Zuckerberg: Election Laws Apply to Thee, Not to Me

U.S. President Barack Obama's running buddy Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, through a nonprofit, provided $400 million to pay election judges and workers, train poll workers and rent polling locations in various states ahead of the Nov. 3 general election. PHOTO: Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP

‘We’ve invited billionaires into the counting room and it will undermine the integrity of our elections. It’s unprecedented. We are headed toward a situation in which Big Tech controls the flow of information and the election process. These are the first things any oligarchy wants to control when it takes power.’ –Phill Kline, director of the Amistad Project

In a violation of election laws, Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg and other usual suspects corralled money into the disputed jurisdictions of the 2020 election. This was right out in the open.

The Center for Tech and Civic Life, which was established in 2015, received $300 million from Mr. Zuckerberg’s wife, Priscilla Chan, on Sept. 1, and then another $100 million on Oct. 13, according to the center‘s press releases. This $400 million payola to privatize elections spurred at least nine lawsuits challenging the effort by the Center for Tech and Civil Life (CTCL).

One pre-election lawsuit, involving Philadelphia and filed on Oct. 19, highlights how a grant for $10 million from the CTCL explicitly requires the City of Philadelphia to open no fewer than 800 new polling places, and failing to do so would require the city to forfeit the grant money.

The funding from Mark Zuckerberg is also to pay for election judges who oversee ballot counts and the outcome of disputes that arise regarding the eligibility of mail-in ballots.

The following graphic displays the names of some of the usual-suspect organizations that supported CTCL (aka Zuckerberg’s) election rigging nonprofit. It’s all too apparent that government and law enforcement has been circumvented by these organized plutocratic entities that, in turn, infest both of the political parties with apparatchiks and Fifth Columnists. Worth $100 billion and at only 36, Zuckerberg promises to be a plague of skulduggery for years to come.

Republicans are also in the pockets of these Big Tech plutocrats, having done nothing to counter Red Guard censorship campaigns or anti-trust issues. Phony AG Barr and FBI were MIA. The capture is complete.

Prediction: Zuckerberg will be summoned before some congressional committee that will slap his wrists on camera and then meet him at 6 p.m. for cocktails off camera.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and other CEOs with President Obama and John Podesta share a toast in April 2016. PHOTO: The Mercury News

To cover his tracks, Zuckerberg also changed his platform’s algorithm following the 2020 election to highlight outlets like CNN, The New York Slimes and NPR, according to a report from the NYT.

Witnesses allege Zuckerberg’s partisan non-profit also gave money to local Georgia election offices to help elect Democrats. His plutocrat donations funded drop boxes in Democrat neighborhoods with no security and no chain of custody.

GEORGIA COUNTIES that received Zuckerberg’s CTCL election grants include:

Fulton: $6 million
Gwinnett: $4.2 million
Dougherty: $300,000
Cobb: $5.6 million
Macon-Bibb: $557,000

More than $5 million of the technocracy/plutocracy grants allowed the state to buy equipment to process increased mail-in and absentee ballots. An example of GOP as well as Democrat corruption and Fifth Columnist activity- flawed Dominion machines were recommended by Governor Kemp (R) and Secretary of State Raffensperger (R) for two reasons, to make themselves tons of money and to conduct elections with no way to audit results

As an example of how operatives are placed, Gabriel Sterling has done almost all election related press conferences and interviews for Georgia Secretary of State’s Office. He is not listed on the Department and Staff Directory page. There is no contact number or state email for him.

Sterling worked for Landmark Communications. Landmark Communications is one of the largest hired gun political influence company’s in GA. Gabriel Sterling was a lobbyist and VP for Landmark from 2005-2012. Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) used Landmark for his campaigns from 2011-2018.

Sterling also sat on the Sandy Springs City Council and ran unsuccessfully for Fulton County Commission in 2017. He’s ran several campaigns and has even been a legislative assistant. He has a long background in politics but nothing in IT.

Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs was employed by Landmark and worked on Raffenspergers campaign in 2018. Fuchs was also dispatched to Fulton County to wink-wink an issue that occurred when they scanned a set of ballots and things went haywire.

PENNSYLVANIA COUNTIES AND CITY that received the Zuckerberg CTCL election grants:

Allegheny: $2.05 million
Berks: $471,000
Centre: $863,000
Delaware: $2.2 million
Lancaster: $474,202
Erie: $148,000
Philadelphia: $10 million

MICHIGAN COUNTY AND CITIES that received the Zuckerberg CTCL election grants:

Wayne: $3.5 million
Flint: $467,625
Ann Arbor: $417,000
Lansing: $443,000
Muskegon: $443,580
Pontiac: $405,564
Saginaw: $402,000

An example from Lansing and Muskegon, Michigan, of what this funding was used for. “City cemetary office” is a nice touch.  SOURCE: CTCL documents

WISCONSIN COUNTY AND CITIES that received the Zuckerberg CTCL election grants:

Milwaukee: $2,154,500
Madison: $1,271,788
Green Bay: $1,093,400
Kenosha: $862,779
Racine: $942,100


Maricopa: Nearly $3 million

8 Comments on Zuckerberg: Election Laws Apply to Thee, Not to Me

  1. One time pay increase for poll workers? Sounds like a bribe, an incentive to do the right (left cheating) thing.

  2. Judge Grants Trump Team Access to 22 Dominion Machines in Michigan: “Our team is going to be able to go in this morning and will be there for about eight hours to conduct that forensic examination. We’ll have the results in about 48 hours, and that’ll tell us a LOT about these machines.”

