A Word About Authoritarian Followers and Dealing with Pajama People

Ihave participated various podcasts during which we talked about strategies and tactics for spreading our messages to others. In the interviews, I described myself as a reformed “pajama person,” which is someone who goes through life asleep to the realities of the world around them.

I awakened with a jolt eleven years ago at an older age and have traveled down many rabbit holes to learn as much as I possibly could.  I view my website, Winter Watch, as a resource for others who are in various stages of awakening and from which to garner topic surveys and talking points. If this were “Lord of the Rings,” we would be the ones wandering through Middle Earth having to deal with Orcs and the rest. The pajama people are those back home in the Shire.

As red-pill takers, we need to conserve our resources and energy to deal with and convert pajama people. The first rule is to avoid and NOT deal with people of the lie. Bob Altemeyer put it this way:

“Probably about 20 to 25 percent of the adult American population is so authoritarian, so scared, so self-righteous, so ill-informed and so dogmatic that nothing you can say or do will change their mind. They would march America into a dictatorship and probably feel that things had improved as a result. … And they are so submissive to their leaders that they will believe and do virtually anything they are told. They are not going to let up and they are not going away.

“It is more than just gullibility that explains the phenomenon of the authoritarian follower. And people in positions of high power (besides often being compromised) depend entirely on putting all their energy into anticipating the needs of and pleasing their ‘leader.’” 

Andrew Lobaczewski, who wrote Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes,” describes the process as one of sycophancy:

“They initially perform subordinate functions in such a movement and execute the leaders’ orders, especially whenever something needs to be done which inspires revulsion in others. Their evident zealotry and cynicism gives rise to criticism on the part of the more reasonable members, but it also earns the respect of some its more extreme revolutionaries. Thus they climb up the organizational ladder, gain influence, and almost involuntarily bend the contents of the entire group to their own way of experiencing reality and to the goals derived from their deviant nature.”

Pajama people are a different or more common breed. This is more about Stockholm Syndrome and denial about true realities. They covertly believe “ignorance is strength” from the Ministry of Truth. It is hard to wake people up who are pretending to be asleep. And if their slumber is disturbed, they use rationalizations, It’s easier to be dismissive and to pigeonhole someone as paranoid or label their ideas as conspiracy.

When I was a pajama person, I tended to be curious but lazy. I would sometimes question the official narratives; but when offered weak explanations, I would stop dead in my tracks, accept it and go back to sleep. I was too easily detoured by neuro-linguistic programming and gaslighting.

I think that is because in the early stages of awakening, which is really spiritual growth, there is enough fear to have to deal with without taking on any more. Seeing the emperor naked isn’t pretty, and one wants to preserve their own inner child. Coming back to truth may be too much to stomach, as it can wake you up out of a pleasant state by removing a veil, or what George Gurdjieff called a “buffer.” These veils or buffers are often “false ego” or negative programming.

Once I started breaking through my false ego, I had to overcome another myth and barrier, namely a belief that it is spiritually forbidden to try to change people’s minds. From my experience of trying to be a messenger, I have concluded that many truthers — or those who are in various stages of awakening — are caught in this mental syndrome. It is a form of black pilling.

Read “The Postmodernist Cargo Cult Creates Carte Blanche for the Kakistocracy”

However, this is just another form of denial. It is also the psychological process by which human beings protect themselves, not so much from the knowledge but the criticisms of that knowledge. The best protection from that is becoming very accomplished in your knowledge, especially with the nuggets you want to use. We offer some of that on these pages.

A solid understanding of argumentative fallacies and a high degree of mental sobriety is also recommended. I would avoid the use of any drugs or alcohol when these topics are being introduced, discussed or pondered. One of the hardest aspects I have to deal with personally is using tremendous amounts of mental energy while neglecting physical health. That, too, has to be consciously overcome.

I recommend using the following meditation with a dose of vitamin B-12 and a dash of maca powder to ward off black magic, cultural Marxism, the Crime Syndicate and New Age gibberish/nonsense. This helps manage the gift of being awake.

