The New Underworld Order Egregore

The British Empire represented a partnership between Jewish finance and the British aristocracy, according to Hilaire Belloc in his book “The Jews” (1922). And Belloc was right. What has since been dubbed the New World Order (NWO) is an extension of the British Empire in which elite British, American and Jewish imperial interests are indistinguishable.

Belloc writes: “Marriages began to take place, wholesale, between what had once been the aristocratic territorial families of this country and the Jewish commercial fortunes. After two generations of this, with the opening of the 20th century, those of the great territorial English families in which there was no Jewish blood was the exception.”

Read “UK PM David Cameron’s Great Grandfathers Were Rothschild-Connected Bankers Who Financed Russo-Japanese War”
Race-Cult Zionism as a British Oligarchical Strategy

Given that the Jewish-British “egregore” is also behind the NWO, we should recall that — according to this mindset — only NWO “believers” are human, and everyone else is an animal to be exploited or slaughtered.


We are not going take a deep dive into this concept right now or fully explain it but rather aim to create a general awareness.

Egregore (also egregor) is an occult concept representing a “thought-form,” a “collective group-mind” or a “hive mind.” It’s an autonomous psychic entity made up of and influencing the thoughts of a group of people. In psychology, the Group Mind is definitely recognized as one of the factors to be reckoned with in treatment.

Egregore was of prominent interest in Jewish Kabbalah as well as the British-Israelism occult.

Read “Lord Palmerston: Britain’s Black Operations Prime Minister”

From the inner point of view, we may see it as a composite thought hive-mind charged with emotional energy. This energy is evoked from all those who are linked with the thought-form and, if there are those in the group who know something of the psychic mechanism involved, it can be directed upon any chosen target. It is obvious that such energy can be used for evil or control purposes.

Egregore derives from a Greek word meaning “watcher” — a thought-form created by will and visualization. A group egregore is the distinctive energy of a specific group of magicians who are working together, creating and building the same thought-form or energy-form.

Curiously, the word “watchers” derives from the Nephilem, also called watchers. In Hebrew, the word is ir, and the concept appears in “The Book of Enoch.” The Old Testament is filled with references to fallen angels, Nephilim (giants) and darker forces.

Clarification: B”nei Elohim means Sons (plural) of God in Hebrew.  The Watchers (both good and bad) are a class of Angelic beings.  The bad Watchers came down from their previous estate and polluted mankind by mixing their seed with women producing the Nephilim (giants, mighty ones).  As such “Watchers” is not derived from Nephilim but from B’nei Elohim or Sons of God.

This egregore process is unconscious but is intensified through the secret society  initiation process, such as Skull and Bones, which is designed to open the mind to the spiritual through the egregore. Whether the group is organized to do good or evil, indoctrination can happen quickly.

As Gustav La Bon pointed out, reason is not part of the crowd mentality. Becoming caught up in the passionate hatred or love of an egregore can be hard to resist. An organized group with a very strong intention builds and maintains an egregore with its passion, and the thought form affects new initiates.

The power of the egregore to help and sustain a group increases over time through the repeated actions (ceremonies or rituals) of its members. The egregore can raise its members from the material and connect them to the divine or to the depths of human depravity. The Sabattean Frankists offer a prime example of the most dangerous egregore group of our times as is high level Freemasonry.

For further reading:

A small group can create an egregore, and that psychic energy can spread to the crowd who mindlessly follow. The crowd egregore arises quickly. Its passion carries the crowd. I would suggest that the false flags, staged deceptions and Kabuki Covid-19 theater we are being subjected to have the emotional charges to drive a group thought-form that can be manipulated.

A group intentionally setting out to create an egregore must have certain ingredients (Wikipedia).

  • Emotion – An egregore is born when a group of people concentrate with emotion on a single goal or objective. The emotional aspect is crucial; simply thinking about a goal does not have the same effect. The emotion and intent must be strong, focused and sustained.
  • Secrecy – Secret societies, mystery schools, and political associations all have core teachings that are not shared with outsiders. Whether it is a privilege to know the secret, or the threat that disclosure will result in mortal harm, nothing tightens a relationship like a kept secret.
  • Segregation – Sharing a secret makes the group separate, apart from the masses. Special costumes, ceremonies, chants all add to the separateness and a sense of specialness. The distinction of them-versus-us focuses attention.
  • Ritual – Special rituals invoke the entity of the egregore, but also stir the imagination of the participants. The power of the ritual, especially one conducted in secrecy, should not be underestimated. Rituals have been used throughout recorded history to invoke the unseen powers to operate on one’s behalf.

