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The 5G Beast Radiation Assault and Plague is at Hand


Verizon is in cutthroat competition with AT&T to be the first carrier to offer 5G and is building out its new network around the country using small cells that will eventually deploy service on a mid- and low-band spectrum. T-Mobile, America’s third-largest mobile carrier, is working diligently to build out its massive 5G network as well. These Beast companies began lighting up 5G networks in cities across the country in 2019.

As 5G wireless rapidly builds out, more towers to emit the signals that supplement existing cell towers. This is because 5G needs a different hardware to deliver signals. However, 5G requires far more of these towers — reportedly as near as 500 feet apart in many neighborhoods — due to its higher frequency that decays faster in the atmosphere.

The Fusion Doctrine is what stands behind “the internet of everything,” and the internet of everything will be powered by 5G and the 20,000 satellites its sponsors launched during 2019/2020 so as to cover “every square inch of the planet.”

The Fusion Doctrine no doubt intends to take full advantage of artificial intelligence in its delivery of a fully functioning totalitarian takeover. The steady incremental growth of public addiction to electromagnetic microwave mobile phones, smart meters and associated smart technologies has opened the way for upping the levels and range of control over the daily lives of millions, perhaps billions, of people.

The advent of algorithms in computer software coupled with the multiple neighborhood transmitter boxes with their millimeter pulsed 5G microwaves will serve as an invasion at multiple levels. Accordingly, there are increasing concerns about privacy and cyber security.

The corrupt and captured FCC regulators have made it illegal for local government entities to try to delay or stop cell tower installation on the basis of health risks and impossible for the public to sue. Not only that, but Telecom companies can now sue cities and states that attempt to use health concerns to impede their cell tower building plans.

Stuart Madnick, professor of information technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology since 1972, says, “It’s like going from fireworks to dynamite sticks. All of the good news and bad news that comes along with this technology gets magnified.”

He’s especially concerned about the risk of denial of service attacks — or DDoS for short — becoming more powerful than ever before. One of the advertised benefits of 5G is that it will allow even more IoT devices, like refrigerators or light bulbs, to come online. This would allow users to remotely check the contents of their fridge or dim their bedroom lights using their phones, but these devices can also be harnessed for nefarious purposes.

Bottom line is that over the next year and the years that follow, millions and then tens of million more will be exposed to a new toxin and cyber-risk. Meanwhile, the corrupt foundations make sure watchdog groups struggle to get funding for even meager studies into potential health effects. This is despite the World Health Organization (WHO) classifying radio frequency radiation as a carcinogen.

Revealed in the article “World’s Largest Animal Study on Cell Tower Radiation Confirms Cancer Link” is that researchers in the U.S. and Italy both found the same types of tumors in the brain and heart in rats as a result of cell phone radiation.

According to WHO, “Electromagnetic fields affect us because our human bodies have their own electric and biochemical responses, such as nervous system, digestion, brain function and heart function. Exposure to EMFs can interact with your body in many adverse ways.”

They key to delivering this EMF toxic into your body are new antennas both outside (a million new cell towers), but especially inside your living space. Early adaptors will then be able to bath themselves in it 24/7.

Is This Hubris, an Opportunity for Individuals to Take Down the Beast System?

The cost of what Winter Watch hopes will be an epic boondoggle for these Beast entities is $200 billion a year in research and capex – just in the US. Much of this has been funded of late during the Scamdemic, Fed bubble blowing phase of 2020-21.

The boyz need to work around nature and obstacles like trees, snow and rain. The risk for the beast firms is that the service holes result in customer complaints. AT&T’s Netgear Nighthawk 5G hotspot, the first consumer mobile 5G device, has been on the market for a week now in Indianapolis and commenters aren’t impressed.  We will be covering this roll out going forward and have added a new tag: The 5G Beast.

The real risk for the Beast is that heavy users Beavis and Butthead learn one of life’s lessons and become sick from exposure. For this to play out, Beavis should already be debilitated from heavy exposure from 4G electro-smog. Additionally, if one has heavy metals in the body from vaccines, this magnifies the impact of EMF.

