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The Blatant Subversion and Brigading of Reddit’s /r/Conspiracy Forum

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By u/McPick2000 | 12 June 2018

REDDIT — At this point, it has become obvious to many r/conspiracy members that this sub is being brigaded and has been since before the election. It is also apparent the reddit administration is complicit in this, since they can see precisely how it is happening and who is doing it. Additionally, the subversion of other major subs (r/politicsr/worldnews, etc) makes it clear that the admins are dedicated to pushing an agenda.

The agenda that is being pushed is very clear. Any post regarding the corruption associated with globalism/neo-liberalism or the their agendas (disarmament, immigration, censorship, etc) is immediately brigaded. Occasionally, the moderators will invent an excuse to delete these posts using Rule 12 or 13 as their rationalization. I suspect that this is being allowed because the outright deletion of a large sub like r/conspiracy (much like T_D) would result in very negative publicity that would make even non-r/conspiracy redditors question the site’s objectivity. We all know how that went for Digg.

The case of /u/polkadotgirl is very instructive. As you may know, she was a longtime r/conspiracy user who started her own sub; r/conspiracyundone. Despite this being a relatively small sub, by reddit’s standards, u/polkadotgirl received sufficient threats and harassment that she left reddit altogether. […]

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