Advanced “Fuck That” Meditation

Research into the hypo-analgesic affect of swearing showed that the use of profanity can help reduce the sensation of pain. This phenomenon is particularly strong in people who do not use such words on a regular basis. For maximum effect, do properly and in moderation [“11 Reasons Cursing Is Good For The Soul“].

A study by Keele University researchers found volunteers who cursed could endure pain nearly 50% longer than civil-tongued peers.

35 Comments on A Word About Authoritarian Followers and Dealing with Pajama People

  1. This is a joke right? Meditation is bullshit–sitting there–“going deep”–an utter waste of time. Try working out, busting your ass.

  2. I believe “hate” is another form of reducing the sensation of pain. The Cultural Marxists have done a number on the word ‘hate’.

    I recently lost a French Bulldog to Veterinarian NEGLECT or UNCARING and when I get sad and depressed, I think about the Vengeance I hope on this “doctor” and I feel much better.

    Whether there is Eternal Justice or not……………it sure makes me feel better hoping something tragic happens to this piece of sh$t doctor(s).

    “Hate” is necessary for survival. It is no wonder we are losing currently. We have VIGILS instead of good ol fashion homemade ‘justice’. Mary Phagan comes to mind here.

      • It is extremely important to touch our hate and express our rage, the pain lies underneath it to release and clear when we are ready. Ideally smashing tiles in the garage, bit that’s never really been my style

    • I have a nasty neighbor who has cost us thousands in law suits. The guy has a bronze unicorn statue on his balcony. We have had hours of amusement thinking of ways to deface that statue.

      I agree, hate can be therapeutic. Just look at the yid. Their entire religion is based on hate. Their god is a god of hate. The entire old testament if chock full of their hate. The Talmud is a hate-screed. Yet they laugh and dance in circles on the graves of billions of humans who have suffered and died due to their bottomless ocean of hate.

      • Absolutely right about the Talmud. Anti-Christ, and really the only book that really is anti-Christ. Not gonna hate Jews, but will always hate the Talmud! Kabballah and Zohar too.

        • I don’t “hate” individual jews. Nor to I “hate” individual blacks. Over the years I have had friends from both groups who I respected. I do realize that even if they wish me any my people no harm that I have complete and absolute freedom of association, as do they as well. They have Israel and Africa. We have Europe.

          2000 years of history does prove that jews as a group are toxic to all the other peoples on the planet. Hitler famously wanted autarky, or independence, from the money changers for the Germans. Jews want the entire planet to be their slaves. Blacks want to enjoy the civilization and prosperity of white European Christian countries, and are willing to prostitute themselves to jews in order to obtain it.

          The fact that certain minorities of white Christians across Europe and the US do not mind sharing their civilization with jews and blacks does not mean that all the people of these countries have to accept the elimination of their freedom of association. Whites who want to enjoy “diversity” have other options besides forcing their beloved diversity on neighbors.

  3. It would be interesting to get your take on the last episode of NPR’s This American Life, “Before the next one”. With this level of brain washing to the pajama people, no wonder it’s hard to wake them up.

  4. Social and family circles are also critical in locking these people into a deep pajama slumber.

    In my case, My oldest sister has a gay son, and two half hindu grand daughters. My oldest brother has two gay grand children. My older brother had his daughters stripped out of his life by his uber-feminist ex wife and has never recovered emotionally. He is numb to the future. My brother-in-law is married to a jewess. My sister in law is a member of a Christian-Zionist church.

    All are lost and there is nothing I can say that will break through the PC walls that they are hiding behind. Believe me, I have tried. They cannot allow themselves to think thoughts that might “offend” family or friends.

    Every time a white person has a mulatto child dozens of white family members are lost. Every time a white person goes gay or tranny dozens of whites are lost. Even when a white person gets a tattoo or body piercing, dozens of family members are immediately unable to criticize the barbaric practice, and become lost to the side of reason.

