Yes, a Capitol Rioter Arrested in Pa. Had Constructed a Toy Model of the Capitol Building with Legos

Once in awhile, the mind fuckery scriptwriters come up with stories so ridiculous as to potentially cause a glitch in the Matrix that could awaken at least a portion of the pajama people from their black magik spell.

Such is the case with the FBI’s arrest in June of one Robert Morss, an alleged participant at the so-called Jan. 6 Capital Insurrection. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette identified him as a substitute social studies teacher in the Shaler Area School District. Morss was arrested on June 11 and charged with four separate counts of breaking into the Capitol building, organizing a shield wall of rioters against police, and entering the building through a broken window.

We learn that investigators took a fully constructed Lego model set of the U.S. Capitol when arresting Mr. Morss at his home in Pennsylvania, according to the Department of Justice. Really? Are these the same “investigators” who “accidentally” destroyed Hunter Biden’s laptop?

Also, while arresting Robert Morss in June, per court fillings, police say they recovered a notebook from his car with writings and notes entitled “Step by Step to Create Hometown Militia.” The steps included “Battle Drills,” “Ambush” and “Formations.” To date, there is no mention of the proverbial “manifesto” or obsession with lizard people as often touted in these scams.

So five months after the Jan. 6 incursion, this dude is still carrying seditious musings around in his vehicle in addition to his Lego Capitol construction project in his house? “Law enforcement” also recovered a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag and a black tourniquet. Oh, the horror.

“Law enforcement also recover[e]d a fully constructed U.S. Capitol Lego set,” the filing states.

“Da Law” says it’s unclear if the social studies teacher used the Capitol Lego set as a teaching tool or to plan his approach on Jan. 6. Come on.

We find it peculiar how the script writers use rare or unusual names. There are only 674 people in the US with the surname Morss and 108 in England.

U.S. prosecutors argued on July 2 that Morss should continue to be held in pre-trial detention because of what authorities found at the time of his arrest.

Curiously, and typical for such staged events, we couldn’t find a “Robert Morss” listed in the Pennsylvania inmate locator database. Don’t take our word for it. See for yourself. Whodathunk?

We also heard rumors that he had a “Star Wars” Death Star Lego set, too. OMG, that mother f’er was gonna bring down The Empire!

The Babylon Bee picks up the ball on this glitch in the Matrix.

“The suspect had several completed LEGO Harry Potter building sets and was about 80% of the way through building the advanced-level LEGO Harry Potter Castle,” said FBI bureau chief Warren Alvarez. “We feel we caught him just in the nick of time before things turned violent once more.”

Alvarez said a review of Morss’ online social media accounts show him to be a staunch supporter of Lord Voldemort, believing that Albus Dumbledore was fraudulently elected as the leader of Hogwarts. Documents found on his computer show that Morss was planning a violent protest at the school on July 31, Harry Potter’s birthday.

FBI releases more video of the Capitol scene, virtually all herky- jerky, grainy and blurred.

And what the hell is this footage? Grainy CGI?

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  1. I was (apparently) a budding domestic terrorist in my early youth spending hours simulating dastardly acts with my Lincoln Logs and Erector Set (Lego is for wimps). Then I discovered girls and guitars and my thoughts were diverted away from destruction and insurrection.

  2. Reminds me of a “report” on CBS News on 9-11, when “investigaters found a white van (I think it was white anyway…it’s been a while) with a Koran in Arabic and a flight manual in Arabic in the midst of the front seats…in the long term parking lot at Logan Airport…” which, being who I am, got me to think that 9-11 could be a false flag, which it was of course…

    I don’t think I was a domestic terrorist in the 90s, but I sure did “write the script” on the evil in the rock music industry when I began writing the novels in my Prodigal Band Trilogy…. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

    • I can’t say I remember hearing about a white van, or any van, having been found in long-term parking, containing an Arabic Koran. I do, however, very much remember a quick snippet I saw on Fox News one evening shortly after 9/11. I know it wasn’t 9/11 because by the time night rolled around, I simply refused to watch anything 9/11 news-related. I think it was the day after. They showed a white van that had apparently been stopped either on or shortly after getting off of the GW bridge. It was a van for a moving company, supposedly, with very unusual airbrushed artistry covering the entire drivers side. Looked to me like the Manhattan Skyline, with the twin towers in the distance, and wouldn’t you know it, an airplane making it’s way in their direction! It had my absolute attention and I thought for sure this was going to become a big deal. Within the next couple of days I began to think I had dreamt seeing this on Fox that night. None of my co-workers, family, or friends were aware of this footage and I even garnered “stink eye” from a few.
      I was thrilled to be vindicated about 6 or 7 years ago when I came across a video on YouTube that went into good detail on this van and it’s occupants and what ultimately did, or rather, DIDN’T, happen with them. The infamous “5 Dancing Israelis”, as it were!

    • Ya know, Pyramid schemes are “funny, not funny” too. Is that what this whole Covid charade is about? Or something “bigger”?

      At some point, one must abandon arguing for redress when the system itself is so far corrupted that the courts are an extension of the charade.

      As I have stated repeatedly on this site, there is no need to dissect the anatomy of a tyranny. That train left the station when 2 planes took down 3 buildings…

      My question is, what are YOU doing in light of this?

