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The Covid Delta Variant: More Smoke and Mirrors

The Kakistocracy is flailing around for a new narrative to “explain things” and regain the under hand. Matt Hancock, the British health secretary, told a Parliament committee on Thursday that the delta variant is now responsible for 91% of the new Covid cases in the United Kingdom, according to The Evening Standard. Hancock estimates Delta may be 40% more transmissible.

Novel Prize virologist Luc Montagnier has raised two broad issues that are coming into play. The first is that vaccines are driving the creation of mutants. The second is that a process called antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) is driving more (serious) infection in vaccinated persons.

The stage was set back in March. From THE GUARDIAN we learn, “The planet could have a year or less before first-generation Covid-19 vaccines are ineffective and modified formulations are needed, according to a survey of epidemiologists, virologists and infectious disease specialists.

Then Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla followed up with, “A likely scenario is that there will be a need for a third dose, somewhere between six and 12 months and then, there will be an annual revaccination, but all of that needs to be confirmed. And again, the variants will play a key role,”

Due to the threat of new emerging variations of the virus – some are more transmissible, more deadly and less susceptible to vaccines. Inexplicably Delta is deemed particularly dangerous for young people.”

We also learn that vaccines against Delta variant aren’t effective without at least two doses (or more). The Powers to Be aka Crime Syndicate are set to literally pump these toxins into the plebs on the plantation. It will no longer just be “get your shot” in the singular any more than it was flatten the curve with the temporary lockdowns lie.

One who is connecting the dots could be forgiven for concluding that the masterplan will be endless jabs with each new jab round creating endless mutated variants. And each variant functions as cover for the failure of vaccines to adequately immunize against any Covid variant including alpha. Yes, the Covid jab double bind scheme will always hold a new variant trump card.

Most curiously however- a new report published by Public Health England (PHE), an executive agency of the UK government’s Department of Health and Social Care has revealed that almost a third of British people who recently died with the so-called Delta (Indian) variant of COVID-19 had already received two doses of coronavirus vaccines. 

In Indonesia approximately 400 medical workers who were infected with Delta variant had been fully vaccinated with Sinovac’s shot. Sinovac shows negligible protection.

Even more astonishing the PHE report had data indicating that 17,642 of the already vaccinated were testing positive for Covid Delta. 4000 were allegedly double dosed. Despite the fear porn, the death rate to date from Delta is quite low. Still there are two times more deaths in the vaccinated group 0.21% vs 0.10% in the unvaccinated.

In the UK there has been a 79% increase on Covid delta variant case in the last week.

Roughly half the UK has been jabbed at this point. As of Friday, 65 percent of US adults have had at least one shot, according to data from the C.D.C. But the number of Americans getting their first shot has been dropping steadily, to about 200,000 a day from about 500,000 a day since Biden announced that June would be a “month of action” to reach his goal.

Since single jabs don’t protect adequately – the narrative around Delta variant will shift more and more to multiple jabs, two, three, and boosters every six months and so on.

Irregardless and with no data to support greater lethality from the new variant Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Tuesday that he will delay the removal of remaining coronavirus restrictions in England, originally planned for June 21, by at least four weeks.

After posturing that the current vaccine regimes protected against Delta and beating the drum to get it, the CDC suddenly is concerned that the delta variant is mutating to a point at which it evades the existing COVID-19 vaccines, mucky muck Walensky says.  The CDC anticipates the Delta variant will spread considerably over next 4-8 weeks. We also learn that Delta has suddenly morphed from 10% of novel cronyvirus cases in the US to 30%.

But why miss an political propaganda opportunity. Despite the evidence from the UK that the vaccines offer mediocre protection against mutated variants the Lugenpresse Buzz Feed opines,

“Experts say we may be about to see the emergence of “two Americas” of COVID: One with high rates of vaccination where the Delta coronavirus variant poses little threat, and the other with low levels of vaccination that will be vulnerable to renewed deadly surges. That divide is driven in large part by partisan politics, with vaccination rates highest in liberal cities and lowest in conservative strongholds across the Deep South and in rural areas across the nation.”

If the Crime Syndicate decides to do a hard kill on “conservatives” and white folks they may need a new special sauce bioweapon. Delta so far doesn’t seem to be it, but the multiple vaccines now being pushed is another story. Don’t be surprised if something arrives that does the job of a kill shot. You would be extremely naive to assume that the ability to kill shot (genocide) any targeted population at anytime isn’t in the Crime Syndicate’s arsenal.