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  1. I’d like the references, in the Old Testament, to fallen angels. When one says, “the Old Testament”, they typically refer to the 39 common today, but I’ll also accept the additional Apocryphal books contained in LXX, early KJV, etc. I’m just interested in where the term “NPL MLAK”, or something similar is to be found. Thank you.

  2. Egregore is countered by aligning with the Logos. Emotion, ritual, energy, except only in the opposite direction toward the Good.

    • Haha so kaballistic of you. In fact the answer is to cut yourself off of all such notions groups and ideas and be an individual

  3. Not to get all religious. it is true the cabal rules by secret ritual magick. They rule by exploiting the evil in US. That is why such effort and expense goes into corrupting the masses. However, it does not take a mass to overturn them. It only takes ONE of us becoming clear. That is the gospel of Jesus. They don’t have to change or be changed. Only I have to change.
    I must turn away from knowledge or description of evil. No good comes from seeing the truth that abortion is the rape of the divine feminine into Black Magick for (((their))) Power and Pleasure.
    Invincible, triumphant good comes from understanding that life begins at conception and that human life is Divine.

  4. Rudely Dude . As surely as I’m enjoying my first drink in a year , you have one of the very best blogspots going. .Thought so well before this fine beer kicked in……

  5. the common denominator to “egregore” is sodomy — everyone; juw, mayson, elite, nobylity, roylty ALL SECRET SOCIETIES — involved with the black-magic of egregore is a sodomite…. the “kundalini” or FIRE (the juwish meaning of holocaust) from the sacral chakra explosion from sodomy has split their minds into the demonic realm where they get fame power and fortune as long as they — keep sodomizing each other — so they can thus exploit the GOY, humanity, It is this black-magic that gave the elite their thin-air USdollar so they could use it to buy the world for their devil.

  6. ” B”nei Elohim means Sons (plural) of God in Hebrew.”
    No; it can be either singular or plural. Both of these forms are used in Psalm 82; Yahweh and Yahweh’s divine council:
    “Psalm 82:1 is especially interesting since elohim occurs twice in that single verse. In Psalm 82:1, the first elohim must be singular, since the Hebrew grammar has the word as the subject of a singular verbal form (“stands”). The second elohim must be plural, since the preposition in front of it (“in the midst of”) requires more than one. You can’t be “in the midst of” one. The preposition calls for a group—as does the earlier noun, assembly. The meaning of the verse is inescapable: the singular elohim of Israel presides over an assembly of elohim”.

    Read Dr. Heiser’s “The Unseen Realm”. Mike Heiser has a PhD in Hebrew Bible and Semitic Studies and MS in ncient History and Hebrew studies.

  7. You will note that we sometimes are doing reruns of relevant previous posts. As our work is often layered later with additional research and posts, you will notice new links not present in the initial posts. I would suggest reading through these add on enhancement links.

  8. “Given that the Jewish-British “egregore” is also behind the NWO, we should recall that — according to this mindset — only NWO “believers” are human, and everyone else is an animal to be exploited or slaughtered.”
    This is very similar to the Jewish concept of a goy. Jews need to recruit non-Jews to help them implement their agenda and what occurs in order to do so is some form of enemy-izing those not in on the plan. In satanism they have a term, ‘mundanes’ that refers to non-believers in which members are encouraged to view mundanes as scum whose deaths are of no consequence. In reality, its simply imparting Jewish concepts to coopted other groups and has the aim of teaching them how to think like Jews with appropriate wording for the targeted coopted group. (satanism is but a contra position that feeds off the Abrahamic Religions)

    • As for Jews recruiting non-Jews to implement their agenda, the Talmudists-Kabbalahists are using Noahide, passed on Public Law 102-14 by Jimmy Carter in 1978, and signed by every president since, in front of the most evil sect of Judaism, Chabad Lubavitch (Trump’s daughter and son-in-law Kushner are key members). Seven Noahide Laws for the goyim, the first one stating believers on Christ will be beheaded (sounds like the Book of Revelation….).

  9. Another great piece Russ Winter. Another term to explore is esperando. This is a new language creation invented by a polish zionist jew in the latter part of the 19th century. It is not some fringe operation but a stealth psyop that is pretty much mainstream. The vatican employs it and one of its christmas blessings is given in esperando. It is a new language that supplants all the old languages. It is a new language of peace, love and brotherhood…all the masonic BS. The vatican is the perfect vehicle as it is the central force of religion in the west but the vatican has been totally subverted by the money power since it locked in with the House of Rothschild in 1832 taking out a 35 million dollar loan from the Rothschilds at 5% usury. There was outrage at the time….usury being considered a mortal sin…but that was quickly swept under the rug. The vatican, now in lockstep with the bankers gave it’s blessing to esperando and the supposedly traditional Pius X openly blessed the esperando movement, and all popes since have done the same. The documents of Vatican 2 clearly express the language and thought mentality of esperando. The ancient prohibition against usury…the weapon of the bankers against the human race,is no longer even mentioned in the latest, 1983, Code of Canon Law.