      Perhaps this site should dedicate itself to a type of Byzantine Monkism and methodology as such for others instead of tooting its horn at a finger pointer of truisms it is so correct in identifying…Want a merit badge for that?

      I expect a site like this to be better than this.

      It’s time for answers, Russ, Torchy et all.. What have you to say to the younger generation in need of leadership, and NOT the boomers need of group therapy?

      I’m doing my part to educate and direct toward solutions to the younger ones. What are you about?

      And when I feel disheartened, I go back to my “Prometheus and Bob” videos for some intelligence in the face of our clown world reality.

      All love from me to you guys , I thank you for your contributions too, but dayum……..TIME TO ACT.

      “Of those of greatness, greatness is expected”

      • My question is, what are YOU doing in light of this? Perhaps this site should dedicate itself to a type of Byzantine Monkism and methodology as such for others instead of tooting its horn at a finger pointer of truisms it is so correct in identifying…Want a merit badge for that? I expect a site like this to be better than this. It’s time for answers, Russ, Torchy et all.. What have you to say to the younger generation in need of leadership, and NOT the boomers need of group therapy?

        Come on dude, spare me, I am just a 70 year old man reflecting on the times. I know you don’t quite mean what you wrote but I truly think it is up to others to pick up the ball – as you say the younguns. They aren’t my direct responsibility, nor is a “boomer” likely to influence them. I don’t exactly notice that I have cult status with many- if any. If a few disciples can get a little wisdom or some research notes here, great, but I am a twilight of life mere mortal who will likely dwindle (plenty of Alzheimers in my family) or die in due course. It is their sad twisted world to take on.

      • Ahem, the site is called Winter WATCH, not Winter Riot. 😉

        I’m not a boomer or a geezer. I’m a reporter. I’ve won a few “merit badges” for investigative and enterprise reporting. Now, I toil in obscurity. As an avid WW reader, you know why: Tyranny.

        I’ve never had a reader ask me to prescribe a course of action. I provide information. It’s up to the reader to decide what to do with it. If I was confident that I had all the answers, I’d run for political office.

        I, too, am fatigued by the never ending cycle of crises and bullshit. But I’m glad to have joined with Russ, who’s a good guidepost in this age of gross deception.

        • Yes true, but also YES = precisely the point ! Essentially we’re all waiting
          for SOMEBODY ELSE to DO SOMETHING. THAT is the essence of the
          “problem”. Likewise with waking others, or “getting the information out.”
          Fine – no harm. A good thing right ?! But waking people up to the truth,
          or getting the information out pre-supposes the idea that these others
          now sufficiently awake/ informed will (we hope) muster the necessary
          outrage and courage to go Billy Jack or Rambo on the bad guys and
          fix the problem. Right ?! You know I’m right. So how’s this working ?!
          In the end, the people of the town have to get together like all those
          great Sci-fi movies of the 50s and 60s, and ‘electrocute’ the ants in
          their “nest”. Or something like that 🙂 Caution: Metaphors at work.
          Hopefully coming soon to a theater near you: MEN at work.

          • “Da Law” will come and confiscate your Lego sets for even talking like that. Then you will encounter a Star Chamber. We will search Rommel 41 in the inmate records and you will be deep sixed somewhere unknown.

      • To live good, to live proper and the right way is the revolutionary act. I’ve noticed a lot of far smarter people than I are saying the same. Build your own civilization and culture as an individual or some like minded group- tune out the banal and evil and close your pocketbook to them. That’s the fundamentals of it. Watch the Asha Logos video on creating (or reviving) a new culture. I hope to review this on Sunday.

        • Russ, I know he’s been mentioned here before but I think the comedian Owen Benjamin has some great insight on what to do going forward. He is a bit extreme in his use of language but he is for non-violence and non-compliance and becoming self-sustaining as a way to fight the beast. I agree that healthy living, caring about your neighbors and not participating in the ruling class’s schemes is the best course of action in the near future.

          • I will have more on this soon, but it entails more active support of good culture and actively disconnecting and boycotting the evil, nasty culture. Be highly aware of how you use your pocketbook.

        • There’s nothing to be done on the large scale outside of trying to wake people up. People will decide what to do for themselves afterwards. Some will choose to play keyboard vigilantes, go to the capitol on January 6, or talk about the next election. In other words do nothing. Others trying to play the long game will consult spiritual and prepping/sustainability resources, and use their awareness of the situation to make choices that don’t further empower the bad guys. These people will vote with their wallets and work to disconnect from the fraudulent mainstream enslavement system. Lashing out against the system with violence empowers it. I reckon it’s a smarter play to let it implode on its own, and try to be able to weather the storm. It’s been imploding for at least a century, and we won’t prevent that. If you can sustain you and yours, you’re ahead of 98%, and then you can think about expanding to help others. Choose who you help wisely. Wanton altruism aiming to save everyone is foolish thought that is probably due to media programming. The hero’s journey is a farce- real life heroes get maimed and killed. There won’t be an old hickory type that leads the good guys to vanquish the bad guys. Over half of the fluoridated masses some people feign concern for would step on your face after looting your corpse. They’re like the people still hooked into the matrix who will fight to preserve their enslavement. They’re casualties. Thus the metaphor of the wide and narrow paths- not everyone travels along the narrow, most in fact do not. It’s difficult to follow and the multitudes of people choose the wide path to destruction.

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