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The Bay Area Has Become an Absolute Paradise for Violent Criminals


By Michael Snyder | 30 June 2021

THE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE — Over the past couple of decades, northern California has prospered more than any other area in the country.  In fact, the two wealthiest metropolitan areas in the entire nation are located in northern California. But even though the region is absolutely swimming in cash, crime is completely and totally out of control and violent criminals are having a field day. We have never seen the sort of crime wave in the Bay Area that we are seeing now, and it seems to be getting worse with each passing month.

Let me give you an example of what I am talking about. According to the local CBS affiliate, the number of car break-ins has risen “by more than 700 percent in some parts of the city”

Car break-ins have skyrocketed in San Francisco, increasing by more than 700 percent in some parts of the city. With more people visiting after county and state restrictions were lifted, thieves are taking advantage of tourists by breaking into rental cars.

“Sucky end to our vacation but what can we do,” said Kaitlin Lore, visiting from New Jersey.

The politicians running the city don’t like to admit this, but San Francisco is dealing with an absolutely massive epidemic of street drug abuse.

The addicts that endlessly wander the streets are constantly looking for more drug money, and they have discovered that tourists are easy targets.

So I would not recommend making San Francisco your next vacation destination. […]

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  1. I see this commercial on tv with a politically correct affirmative action actress and I find it hilarious because not one person in that commercial is wearing a mask YET I know many morons in California who wear masks when they are walking, biking and hiking and are easily triggered by anyone who didn’t fail the IQ test 😷

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