More Terrible Optics for ZOG: Those Being Arrested

Use of rubber bullets.


Zios turn on their own Tribe. The sound of a flushing toilet is a beautiful thang.

3 Comments on More Terrible Optics for ZOG: Those Being Arrested

  1. And finally, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott exposed himself as nothing more than a Zio-Shill “Christian” Zionist that I and hopefully others will NEVER vote for again! Same for Rep. Tony Gonzales….he calls border-protection fanatic Rep. Chip Roy a scambag for voting against alll that loot for Israel as well as Ukraine.

  2. The ‘elected’ talmudic communist dummies have it in for real Americans-their mission of which has been in progress since 1913AD. We seem to be approaching the final takeover stage- unless the essence of ((zog)) is exposed & extinguished once & for all- whatever it takes.

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