Jewess Tries to Create Drama at Protest: Gets Ignored

Ignoring me is antisemitism. More ridiculous flaying optics.


6 Comments on Jewess Tries to Create Drama at Protest: Gets Ignored

  1. Synagogue of satan (sos) at its best. Its a standard yiddish tactic, cry out loudly in pain whilst genociding and burying pals in mass graves.

    • Ironic, the accurate way you submit your comment. Back in ’32 – ’33, when Schiff/Wall Street Jews went into Ukraine to rape and pillage and call it communism, throughout the area, (Russia, Armenia, Ukraine etc.) The discriptive saying was, . Weimar Germany lived that before the Communist Jew, FDR and his “Uncle Joe” Stalin starved +/- 8 million Ukrainians to death – (Holodomor). I guess that wasn’t enough for the SoS, They order their C.I.A. to topple Ukraine’s elected government, I believe it was around 2014, install a Homosexual Jew, bleed addtional billions from this hole, rinse off the blood of those forced to fight at risk of death to them and their families, and “divvy” it up with their fellows. Step around their media and research , the nearly 1 million Russians who donned the National Socialist uniform to help Chancellor Hitler free their homeland from the perverse Marxist/Judaic/Communist party. Nasy, nasty “people”.

      Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.
      Henry A. Kissinger

      Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.
      Henry A. Kissinger

      To be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal
      Henry A. Kissinger

      Once the Anglo – American dual world power helps their owners kick start CBDC, (Central Bank Digital Currency), then they demand we accept the mark of the beast or they’ll cut off our accounts…

      (John 8: 44) (Rev 2: 9) (Rev 3: 9)

  2. Lord Bebo ====> “Gets still ignored.” <==== I agree with the idea of this post, but it is really weird to me when people like this guy have no understanding of grammar. And even the title of the email for the post, “…Gets Ignore” <==== Someone wrote that, right? Wow! Intelligence deficits?!!

    • Now that my vision is poor I don’t proof read as much or as carefully. But that typo was corrected two minutes after the post went up so spare me. I think you are trolling.

  3. It was brave of this jewess to holler out “Look at my face!” It didn’t look like any one wanted to for ‘facial’ reasons…

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