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William Ramsey and Russ Winter Discuss Mind Control

I joined William Ramsey — one of the top podcasters in the para-political space — on Tuesday to discuss the topic of mind control. After a few minutes of audio difficulty, we were able to dive in and parse a range of characters and events in this critical subject.

The Show Link is Here

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Demonstrating in spades the twisted and inverted world in which we live, Cameron was appointed president of the World Psychiatric Association in 1961. He was also president of the American and Canadian psychiatric associations.

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  1. Good interview Russ with William Ramsey. What a wicked bunch those mind control doctors were, and of course, it must be at demonic level’s now! I’m convinced that the whole CV19 and ongoing pysops just round the corner are simply an extension of all that vomit that kicked off after WW2… Interesting aside Dr Jolly West was a close friend of Charlton Heston AKA John Carter, everything connect’s in that dark world! I always keep in mind Psalm 37…

  2. Great Interview- love Ramseys work. Btw, when you mentioned the Navy Commander in Naples- that is also mentioned in Kay Griggs interview, if you remember. She talks about how it’d been going on for decades, soldiers procuring young boys from mothers who auction them off, then they’re taken into these big orgies, trained with weapons, etc. Of course, Naples is known for being totally run by the Camorra, a branch of the Italian Mob. Roberto Saviano wrote an entire book about them entitled ‘Gommorah,’ which has arguably the most realistic depiction of the mob on any TV series, that is based on the book. He’s been in witness protection ever since its publication. In the show/book, one of the characters, Genaro, is the son of a boss, but grows up too spoiled/wealthy, and when he suddenly has to take the reigns, isn’t ready according to the mother. So they send him to a kind of mind-control, death-squad training camp, where torture of prisoners etc is involved- across the ocean in El Salvador. After he’s there for a few years, he returns a different demon.

    Some other instances of mind control like this- Unit 731 (which doesn’t get mentioned nearly enough), the ‘Bitch Wars’ of the Soviet Gulags, and one interesting case- the Death Squads supported in Indonesia, which used a combination of highly disciplined training and LARPing involving Spaghetti Westerns to objectify and enable apathy and genocide, which is potently examined in the duology documentaries ‘The Act of Killing’ and ‘The Look of Silence’- both great examinations of mind-control operations. Worth mentioning also is the clear connection of Iran-Contra era intelligence and the Gangster Rap industry, which was highly architected by one Jimmy Iovine, Italian member of the Council Foreign Relations, and also Jewish convert, married into a wealthy Jewish Family. The Jewish Involvement in Gangster/Bling Rap is so obnoxious, and it runs all the way down to the lexicon- ‘Ghettos’ for instance, being originally a Jewish term, for their intentional walling off of their religious communities. If you look at the model of the Hashashim, that same model of smoking a shit-ton of pot/hash, indulging in mindless orgies, adjacent to detached violence, is exactly the same model. Most people outside of that culture who smoke pot, do so in small amounts, practically, but within that culture, it is encouraged to smoke in absurd, wasteful amounts- ounces and ounces, to the point of dissociative stupor, apathy. No mistake that the term ‘Thug’ was also quickly inserted, incentivized within that culture, as well- being a clear reference to the ‘Thugee’ assassin cult of India. The mercenary & tribal obsession with ‘Gold Chains’ and diamonds is also a primitive aspect, something that resembles the reward-system of mercenary groups of antiquity (who associated sacred tribal power with said Jewelry) as much as it does anything in modernity.

  3. Abu Ghirab is another example. It always gets portrayed as just some ‘out of control stunt’ pulled by exhausted, angry soldiers, who are (of course) mostly portrayed as ‘angry white soldiers.’ But anyone who’s looked at this shit long enough, knows it has other behavioral control, radicalization elements going on. In the least, crime syndicates, extremist-radicals, assassins of both opposition and ‘support’ were being created in those sites to prolong & expand ‘terrorist cells,’ and the arms dealing/narcotics/money laundering schemes involved with the associated conflicts in the region(s).

  4. (Comment left by me on WR Gab page) This is an excellent interview. Russ talked about loads of things that I have direct personal experience of. Other elements of the targeting that run alongside the hypnotism, drugging, NLP, V2K, terrorising and poisoning is the kabalistic nature of it (esp. red string brigade); the process of inversion; psycho-sexual manipulation; the covert murder of target friends, family and associates; and the methodical construction of an inverted (un)reality around the target. When the target is in the public eye this inverted unreality is projected outwards and becomes part of the reality of all their fans and followers. IMO, pretty much anyone and everyone in the public eye or in a position of influence and/or power is subjected to or involved in perpetrating this form of targeting and manipulation to some extent. Especially celebrities, sports stars, politicians, scientists and corporate leaders.

    I know the Scientologists and Mossad were directly involved in the early stages of my targeting and I always figured that it was them who set me up and then outsourced much of the targeting to (mind controlled) criminals. Interesting to hear that rogue private security contractors are implicated – given my own personal experience I’d hazard a guess that the private security contractors doing this are constructed by and operating for specific political interests and agendas. Outsourced targeting to private contractors would displace the orchestrating political interests from liability and scrutiny. Two names immediately spring to mind: Erik Prince and Black Cube. Benjamin Netenyahu and his wife are personally involved in this and I’m also 100% sure that this is the world Epstein and Maxwell were immersed in.

    Other things integral to this form of targeting worth mentioning are the profiling and surveillance. Before social media the profiling was a labour intensive, skilled and personal procedure: the target had to be personally intercepted and questioned. Social media now means that only the targets social media accounts have to be monitored, and in terms of information retrieval SM accounts will be infinitely more revealing than in-person profiling.

    Surveillance is total and enabled by occult technologies.

    A lot of women are involved in this as well – significant targets are those in positions of power and influence, or potential power and influence, and the majority of those are men. The easiest way to get to a man is through a woman. Modern technology combined with the oldest tricks in the book. Its easy to think of these perpetrators as shadow dwelling military-esque trolls and psychopaths but they’re not, they’re the girl who befriended you at the bar; the guy who admired your football scarf; the couple sitting behind you on the bus etc etc.

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