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  1. I think it’s time we re-examine the underlying assumptions behind diseases. Is germ theory really true? Is the one germ = one disease formula really accurate? Or is it that the health of the host a much greater determining factor than what’s currently accepted? Are Virus’ and bacteria really dangerous pathogens, or are they a necessary part of our environment which we are designed to live in?

    Can in fact governments create bio-weapons? Is it even possible? If COVID is a bio weapon then the conclusion is that a government is likely no more able to create a more deadly disease than it is able to create a deadlier tiger or dog.


  2. On the bright side, they cant kill us all and one of the unintended consequences of genocide is it culls the majority of the dumb ones and leaves the more thoughtful to propagate.

  3. On the subject of Covert 19 and it’s variants, will you take seriously what some of us are thinking: That the disease is a 100% propaganda driven psychological operation, and there never was any need to deploy a real pathogen of any kind? Many are fooled by the enormity of the op and assume that it’s impossible for them to be fooled. Yet, ultimately when they see the true size of the men behind the curtain, at the Oz Machine, then there will need to be a new word to convey the enormity of regret. A regret commensurate with the enormity of the psyop, after seeing they’ve been bowing, not to a trustworthy science that respects the need for the freedom of dissent. Not to the austere opinions of learned men with impressive credentials, but to a relative few in the throes of an evil idea.

    Jon Rappoport “published an article in which Dr. Andrew Kaufman took apart, step by step, a typical published study in which the authors described how they isolated SARS-CoV-2. Dr. Kaufman tore this description to pieces and revealed how absurd it is.

    When confronted with a mountain of so-called science plus sheer propaganda, most people find it impossible to accept the fact that, at the core of the mountain, there is…


    To speak of a variant of something that has never been isolated according to what is the common definition of isolation, i.e., to separate out anything from anything that it’s in, is like saying Santa can sometimes appear as an elf. Everyone knows that Santa can’t appear as an elf which would require there be a whole notha physics; one where Santa exists. So we’re off on a topic of physics while the elephant that just left the room is doing it’s best to remember something. And the cow jumped over the spoon.

  4. Nicely put, but another way to look at it is that this whole “variant” FlimFlam” has us preoccupied with “Virus” when we should now be moving on to “Motive” and the “Motive” behind getting the planet injected

    For genocidal purposes, they don’t need a new pathogen, just an excuse related to a pathogen in order to shut down the food supply.

    Check out Iran for a bit of a head scratcher:

  5. Not to argue the whole it was NOTHING or IT IS NOT Sars-CoV-2 here,I would (humbly) opine that there was an amped respiratory virus (or amped biological flu) agent utilized, in a limited, specific, and targeted manner. As a result of the specific targeting (unlike say the Black Plague) this respiratory virus would still be categorized as a biological weapon since it was not naturally occurring (no bats rubbing their anuses all over “wet markets”), but was in fact directed at specific populations.

    One (a government, a military, a group, etc.) could transmit a flu agent in a variety of ways and call it anything they wish; however, in the end, if you are specifically pointing it toward a population, in order to achieve a desired outcome, then you have a bio-weapon (no matter how weak or strong it is, or in what manner it was concocted). Further, if you are offering an RNA stem protein, which is laced with all sorts of “goodies” as a remedy to your supercharged flu, then you are conditioning the body to weaken and be more susceptible not only to your respiratory virus, but a whole host of other maladies that could in fact be “naturally occurring”. This gives you a straw man to blame the future outcome of fatalities that take the “cure”, without ever having to mention whether the cart or horse came first.

    Now, BGNZ has the right idea, and we have been sort of talking about it for months now on WW.

    If you really wish to get to the bottom of everything that has occurred and prevent what may occur in the future, the you need to close BSL-4 facilities immediately and halt all BSL-3 facilities immediately as well. Then you need honest laboratory inspections, prosecutions for failure to respect domestic and global laws regarding the production of biological weapons, halt all RNA produced pharmaceutical production, evaluate what is occurring / what might occur over a longer period of time for those who have taken this shot, try to figure out ways to restore the immune systems of these individuals (also demagnetize them), and halt 5 / 6 G rollouts around the world so as to have time to understand what may occur to the “body electric” when a magnetized shot is introduced into a human body.

    Basically, you need to shut the whole machine down ASAP and do some serious detective work. Lest we forget that we turned Iraq upside down (in terms of inspections) on just the rumor of “yellow cake”, and yet no leader and / or governing body seems even remotely inclined to shut down the dangerous laboratories to actually figure out what has transpired. Completely insane!