    • Good connection to make – tho (typo) the name of the synthetic language is: Esperanto. -t-

      George Soros’ father was an early champion of the movement in the 1920s and 30; he assumed the surname soros – which is an Esperanto word meaning “soar”.

      Ludwig Wittgenstein – at about the same time – made a few remarks in his written works expressing absolute disdain and disgust at the very notion of a “synthetic” language… language rather, is an organic entity arising from a form of life.

  10. I was wondering last night what my next “trilogy snippet” ( would be based on. Egregore….or to put it more simply, group or collective mind set. Thanks, Russ! And I will give you a hat tip as well!

  11. Supposedly (regarding the usury at the Vatican), Pope John Paul 1, who tried to end this usury and P2 Masonic Lodge skullduggery, was murdered because of this (Read David Yallop’s “In God’s Name: An Investigation into the Murder of Pope John Paul 1”). And then there is the satirical movie based on this, “The Pope Must Diet” (aka “The Pope Must Die”)…the real Pope was named Albino and the movie Pope was named Albini. Also,the P2 Lodge leader murderer was named Gelli, and the murderer in the movie was Corelli. The movie, last I saw, was on YouTube but with poor quality.

  12. To add to Heiser’s interpretation of Psalm 82 also consider the book of Daniel where the Angel Gabriel tell Daniel that he would have come sooner but the Prince of Persia held him back until Michael the Arch Angel showed up to help.

  13. Jewish Fifth Column in India.Printed 1969
    Sir Phillip Sassoon, who was a member of several English governments in India, and the lawyer of the same Israelite community called Solomon Judah, who wrote the”Indies Companies Act”. The “Jewish Encyclopedia” ends by confirming an already known fact (which when published in an official book of Judaism of unquestionable authority has even greater value as evidence) that the money earned by these rich Jews coming from Baghdad: “both in Calcutta and Rangoon, Burma, came from the opium traffic between India and China” (8), In fact, it is well known that the British Jews, the Indian Jews and other Israelite monopolist magnates controlled the nineteenth century opium traffic with China, and that when the Chinese government wanted to prevent this criminal commerce, in the interests of the Chinese people, the Jews that controlled the British government forced Britain into a war against China which vas as criminal as the opium traffic itself. This war has been fairly called the “opium war”, and (8) “Castilian Jewish Encyclopedia”. 5th. vel., p. 615. 1rst. col.Word: India.
    was a disgrace to the British people, although it is evident that the true British people and native members of the United Kingdom had little responsibility for the criminal acts of their Jewish and crypto-Jewish rulers other than in permitting them to remain in power, due to the systematic brain washing and manipulation by the Jews of the mass media, the centers of education and by the Protestant and Catholic churches controlled by crypto-Jewish clergymen,and presently by the control Judaism has over the radio and television, and other tentacles of the hidden Israelite power. Such is the power of Judaism in Britain and the United States that both nations have become the incorrigible satellites and colonies of Jewish imperialism.
    The jewish fifth column in Islam.
    The Jewish Fifth Column in Japan.
    Jews want to dominate the negroes.
    Chinese communism and chinese jews.

  14. “…if you really are serious when you talk of Jewish plots, may I not direct your attention to one worth talking about?… You have not begun to appreciate the real depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are disturbers. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom not merely of the latest great War but of nearly all your Wars, not only of the Russian but of every other major revolution in your history. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it…” -Marcus Eli Ravage ​​ Jewish Writer and Rothschild Biographer, The Century Magazine, A Real Case Against the Jews, 1928 p.347

  15. ⁣“You know very well, and the stupid Americans know equally well, that we control their government, irrespective of who sits in the White House. You see, I know it and you know it that no American president can be in a position to challenge us even if we do the unthinkable. What can they (Americans) do to us? We control congress, we control the media, we control show biz, and we control everything in America. In America you can criticize God, but you can’t criticize Israel…” Israeli spokeswoman, Tzipora Menache

