Russ Winter Rejoins ‘The Wisdom Circle’s’ Dave Scorpio, Giuseppe Vafanculo and Chris Weinert for a Timely Conversation

‘Mr Bond, they have a saying in Chicago: ‘Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action.” ― author Ian Fleming, ‘Goldfinger’

During this show, I often take the lead as the guest, but there is some great extra color provided by what I now refer to as the “Wisdom Circle” brain trust of Dave, Giuseppe and Chris. This works as super value added to my No. 1 peeve, the plutocrat kakistocracy that operates with impunity.

The call can be heard here. I leave at hour one.

Posts covered in this conversation:

10 Comments on Russ Winter Rejoins ‘The Wisdom Circle’s’ Dave Scorpio, Giuseppe Vafanculo and Chris Weinert for a Timely Conversation

  1. The foreskin eaters digging the last big hole for them self. There will be no survivors from them, by their own design. Praise Father. Great round table.

  2. Good show ..Guilliani is a turd and in the kosher Nazi faction called from the dugout just like he was during 911. He may have cleaned up New York but that is disputable according to some sources BUT he did destroy what was left of the Italian Mafia so the Red Mafia aka Russian Kosher Nostra (who tRUMP appears to work for) could reign. The info of all the cabals coming together via capitalism makes so much sense ..the Rothchilds supporting the CCP commies and Demonrats…Fink from the Black Sun zioNazis Blackstone Blackrock Blackcube and RepubliNazis with their satanic dimwit the poop eating Pope ..Triad of evil.

    • This Nazi
      That Nazi

      Now Kosher Nazis’s ??

      That’s like saying “dry-water”

      Please I get a lot of you are just waking up
      But all youre doing by saying this is confusing the situation

      This has nothing to do with Nazi or fascist. Everything you’ve been taught about them is Bullcrap and brought to you by Jews

      It’s just Jews and their Shabbat Goy
      Juuuuust Jews

      • Mrs One,

        It does grow tiresome doesn’t it! The constant equivocation of the Nazis with the epitome of evil. It has become so entrenched into peoples unconscious lexicon over the decades that they are clueless how it even came to exist in the first place.

        Here are a handful of content creators who have or do constantly and ignorantly use it to describe what they perceive to be the most reprehensible in wickedness: Jeff Berwick of Dollar Vigilante, Brian at High Impact Flix, Jeff of Jeff Censored, Del Bigtree at Highwire, Tim at Tim Truth, James at The Corbett Report, Peggy Hall, Jordan Peterson, Dan Dicks at Press For Truth, Josh at World Alternative Media, and countless others.

    • In fact “Nazi” is a slur for National Socialist, brought to you by Jews

      National Socialist and Fascist would have shot these Bolshevik JEWS in the head, already.

      Say the word with us

      • BINGO Mrs.One ….

        3rd rail hot button right over the target.

        It’s the god damn JEWS people are they are 100% committed to killing us all off and they openly admit it. They’re also in the power position to actually pull it off.

        Us or them people. Ain’t no divine intervention BS coming to save us either.

        “There comes a time when a man must spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats.”

  3. Another great book that delves into the ideological contradictions of the French Revolution and the problem of secular messianic politics is Jacob L. Talmon’s ‘Origins of Totalitarian Democracy.’ Totalitarianism is the unavoidable logical outcome of ‘democracy’ and its aims of delivering man from all restraint and dependence. Freedom is reserved only for the very few who can keep its dangers under control!

    • Very interesting – I had not heard that name. I have recently been surprised by seeing DeTocqueville make a very similar claim: “Freedom is reserved only for” – societies which share a common religious (Christian) faith – is his answer.

      “Christianity … reigns without obstacles [in 1830s USA] … the result … is that everything is certain and fixed in the moral world … [while] … the political world seems to be abandoned to the attempts of men. So the human spirit never perceives an unlimited field before itself, however bold it may be…” DA I:2:9

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