Although the Crime Syndicate will try to explain it away as some type of new virus, a cover up may prove difficult once it gets out of the bag, and is shared on social media. How ironic. To survive this plague, non-adapters and those who make attempts to mitigate the effects almost have to bet on foils Beavis and Butthead taking the hard fall first.

Yes, Beavis, you can expose yourself to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and numerous other diseases and disabling symptoms that are linked to the cumulative effects of microwave radiation- all so you can further bury yourself into high-definition video, play video games online or even live in a virtual reality hologram world.

National Priority

These are some of the common symptoms linked to microwave exposure. The impact on animals and plants will be substantial. Impact on skin is acute. The microwaves slowly cook it.

  • Fatigue
  • Chronic headaches
  • Heart palpitations
  • High pitched ringing in the ears
  • Dizziness
  • Disturbed sleep at night
  • Sleepiness in daytime
  • Moodiness
  • Irritability
  • Unsociability
  • Feelings of fear
  • Anxiety
  • Nervous tension
  • Mental depression
  • Memory impairment
  • Pain in muscles and joints
  • Pain in the region of the heart
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Allergies
  • Yeast infections
  • Blood sugar swings
  • Heartburn
  • Bowel problems
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Weight abnormalities
  • Rashes
  • Immune system weakness
  • Behavioral aberrations

Hidden illness indicators: These are some of the indicators of poor health resulting from prolonged microwave exposure.

  • Inflammation (caused by excess histamine in the blood)
  • Oxidative stress
  • Autoimmune responses
  • Reduced blood flow to the region of the thalamus
  • Pathologic leakage of the blood-brain barrier
  • Myelin damage to the central nervous system
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Deficit in melatonin metabolic availability
  • DNA damage
  • Metabolic dysregulation

Diseases and body system failures: Some of the diseases and body system failures that result from multi-year microwave frequency radiation include:

  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Neurological dysfunction
  • Diabetes
  • Immune system suppression
  • Cataracts of the eyes
  • Sperm malformation
  • Hearing loss
  • Vision loss
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Depressive mental illness
  • Fetal abnormalities

An Epic Beast Telecomm and Tech Financial Bust in the works?

A recent survey conducted by consultancy Bain found that of the 19 largest global mobile phone companies, just over half said they saw no near-term business case for the 5G technology.

But others mentioned earlier are going to throw the dice. As hundreds of billions are gambled by these big telecoms on the 5G Beast, Motorola, Huawei, Sony, and Samsung  are expected to be among the first to unveil 5G phones.

Apple on the other hand sees problems and is going to delay. Thus the Beast companies are conducting an expensive buildout well before good 5G compatiable products are available for Beavis and Butthead to use. This is good, because Beavis is less likely to bring his electro-smog fart spewing devices into public spaces you might be using. A Business Insider article states why, “Once the 5G modem attachment is affixed to the Android phone, it becomes distinctly clunky and large. Part of the attachment is a battery, but that underscores only how experimental and power-hungry these new 5G electronics can be.” Thankfully Apple’s forte are light thin phones built for a global audience.

Besides a boycott, we can pray that the Beast financially crashes on takeoff- taking down the telecomms involved with it. A lot of debt for this will be sold on Wall Street and stuffed into Aunt Millie’s accounts and sycophant managed pensions promising a big financial bust. Hopefully the central banks lard up on this too, and take huge losses. The rogue Swiss central bank is already sitting with substantial losses on the bubble tech stocks it bought in 2017-2018. The ECB has holdings bought in subsidizing dicey telecomms. Once again, we need to hope a bear market stops the Beast dead in its tracks.

Protecting Oneself from 5G Beast Electrosmog

Unfortunately the Beast financial collapse may take several years. In the meantime, basically treat and avoid 5G like you would a plague. Be aware of where the towers are in your environment. If one is within 50 meters of your residence, that’s quite problematic. Photo at left shows what smaller installations look like.

If you think you are feeling bad effects from the additional electro-smog, test your response to turning off close proximity 4G wifi for a week.

Do not subscribe to “upgrade” 5G service. Push others to boycott. Put them out of business. Discourage neighbors from exposing themselves and you. Early protests have stopped some deployments. Watch developments locally.