    Georgia Senators Call for Special Session: “We believe we have reached the point that the results of this election are untrustworthy.”

    • Yes, I heard about a test run (this morning on the radio) on a set of Dominion Machines in Georgia in which an equal number of votes for President Donald Trump and, former Vice President Joseph Biden were cast.

      The machines altered votes. in real time, from Republican to Democrat (only at the Executive Level) and gave the former Vice President a 26% win on a 50/50 entry. As someone who has programmed in a few computer languages (a long time ago), I can state that the majority of languages that rely on text entry would use a simple “IF, THEN” command for this change. Without being too technical it would follow (not actual code here, since I do not know what the actual Dominion software language is based on):

      If the number of R=D, then increase D by + (enter or whatever number you wish) so that R > D by (enter a desired) %.

      An “IF, THEN” command of some sort has been around since the 1960s and was key to the early forms of any BASIC language.

  3. Useful idiots who help perpetrate the fraud that ushers in Communism tend to have both long illustrious careers and long, happy lives. Because, those with the levers of power love having loose ends lying around. The henchmen who could explicate all the details they personally performed in order to establish the “Shining City on the Hill.”

    Maximilien Robespierre was so beloved and treasured by the French people that he was congratulated by a massive crowd the day he died.

    Trotsky retired to Mexico to leisurely live out the rest his days without any existential and all-consuming paranoia that he’d eventually be bludgeoned to death with climbing equipment.

    And the very helpful and ambitious “nomenklatura” that one day dream of being the Big Boss themselves.

  4. Mr. Mueller,

    Thank you for the very interesting post.

    The only thing that I would suggest is that we all review the celebratory photograph. The android boy, created by DARPA, is holding a glass of water as one would opine that alcohol has no affect on androids. Why bother with a cocktail at 6:00PM? It will not help make him more of a “real boy”.

    Just needed a little levity after reading the post. Thanks for your work.

    All my best,
    Simple Citizen

  5. So it hit me over the weekend. What if the long game is to finally destroy the Electoral College? This is a final “stop gap” to a complete overthrow of the republic that was once these United States of America.

    What I began to think about was SCOTUS awarding the final victory to PDJT (whether he stays or not, will not factor into this post; I have already laid out what I think will occur in previous threads).

    Then, perhaps, the Democrats win the “run-off” elections in Georgia. Followed by Senator Joseph Mansion changing sides (as his state has become very Republican, and still has many level headed Democrats who will vote independently overall). So now the Senate is a very close body and those who would label themselves as “Progressives” are extremely enraged. The House remains under Democrat control.

    2022 roles around and the Senate is flipped with a wider majority to the Democrats based on the SCOTUS ruling. As is the case at this very moment, PDJT is not really doing too much in those two years. Maybe talking about his past successes, discussing how slanted the media is, discussing the deep state, fire Fauci, fire Durham, fire Barr, HO HUM, HO HUM, and discuss how the world has been against him since 2015. Trust me, he could repeal his “STATE OF EMERGENCY” from Conjob-19 yesterday, which could limit some of the dictatorial powers of the individual states, yesterday; however, he is back on the campaign trail and not doing much Executive work at the moment.

    The Dems then get a “Peanut Man” Governor from some state that no one has ever heard of before (since the clowns in the Congress could not win in an even match) to run against either PDJT or VPMP (assuming a transfer of power) and win it. The new “Peanut Man” will have some form of Brzezinski and the backing of the usual think tanks / foundations / nonprofits / corporatocracy folks, just as Jimmy did (heck maybe they will even back his brother or sister in a beer company just like good ole Billy).

    So in 2023, legislation clears the Congress to end the Electoral College. The Executive vetoes. By 2025, the same legislation come up and is secured. The Electoral College is no more. In fact the Governors all vote to amend the United States Constitution to ensure the Electoral College never, EVER, EVER makes a come back (think about the liberal exodus from California to Texas, Wyoming and Montana [which ever part is not owned by the very liberal Mr. Ted Turner], under the guise of Conjob-19).

    The United States of America becomes a VERY NOMINALLY “DEMOCRATIC” NATION DOMESTICALLY, while still remaining a GLOBAL MILITARY EMPIRE all over the world (since peace keeping conservatives and liberals have left the government for decades and finally, fully, exited by 2010).

    Perhaps we all have been missing the long game regarding this current psyop. The election may not be the “crown jewel” for any “side”, but the real winner will kill the last mechanism of a republic still remaining in this nations.

    This will leave Switzerland the only, true, remaining democratic republic on the planet, which is ironic since so many corrupt individuals and despots flee there. Heck, I am thinking a pocket full of gold Francs, shoes made of chocolate and a mouth full of cheese is sounding pretty appealing right now.

    Please all be well; I am keeping prayers and good thoughts for everyone here at WW. As it is the end of the year and the holiday season, I have not had much time to visit; however, I still enjoy the site very much, and will stop by when I can.

    All my best,
    Simple Citizen

  6. The Antifa camps in Portland are rapidly growing larger. The main camp has reportedly doubled in size over the last few days. When the enemy brings in reinforcements, they are going to attack, so expect something in the way of an election ‘surprise’ in the next week or so, something which will trigger more rioting and destruction.

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