they are literally now the opposite sex and that they themselves do not approve of the activities of Stonewall and the trans lobby. We need to hear from these people, but it is no doubt difficult for them to speak out given the backlash anyone who does receives. Gender-critical women and men have lost jobs, been vilified in person and on line, women have been threatened with rape and death, as have their families, and of course a new word TERF, ironically coined by a non-trans woman, and many more are used against anyone who goes against the ideology and the mantra that “Men are women,” Women are men.” And the very institutions who are charged with defending free speech and comity fail to do so in the face of this seemingly powerful movement.

    And of course there is the corruption of language, statistics, and the census and the locutions that erase women and lesbians (the lobbyists or other vocal males who transition are telling women that they are the new lesbians and that lesbians should be OK with having sex with them.)There are no more pregnant women (only pregnant persons—-it is surprising how often one reads and hears this as it’s been around forever), no more menstruating women (but menstruating persons), no more breastfeeding women (in favor of breastfeeding or chestfeeding persons in some quarters), and the list goes on. And the increasing letters and numbers that are being added to the traditional LGBT have become an absurdity. I saw one schema recently showing 39 genders (some people believe there are as many genders as people). The 39 included the symbols we all know for male and female and 37 others that use those two basic symbols as templates.

    Second-wave feminists believe that sex is basically dimorphic and immutable (while fully understanding that many things can and do go wrong in pregnancy) but that ideas of gender are formed by societies. Transgenderism has come along to say no, gender is innate (and forget sex) because people are born in the wrong bodies different from the sex of their brains. They ignore completely the research by neuroscientists that the brain is plastic and influenced by experience and by the activities of the body. One should easily see why that is problematical thinking in terms of sorting out patriarchy, history, inequality and what we should do to rectify injustice. And there is yet no proof of the existence of this phenomena. It appears to be societally induced.

    Second-wave feminists believe that all human beings are worthy of respect and that we should respect our own bodies and live healthily in them. Yes, we should be allowed to love whom we wish to love. We also believe that sadism, masochism, bondage, role playing have no place in healthy human relationships. Radical lesbians and gay males critical of the gay rights movement believe that lesbians and gay men should not seek to copy the pathological relationships that in so many cases characterize heterosexual relations by adopting them in their own lives. These critics have not been received with grace by many in the movement, but vilified as conservatives, sex-phobic, and now trans phobic.

    I am not even a lesbian, but find myself in complete sympathy with the lesbians and the few gay thinkers who are opposed to so many developments in the gay community that have been made manifest over the decades since Stonewall. These human beings wish to lead lives of equality with their partners, mutually supportive and loving without the harmful role playing so characteristic of so many heterosexual and now homosexual relationships. This is the same thing that most heterosexual women especially want in their relationships with men.

    And of course there are rank opportunist males who use the phenomenon to try to get into female prisons by self-declaring as women. Meghan Murphy’s site will lead you to many stories of this kind. Some of the most vocal males who transition to females have even worn female or male clothing on different days of the week, a sign to me that they want what they want when they want it, not that they care about women or truly believe they are women. This is narcissism.

    Just look at the extreme presentation adopted by males who transition to females: the hair, the makeup, the clothing. It is a phantasy version of femaleness, appropriate to transvestism or female impersonators in gay clubs, or Hollywood stars, not to actual women going about their lives in the real world.

    And how do they know what it means to be a woman? I am a woman. I have always thought of myself as a human being. I suspect men think of themselves as human beings also. It is only with discrete characteristics that mark us as female or male that we then understand ourselves to be female or male. We are simply human beings, beings who more alike than different. These males are confused about such things, no doubt because of negative life experiences.

    Another thing that is happening is that this movement is leading to divorce among long-time heterosexual partners and breakups or divorces among same-sex partners when one of the partners suddenly announces they are trans.

    I have read that many males who transition to females are coming out of the sex trade, although not exclusively of course. I am confident that most trans people are not criminals and wish to lead quiet lives of usefulness once they transition but the more bizarre aspects of this movement are bound to be publicized in the media.

    There is one trans person for whom I have the greatest admiration and that is Chelsea Manning. He/she is a true hero.

    I personally don’t believe males should undergo medicalization and lose their penises. This is a terrible thing. Neither should women remove their breasts and internal/external reproductive organs.This mutilation comes from a very deep source, in both males and females. People who study these issues have found that there is a history of sexual abuse or psychological or physical abuse by caregivers, mainly male parents, but by no means exclusively. that leads to gender dysphoria and mutilation in a majority of persons who wish to transition. They find as well a tendency toward self-mutilation, the usual kinds of which readers are no doubt conversant, but other mutilations that can be of a profoundly serious and pathological nature. The idea is that human beings experiencing trauma try to help themselves by suffering or by transitioning to the other gender and as a result achieve healing or a sense of power (this is especially true in the case of females). Full or even partial medicalization is medicalization by proxy.

    It has been posited (by a psychiatrist I believe called Blanchard) that males who transition to female are autogynephilic, that is expressing some form of deviance with respect to women, the most prominent being males who receive sexual gratification by dressing or possibly even being debased as they observe women being debased. That is also an indication why sadism, masochism, and bondage can be associated with their sexual lives. I hasten to say that these same conditions are prevalent to a great extent in heterosexual sex. Gays and trans have no particular claim on such practices. Heterosexuals are still the larger segment of societies around the world. These practice derive from the inequality between the sexes and distortions in human relationships.

    Indeed, without patriarchy, could there even be homosexuality or transgenderism? Could we not then easily accept that children and adults manifest various characteristics and that their personality should be honored if otherwise healthy? Those males who are slight and more refined would not then be vilified and condemned by a gender police for being deviant and possessing the despised characteristics of females. Those females who look more like males would not then be vilified as unfeminine and deviant. Could we not understand then how to lead our lives of mutual respect for one another, of respect for our bodies, of respect for the earth and all life on it and free ourselves from the necessity of the kind of religious beliefs that lead to inequality and so much shame and suffering?

    There is just one big problem. We don’t appear to have time for any of this good stuff because of the global catastrophe that is taking shape all around us. I do trust there aren’t any fools on this site who reject climate change and the changes that have already happened and that are bearing down upon us now with alarming speed?

    All the more need for critical thinking and humane thinking because of the enormity of the challenges we face to survive as a species.

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