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Insider Tells Tucker Carlson That CIA Was Directly Involved in JFK Assassination

PJ Media | Dec. 16, 2022

Speculation about the circumstances and motivations behind the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, rife at the time the tragedy occurred, has never stopped. While Kennedy’s murderer was declared soon after the assassination to have worked alone, one insider claimed to Fox News host Tucker Carlson that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was directly involved with JFK’s assassination.

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  1. Miles Mathis has always maintained the assassination itself was fake, claiming Kennedy was mortally ill? He makes an interesting point now that the CIA guy on Carlson said “IT’S ALL FAKE”

  2. Thanks to mike195789, the comment board on this subject got completed — right off the bat! — with mention of the grandest “conspiracy theory” of all — JFK was NOT assassinated. Once you have de-spun Tucker Carlson, you might try out your powers of discernment and read all about it:
    Note that you can find more information on agent Jack Ruby here:

    So, suppose — for a moment, just SUPPOSE — JFK “faked” his assassination in exchange for a comfortable early retirement, perhaps to die in peace.

    MM’s introduction []:

    “Tucker’s central report was that an anonymous CIA source with access to classified documents held back from the 2017 drop had agreed to go on record, answering Tucker’s question, “was the CIA involved?” The answer [min 5:15]:

    ‘The answer is yes. I believe they were involved. It is a whole different country than we thought it was. It’s all fake.’

    “Wow. Of course Tucker completely ignores the last part. He focuses on the first sentence and pretends the last sentence doesn’t exist. But in my opinion, that quote confirms my paper, not Tucker’s conclusion. Notice this source says the CIA was involved. He does not say they assassinated anyone, he says they were involved. But in my research, they are involved as well: in managing the fake and covering it up. Again, IT’S ALL FAKE. Exactly what I have been showing you for years.”

    For those interested, MM has also “de-spin” Tucker Carlson:

  3. President and the Press (Secret Societies)
    Dulles Dismissal/smash C.I.A. 1k pieces
    Oil Depletion Allowance reductions
    E.O. 111110
    Drawdown/ END Vietnam conflict
    the American Zionist Council register as FOREIGN agency
    Kennedy assassination, got a strong boost in 2004 when Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu stated that Kennedy was assassinated over his opposition to Israel’s nuclear weapons program.

    If anyone doesn’t understand that Israel, along with cooperative American Zionists, were 9/11’s architects

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