    There is a lot more we could list as potential remedies and possibilities to make this all stop; however, that would make our posts all, quite, long. Either way, I will try to offer some basic advice from something that few or possibly no one (I have note seen it yet) is speaking of:

    Keep your eyes on Pakistan. Keep current on their news and the health of that nation through basic sources. Although (to my knowledge) they do not have a BSL-4 facility; they do have a very active biological research program and an ounce of prevention (in terms of knowledge) is worth a pound of cure (in terms of keeping you healthy in as many natural ways possible).


  6. Yes, of course, the whole of it is not nothing. An op of this size has many components that are in total, a puzzle. There is the piece about mass mind control. There’s the death toll caused by any number of illnesses, or poisoning, matching a general set of symptoms attributed to Covid. There is a chart that shows the inversion of the ratio between flu and Covid. As Covid went up the flu went down proportionately. It looks like Covid is a rebranding of the flu. The Covid bin of symptoms is general enough to provide plausible excuses to cover how they are used as controls over public perception. A fever could be Scarlet or Blackwater, or flu, whatever, the naming and ascribing is done by the practitioner. Another piece is how they create the illusion of hospitals experiencing patient overruns attributed to Covid. There’s the misused PCR test with outcomes that can be varied by the number of cycles prescribed.

    If anyone wants to see how they create the pandemic illusion one could study the magic of David Copperfield.

    I could not find the guy who soon after the 9/11 false flag, was giving reasons why he thought that no plane crashes occurred on that day. The one I remember was that real plane crashes are too subject to error. Too many opportunities for something to go wrong beyond their control. To anyone that has already come to believe that four planes crashed on that day, the idea that there were no plane crashes on that day, just sounds absurd to them.

    If the mass deployment of experimental gen-tek vaccines are predicated on the story of a viral pandemic, we don’t need to know in advance if the pandemic is real or fake to proceed with an investigation. We just need to have a plausible suspicion that it was fake.

    Of course, agencies are active to create biological weapons and the means to kill that way are many. I think we should consider the problem of their need to maximally reduce the chances of catastrophic error. They know the danger of microorganisms and their unpredictability. There is no certain antidote. Much safer to have the illusion of pathogenicity.

    • “Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see.”

      Edgar Allen Poe

      Perhaps I can suggest that you look at some of the other threads on this website where we have discussed these topics (including 9/11 and planes) in-depth before. For me to issue another response would simply become redundant to dialogues, which have occurred before.

      Please be well and good luck in your future.


      • SC,
        The reason I referenced the plane issue on 9/11 wasn’t to start a new thread, but was meant to give example, even on a lesser scale, of why the perps mostly avoid real violence in favor of more controllable fakery. It was meant to apply to the fake pandemic. Additionally, I don’t suppose they have any moral compunctions against killing.

        • Metatoast,

          Again, the best I could offer and suggest is to review this website. Much of what you are saying has support and then there are some variations on the topic that you might find interesting.

          Yet, to bring it all back up again and restate something that I said months ago serves none of us, it is redundant, and inefficient. So I will do us both the favor of not wasting either of our time.

          So please consider drilling down on this website instead. Find comradery, maybe consider some new ideas (not change your mind, but maybe flex the mental muscle a bit), and see where we have already traveled to over the past year. It will be time well spent if you have a deep interest in the current events from 2020 forward and health in general.

          The intent of my original post on this thread was meant to back up BGNZ, refresh an idea for a solution, and point out capacity in Pakistan to people who are my friends here on WW. Plain and simple! = )


          • I came here because of a link left at MHB by Winter Watch. I’ve been “drilling down” ever since, but I seem to be mired in this layer of pretentious twittism.

            • “Pretentious twittism?”

              Gee buddy. thanks! We barely even know one another and there you go complimenting me. = )

              You have a really super day, wherever you are! Remember to smile, and the whole wide world will smile with you!

    • David Copperfield? Ha! I grew up next door to magicians…Dante and I used to do bong hits in High School and he’d break out the magic.His family owned the Magic Castle on Franklin in LA…But even stoned, he’s never tell me the trick…. Finally , frustrated I’d ask him how he learned the “secrets” His answer; You just have to watch enough shitty magicians to figure it out….

      We are currently under a very crude spell… It’s that simple. Some of us get it ,but the majority do not.

      Now ask WHY? I’ve studied history; Have you?

    • Illusion of pathogenicity OR quasi pathogenic is quite valid. There are numerous cronyvirus colds to hide under and rename. It is a black magic linguistic game.

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