Even with 4G, disable the wireless on your computer (desktop, laptop, iPod Touche, iPad, tablet, mouse) and also printers. Use a regular USB cable connector.

Unplug wifi router at night. Keep devices out of bedroom.

Keep your distance from wireless. Walls don’t stop wireless radiation. Schools have more wifi exposure than cell towers. The health impacts from 5G will show up in children before adults.

Cell phones, should be turned off as often possible. Do not leave on while charging. I personally don’t have a cell phone anymore. I use a landline at home. I am on the computer researching and writing (connected by USB cable) too much anyway. When I go out, I prefer to take a complete break from the Beast.

9 Comments on The 5G Beast Radiation Assault and Plague is at Hand

  1. Thank you for posting this timely article filled with such good info!! I, too, am hard wired….unfortunately need the evil cell phone, but rarely use it & go days without looking at the damned thing.
    p.s. how is it that checking fridge contents and dimming lights from a phone is a BENEFIT? that is some far out insanity, geeeeez. though i imagine there are people out there who would definitely see these things as hugely advantageous and ‘beneficial’. God help us.

  2. Occasionally, technology offers something amazing that benefits everyone, such as the Internet, email, online publishing, online libraries, mobile phones, wifi, etc. But all too often we’re presented with add-on services/technology that offer us nothing we need. I don’t hear neighbors clamoring for faster Internet, only tech businesses. So 5G blanketing neighborhoods makes zero sense to me. Has anyone seen any legitimate discussion about what this new thing we don’t need will cost us in monetary terms? After all, nothing technology offers us is truly “free.” Businesses bear the cost (R&D, infrastructure), the public pays the price (fees, personal data), private investors collect the rewards, and parasitic special interests (gov/ADL/etc) reap the benefits (taxes, surveillance, propaganda, advertisers). Of anything, one should ask “what’s the price I have to pay” and “who’s likely to benefit most from this new technology.” A new technology offering nothing I really need but may threaten my health seems ludicrous. I have the Ring door bell and suspect that similar technology could be put in my fridge without 5G. So what’s the real deal? Furthermore, will 4G be discontinued? Are we all going to forced to run out and get new computers, cell phones, modems, etc.?

    • Hello Torchy; I hope you are well. Yes, I know this post is older, but I felt that if anyone would be able to see a response to an older post, it would be you. Hence, my adding to your thoughts would not be too ridiculous, even with the delay in time between the original post and a response.

      Well, I am not sure how technically proficient you are (I am mildly afflicted with an understanding of computer science / IT / gizmos / shiny things or whatever anyone wishes to call it), but I must say you nailed the whole idea and posed excellent questions in support of the concept. From my own (humble) perspective and from what I understand about computer oriented, technological, history, although there are some excellent benefits to humans as a result of advances in computer technology, the cost is often extremely high. This cost may be paid for in full through a loss of:

      a. physical health
      (as this thread points out so well, although even 3G has its own health consequences)

      b. mental health
      (well we now have all witnessed the melt down of society through the use of such government inspired and often developed products as Google, Facebook [where did MySpace go?], and Twitter [a revamped AOL Instant Messenger in essence])

      c. material wealth
      (a new way to fleece all sorts of people through “data breeches” and the collection / analysis of “metadata”)

      d. privacy
      (too big to even begin a notation over here)

      e. control
      (again, too large a topic to notate here; however, I do believe that 5G and now 6G further seek to whittle away at individual control over one’s life)

      f. common sense
      (how many times has anyone of us either nearly been run into or witnessed an individual looking down at the cellular phone while walking in a given direction, with no sense of place and a complete lack of personal security)

      So we get to the “WHY” would anyone utilize such technology, if it could cost them so much in the process. My, simple, response would be “INDOCTRINATION”. Similar to the television, often referred to as the “dumb, dumb box”, our government and their partners in computer and cellular technology organizations have worked extremely hard to indoctrinate as many users as possible. We may recall the term “Obama phones”. This was a program to ensure access to “FREE” computer and cellular technology for poor and disadvantaged citizens (or so the marketing pitch went). Was the government interested in teaching these individuals and communities the ethical and health factors in the utilization of this technology? No. Did the government wish to empower these individuals and their communities to build this technology and begin computer, as well as cellular, businesses or even ancillary entrepreneurial ventures? No (we can have Chinese slaves build the phones and we can even prevent them from suiciding out when we treat them badly).

