The Merchants of Venice Beach

PHOTO: The Press Democrat

By Tom Zaga | 18 June 2021

OCCIDENTAL OBSERVER — By now, almost everyone but the cardio-hemophilic liberal is aware that California is crashing and burning. Businesses are closing, families leaving and tourists abstaining. A sanctuary state for some and a failed state for others—the net population loss certainly suggests more of the latter. Now for the first time, crime and destitution are on the doorstep of previously untouchable parts of the Californian riviera, which would at least deliver some poetic justice for the liberal elite.

Fox News and CBS report that Venice Beach is the latest casualty of the state’s Third-Worldization, thanks to a permanent tent-city of homeless people bringing a different sort of vibe to the surfing Shangri-la. Open drug use, nudity and public defecation aren’t included in any of the reality TV productions still filmed in the area, though the Mail Online assures us that these are part of the daily motion.

At last count, a record 41,290 people were homeless in the city of Los Angeles. The bureau tasked with tabulating this figure cited the “legacy of systemic racism” as a key reason why homelessness is getting worse, and even has a special “Committee on Black People Experiencing Homelessness.” Their report, however, did not explain why Asians and Hispanics were significantly underrepresented among homeless persons, while (putatively privileged) Whites were not. […]

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