Russ Winter Rejoins ‘The Event’ to Discuss Mind Controlled 5th Columnists and Hegalian Dialetics

On Wednesday, I rejoined my Brain Trust contingent of the legendary James Fetzer, Dave Scorpio and Giuseppe Vafanculo.

This was a two-hour session that opened with a discussion of what I’m calling “policy by negatively selected sub-zero apparatchiks,” meaning policies such as electric cars, open borders, police defunding, the firing of the non-compliant non-jabbed and “equity.” Equity in actuality is leveling to the lowest common denominator. This is where planted sub-zero policy makers and the One Party sistema feign incompetence to hide their malice. I cover the One Party Venn diagram.

I introduce three topics for feedback:

  1. The theory that Mind Control minions and operatives have been unleashed. I don’t just theorize, I present evidence and examples of it. This was developed further in my recent podcast with William Ramsey.

  2. I go a bit into how Hegelian dialectics are used for manipulation and falsely defining the issues with double bind choices.

  3. Introduce the thinking of Christopher Lasch in terms of processing the plutocrat capture.

The Show is Here

5 Comments on Russ Winter Rejoins ‘The Event’ to Discuss Mind Controlled 5th Columnists and Hegalian Dialetics

  1. Of course, they aren’t the only group involved. But to not notice the strong Zionist involvement, and their role in the executive, protection-racket, financial, vice/illicit-trades, media, and now fronting much of the CV-19 agenda- you’d have to be blind. A lot has been mentioned- like in this discussion- about a kind of ‘leveling’ and ‘regression,’ which is pushing people into a kind of rigid, hierarchical scheme which is akin to some Neo-Feudal arrangement. One interesting thing to do, take the PDF of Israel Shahak’s ‘Jewish History, Jewish Religion’ and use the ‘search’ function in an ereader, like Calibre, for the term ‘Feudal.’ A lot of this has the flavor of not only the current period, but these continuing uprising/balkanization disputes, ‘Young’ movements that are used to push back societies/nations into a more primitive state, where financiers can gain a certain kind of upper hand, through their ‘looting’ and bribery of mercenary groups that apply downward pressure.

    Here are some nuggets from that-

    ‘ . . . the more reactionary the regime, the more rabbinical support it had.’

    ‘ . . . The society of classical Judaism is in total opposition to the surrounding non-Jewish society, except the king (or the nobles, when they take over the state).’

    ‘The position of the Jews is particularly favourable under strong regimes which have retained a feudal character, and in which national consciousness, even at a rudimentary level, has not yet begun to develop. It is even more favourable in countries such as pre-1795 Poland or in the Iberian kingdoms before the latter half of the 15th century, where the formation of a nationally based powerful feudal monarchy was temporarily or permanently arrested. In fact, classical Judaism fl ourishes best under strong regimes which are dissociated from most classes in society, and in such regimes the Jews fulfill one of the functions of a middle class – but in a permanently dependent form. For this reason they are opposed not only by the peasantry (whose opposition is then unimportant, except for the occasional and rare popular revolt) but more importantly by the non-Jewish middle class (which was on the rise in Europe), and by the plebeian part of the clergy; and they are protected by the upper clergy and the nobility. But in those countries where, feudal anarchy having been curbed, the nobility enters into partnership with the king (and with at least part of the bourgeoisie) to rule the state, which assumes a national or protonational form, the position of the Jews deteriorates.’

  2. This forcing back of people from one more rational state into a more primitive, pre-rational state requires traumatizing them, bashing them into a state of (un)ethical fluidity where they have to accept a continuing casino-ization of standards, and of ‘reality’ and ‘truth’ itself, what you’ve called ‘Cartoon World.’ Michael Hoffman has just put out a new book, and his recent interview he really nails down how this being used in a kind of ‘skillful mockery’ of any value system to, like you said- drive everything downward, backward, lowering the bar to its lowest, while (as per the course) bribing and buttering up a few dictators, warlords, and compromised nihilists on the way.

  3. Just got done listening to this.
    Your ‘input’ Russ, is, quite well executed. No thrills, no shrills, just the facts. Heavy-duty, and to-the-Point.
    I left the States over 40 yrs ago to work in the ME-Middle East i.e. Empty Quarter in Saudi Barbaria.
    Considering I have not been bombarded with am. msm-propaganda for 40+ years, I find your ‘Tjeck exile’ has surely done You wonders.
    Your colleagues in this discussion lack the real…’distance of Time & Space’. that the ‘shutdown’ of ALL 24/7 influences. Kind’a like the classic, They Live- 1988.!-%201988&kind=video
    I’m sure there are many back-Home, that will eventually pick-up on your way of sayin’ things.
    Regards and A Good New Year to You and Loved Ones.
    Chris in Sweden

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