      An aside: Seems Apple took that whole “Pirate” thing very seriously and even got into the whole slavery trade, as did many of the original pirates:

      (Please note: Just as in real life, Gates, Balmer, Allen, Woz and Jobs are all played by actors, who supposedly [as legend has it] stole from a major government contractor or two, then each other.)

      Back to topic:

      As you (Torchy) stated: “After all, nothing technology offers us is truly “free.”” Ain’t that the truth! What we are paying with is our lives through many of the items I listed. Now I do not even thonk my list is a comprehensive one, and I would bet many of our friends at WW could come up with the other ways in which we all “pay” for the “free” shiny stuff; however, my point is in agreement with your own. NO FREE LUNCH! We all pay and the cost to our lives keeps rising.

      Now am I a Luddite? Yes and no. Do I like online databases and libraries of books? Sure. Can I enjoy electronic mail? Yep, it means I am not sweating into a headset or fumbling with a microphone — good stuff. Do I need 5G, 6G or even 4G for that matter? Nope. I would be happy with a working cellular phone (for emergencies) at the 2G or 3G level and a wired line (IT) for the most part. Further, I would sure be pleased if we furthered out knowledge of LIFI as the technology is not only healthier, but more stable to to the rooting along a glass plane (no dirty, floating, signals).

      In the end, I would have to agree wholeheartedly with your post, as well as this thread, and wonder why more people seem to avoid questioning the entire situation that we now find ourselves in.

      All my best,

  3. Thanks for the great article.

    It’s going to take mass awareness to fight back against THIS maniacal plot.

  4. Russ is correct. We do not have WiFi, however, our neighbor shares their WiFi and password with us. I’m now typing this message using their connection. The live one floor below us, and on the opposite side of the building. Most days we have an excellent connection through the walls.

  5. Modern IoT technology sucks anyways- compare the modern washer or refrigerator to those made 30-50 years ago- the new tech is simply more that can go wrong in these items. Combined with the more cheaply made nuts and bolts components of the modern items, you can be sure that they won’t last as long as the older items. It goes without saying that putting microchips into all these new IoT devices in fact reduces their durability and reliability. Older tech non IoT items of all kinds, up to and including cars, will become more sought after as people become wise to this reality. I vote with my wallet as much as possible and often buy used as a rejection of the large woke corporations and the garbage they sell, and I’m constantly amazed at the durability and reliability of older tech. New tech is purposely made to be disposable, needing replacement within 5-10 years max.

    • Yep….mother in law who died a few years ago had a flat screen TV bought in 2005 or so and went out a few years later so she had to get a new one and it is a “smart” (aka stupid) TV. Whereas we were given a Sony Trinitron, made in 1975, given to us in 2003 or so….and it lasted until last year, 2020! Love old tech….heck my Windows 7 2012 laptop still works, as does my 2005 Windows XP desktop….

    • Excellent post / excellent reply; good to see you both – Happy Thursday! Hot as all heck fire in your nation’s Capitol. Back to topic…

      Yes, I would have to concur that older, more durable, technology is already seeing appreciation in terms of pricing. Like us here, I think people are very tired of modern fabrication and even the hubris that goes along with the marketing (“Smart TV” as a term is completely oxymoronic). So I am in the boat, paddling with you both.

      So as not to end on a sour note, I can offer up this vendor as a resource (I have ZERO personal connection to them and have just placed an order every now / again, just like anyone else who likes their goods); it would not suprise me if both of you were already aware of them:

      May God bless you both (good thoughts and prayers sent in each of your directions), and I hope it is an excellent day / weekend (just thinking ahead).


  6. If they put this tech out here in the rural remote, it’ll kill off every bird, every wildlife, every tree, every plant, and maybe every human. As frustrating as it is our Wi-Fi is so dangnabbit slow and unreliable, I’d rather do without internet than have 5G anywhere out here!

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