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CRONY CORNER: A Google Takeover of Biden’s Justice Department?

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A former Google lawyer is being considered for a top job.

By Terry Campo | 31 January 2021

AMERICAN SPECTATOR — We stayed quiet when reporters uncovered that former Google CEO Eric Schmidt started pushing the Biden administration to appoint Google’s allies to top federal government positions. We stayed quiet when the then-president-elect named a swath of Big Tech alumni to his transition team, including a former Facebook director as his transition’s general counsel. We even stayed quiet when he named Ron Klain, a former executive council member to Silicon Valley’s Washington, D.C., trade group, as his chief of staff.

But with former Google lawyer Renata B. Hesse now the reported front-runner to head the Biden Justice Department’s antitrust division, we can afford to be silent no more.

Biden is taking office at perhaps the most pivotal moment for reining in Google to date. The tech giant already has a Department of Justice lawsuit filed against it that alleges the company engages in illegal search and advertising practices. Another DOJ suit into its advertising business is reportedly on the way, as are the findings from a departmental antitrust investigation into its recent acquisition of Fitbit and what its attainment of the company’s 30 million users can mean for consumer data misuse.

Finalizing these lawsuits and court battles will continue to be the top issue on the antitrust division’s deck for the foreseeable future. How then could Biden’s staff possibly think it’s a good idea to consider a former Google lawyer for this position — one whose husband’s law firm still works for the company[…]

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  1. Of course big tech has tremendous influence/clout, which is the reason they’ve been able to practice ‘cancel culture’ (i.e. violate First Amendment rights) with impunity on a massive scale by unilaterally determining what ‘speech’ is and is not appropriate on their platforms — re this censorship, in particular on YouTube (YT), I think a good case can be made that Google/Alphabet should be forced to divest/spin-off YT — the financial power of Google makes huge server farms available to YT, which gives that video platform a streaming quality of service (QoS) that is generally far superior to what smaller alternative platforms are able to offer — this creates a de facto monopoly.

    You also saw this recently when Gab received literally hundreds of thousands of new users (almost) overnite — the site became so slow that it was practically unusable; as a small private operation, Gab simply does not have the money to compete with the server power of Twitter — as part of Gab’s response to this vast new demand, they now restrict how far down a public timeline you can scroll — this limited page size no doubt helps reduce the demand on their servers.

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