  16. History clearly reveals that the British government is the
    bond slave of the “invisible and inaudible” force centered in the
    City. The City calls the tune. The “visible and audible leaders”
    are mere puppets who dance to that tune on command. They
    have no power. They have no authority. In spite of all the
    outward show they are mere pawns in the game being played by
    the financial elite.
    From the time of William the Conqueror until the middle of
    the seventeenth century the British Monarchs ruled supreme—
    their word was law. They truly were Sovereign in every sense of
    the word.
    As British strength and influence grew around the world
    toward the end of the 1600’s the wealth, strength and influence
    of the elite merchants in the City also grew—only at a faster
    pace. In 1694 the privately owned Bank of England (a central
    bank) was established to finance the profligate ways of William III.
    The bank was financed by a group of City merchants who used
    William Paterson as a ‘front.’ The names of the founders have
    never been made public.

    It was at that juncture that the Bank of England and the
    City began to dominate and control the affairs of Britain. Their
    influence and wealth grew in leaps and bounds in the century
    that followed. The Illustrated Universal History, 1878, records
    that “Great Britain emerged from her long contest with France
    with increased power and national glory. Her empire was greatly
    expanded in all parts of the world; her supremacy on the sea was
    undisputed; her wealth and commerce were increased . . . But
    with all this national prosperity, the lower classes of the English
    people were sunk in extreme wretchedness and poverty.” The
    elite controlled everything. The masses lived in poverty, having
    been bled dry during the struggle of the previous twenty years.
    It was at this juncture (1815) that the House of Rothschild
    seized control of the British economy, the Bank of England and
    the City—and , through their other branches, control of the
    other European nations.
    Prior to this period Britain had developed colonies and outposts in the far-flung reaches of the globe. Having been thrown
    out of the Western Hemisphere, Britain now concentrated on
    acquiring and developing additional possessions elsewhere.
    During its heyday in the nineteenth century approximately
    90% of all international trade was carried in British ships. Other
    shippers had to pay the Crown royalties or commissions for the
    ‘privilege’ of doing business on the high seas. During these years
    “Britannia Ruled the Waves” through the domination of the most
    modern and powerful navy known up to that time.

  17. ⁣Captain RAMSAY : The Nameless War — 33 — [42] DEVELOPMENT OF REVOLUTIONARY TECHNIQUE Four revolutions in history merit our special attention. The study and comparison of the methods employed therein will reveal on the one hand a basic similarity between them: and on the other an interesting advance in technique, with each succeeding upheaval. It is as if we studied the various stages in the evolution of the modern rifle from the original old “brown Bess.” The revolutions in question are firstly the Cromwellian, secondly the French, thirdly the Russian, and lastly the Spanish revolution of 1936. All four can be proved to have been the work of international Jewry. The first three succeeded, and secured the murder of the reigning monarch and the liquidation of his supporters. In each case Jewish finance, and underground intrigue, are clearly traceable ; and the earliest measures passed by the revolutionaries have been “emancipation” for the Jews. Cromwell was financed by various Jews, notably Manasseh Ben Israel and Carvajal “the Great Jew,” contractor to his army.

    THE JEWS AND THE BRITISH EMPIRE. 1935 -Streams of British blood have flowed, countless British lives have been Sacrificed but meanwhile Jewish coffers get fulller andfuller,fill to overflowling ; the Bank of England is their Counting-house and theBritish carry to and fro the precious bullion acquired and stored by Jews . . .After the Napoleonic Wars England has laid all her possessions at thefeet of Nathan Rothschild.Henceforth, Britain will do the bidding of her real masters; she hasbecome the tool of the schemers against all she holds dear, namely, herfaith, her patriotism, traditions, civilisation. She grants the” returned’ aliens equality of civil rights; they may and do become mayors overChristian population, and within a short time ,Britain is ruled by aJewish Prime Minister, Disraeli, first and foremost a Jew and the flunkey of the powerful Rothschild financiers.One of the consequences of this disastrous political mistake is the transformation of the national attitude of Great Britain and her colonies into that of the British Empire. Disrali who inspired itk new what he was scheming for, the British people did not. But with him, Zionism is carried up to the very heights of the British Throne, a Zionist World Empire is on the high road to realisation.P5 ⁣

  18. Final comment on this great post (since I’ve already posted a few above)–as to B’nei Elohim and “watchers,” this free to watch YouTube movie video, “The Watchers: Revelation” pretty much backs up this article:

    Other Bible references (nephilim, Annunaki/Anak, and Genesis 6) are mentioned, with the “sons of God” being either the fallen following Satan/Lucifer, or the “good angels” who never “left their first estate” (Epistle of Jude, I think…well, one of the Epistles anyway).

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