Grandmother’s Savings

April 21, 2024 Winter Watch 0

A man found his grandmother's savings, 18 years after her death. Poor thing, these $2 peso bills aren’t even in circulation anymore. 2 pesos: 2006: $0.64 USD2024: $0.00196 USD — BowTiedMara (@BowTiedMara) April 20, […]

Fast Food Hyperinflation

April 18, 2024 Winter Watch 2

For doses of diabetes- Price inflation at every fast food restaurant in the US has far exceeded CPI inflation since 2014. Prices at McDonalds have DOUBLED since 2014 while official inflation data shows just 31% […]

Israel will retaliate massively against Iran

April 15, 2024 Winter Watch 3

🇮🇷🇮🇱 Israel will retaliate against Iran IDF spokesperson says that plans for ‘offensive and defensive action’ have been authorized following Iran’s attack last night. The israeli media also said that they are preparing to retaliate […]

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