Russ Winter and G-Man Consider Israel’s Manic Self-Inflicted Collapse

Russ Winter and G-Man tag team Israel’s tittering descent into ruin and the prospects that they will drag humanity with them. The cracks in the Zionists’ U.S. support are revealed.

A hard hitting two hours into this abyss. In the opener, Russ makes an appeal for a posse to promote him on X.

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10 Comments on Russ Winter and G-Man Consider Israel’s Manic Self-Inflicted Collapse

  1. Unfortunately Russ you lost your readers because people worked.out that you play the dialectic especially now with israel. We all know your kid was at Radio Free Europe and you expect people to take Twitter posts with pally duping delight seriously when it’s obvious someone controls what comes out, plus you somehow conveniently forget whoever controls cia controls Iran and China and houthis and hamas. Your site gives zero insight into obvious facts. And this triangle dude is total hate and racism and your former readers don’t go for that. There’s no woohoo reaction like you’re trying to create among the smart people you used to attract who are long gone. Please stop already. The actions all on tiktok anyway. Dunno why because you seem sincere but people have moved on and don’t care about X either.

  2. Don’t give up Russ, you are doing better than you think! I don’t use social media much but I read your site daily and regularly send links to my friends and acquaintances. Your articles are exceptionally well written and researched and I think you are also a great writer as well. Winter Watch is also the only conspiracy site I know of that has articles on ancient history, most other conspiracy sites focus on more modern events that occurred over the last 250 years. People forget that the idea of an NWO really begin in antiquity although they did not use the term New World Order and secret societies also begin during the same time period.

    This is a long term information war and we must focus on reaching the next generation. You have a son and grandchild yes? That grandchild is the key, a friend of mine has a 3 year old daughter and he will teach her about conspiracy and home school her, when I have kids I will MAKE them read sites like this, not Tik Tok or that other stupid social media crap. We need to raise a new generation of kids that understand conspiracy, but to do that men must start raising and teaching their kids instead of allowing single mothers and the government controlled school system to miseducated them.

    Finally, I would encourage you to reach out to other conspiracy folks like Joel Skousen, Jeff Rense, Paul Craig Roberts, David Icke, Alex Jones, etc. Joel Skousen is very accessible, he answers emails quickly and does interviews all the time, I would not mind seeing you two compare notes. Joel Skousen also knows Alex Jones and Jeff Rense personally and I am sure they would all be impressed with your site and the work you put in as I am. Right now I am in a very difficult financial situation but when I get my finances in order I want to start supporting people who do good work like you.

    • Thanks. For those not listening to the podcast, which is two thirds of those who clicked this article, the first twenty minutes when I came on was about getting a posse to repost some of my posts and comments on X in an attempt to counter the throttling suppression (aka shadow banning) I deal with. I have never asked for money, nor am I now.

  3. Great show with Giuseppe, Russ. I think you have one of those crazed trannies trolling your site.

    I watched it on Giuseppe’s RisingTideMedia Rumble channel before I saw this post.

    At around 42:40 – speaking of distancing themselves, I have been noticing a pattern in bloggers who I thought I could trust, insisting that Zionism has nothing to do with Jews but is associated with the evil ‘nahtsies’. Hence while ‘israel’ genocides women and children and ‘israelis’ celebrate with orgasmic lust in the streets, it is the ‘nahtsies’ fault for creating ‘israel’ (they misquote and misrepresent the Haavara agreement), and thus it is the poor joos who once again are the victims.

    Having stuck my neck out over the past six or seven years in support of President Putin, he really disappointed me in the Tucker Carlson interview when he only spoke about ‘denahtsification’. I totally resonated with his history lesson (my favourite reading niche), but he really lost a lot of points and raised a major red flag. As for Trump – a totally controlled Israel-first actor I’m afraid.

  4. Great show, Russ. You do valuable work and I always look forward to these video presentations. As for twitter/x, I’ll look for you there. I agree twitter/x still has potential, and truth is definitely getting out there, but it’s so incredibly rigged–apparently there is freedom of speech, but not freedom of reach.

    • Exactly, no freedom of reach at least for some. My little campaign has brought in a couple dozen new followers and a little pickup in impressions and engagements. But I suspect my new posse is subjected to the same suppression I am. I find the feed sketchy whereby they drop buffoons and nasty people unsolicited into the feed so as to attempt to influence and propagandize.

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