    • It’s dogma that is so hard to break through, regardless of skin color, gender, religious and political beliefs. (very literally beliefs…)

      The few who are predatory and exclusive tarnish the many, regardless of skin color, gender, religious and political beliefs. I believe the vast majority of humans are well meaning and want the best for their fellow man but are whipped up into a frenzy of fear and animosity by the media. Divide and rule is the age old way for the ruling elites to control the masses…

  5. Russ Winter has figured out and commented on most of the nonsense going on today, and has done a great job of it. I wish he would write a definitive article on Donald Trump because I just can’t figure the man out by myself.

    Is he a pure Zionist trojan horse who was placed in his position?

    Or is he just an egotistical buffoon who accidentally won the presidency and is easily influenced by the parasites he placed in his cabinet as political favors?

    Does Trump fear for his life if he fails to go along with the Jew World Order? Or is he just stupid?

    • My suspicion is that he was always a zionist Trojan horse. He undoubtedly owed favors to Jews as a result of his business dealings and failures. He is very likely compromised by some illicit sexual activities in his past. I would not be surprised if both the efforts to get his tax returns made public and the Steele dossier were deliberate designed to actually prevent further inquiry into these areas. No more is heard of releasing his tax returns and the Steele dossier was a red herring.

      The question is whether Trump is still useful to the zionists. They still want us to take out Iran. Biden is an acceptable alternative as he has voted for both Iraq wars, lavishly praised jewish influence in the US and, like Trump, has children married to jews.

    • Trump is part of the Club. No one even gets nominated that isn’t part of the club. Trump’s handler was lawyer Cohen, Trump said on video on 9/11 Building 7 was a controlled demolition, never to speak it again, and flew to Epstein’s Island multiple times. There is no right or left, only right or wrong.

  6. Your site Russ provides much more value than simply waking people up. For people like me, who have progressed to the next levels of awareness, sifting the through your articles and comments daily can reveal a previously unrecognized nugget. Following a link in a comment for example, might take me down an entirely new hole, bringing clarity to subjects I’ve read many times, but failed to see how it fits the puzzle. That is perhaps the most important part of the second half of the journey which I call post-awake-ism.
    I tell my circle of Pajama family, the truth is not subjective. We don’t get to vote on it and accept the results as truth. Truth is objective even if 100% of people comfortably believe the lie, it’ll still not the truth. And I deliver them this final warning: “Reality has a way of running over the slow squirrels”.

  7. I had already started down the lonely road of conspiracy research in middle school. Instead of being catatonically fixated on the t.v. screen on the morning of 9/11 I was observing the responses from the people around me. It wouldn’t be hyperbole to say that the vast majority of people were zombified.

    These historical events aren’t “events” in so much as they are rituals conducted to fixate attention. And the nature of the violence means that you aren’t just un-patriotic, but actually inhuman if you dispassionately critique the situation.

    Consult the three wise-men, Who, What, and Why. Of those three, Why? is most august of all. That question has governed my existence since childhood. Why am I here? Why are things the way they are?

    Pajama people are How? based thinkers. How high should I jump? How should I act? The question of Why only enters their mind on their deathbed – if at all. They un-critically accept the parameters of existence given to them by others. They aren’t given to strain against the yoke of tyranny, they screamed for it, lest they be confronted with the terror of uncertainty and self determination.

  8. “One of the hardest aspects I have to deal with personally is using tremendous amounts of mental energy while neglecting physical health. That, too, has to be consciously overcome.”
    I recommend a stationary exercise bike, Russ. They’re pretty easy to find used for pretty cheap, as most people don’t use them that much and end up just wanting to get rid of them. It’s excellent cardio exercise while being low impact on joints, such as your surgically repaired knee. The best part is that since you’re stationary, reading and such is still possible.

    • By far the best piece of exercise equipment for younger guys is a 90 lb. heavy bag and a pair of bag gloves. Buy one of these used and it will last you for 25 years. For stress relief, a heavy bag beats the hell out of cursing, being rude to other people, drugs or anything else. Knowing that you can flatten anyone who crosses your path is a confidence building bonus.
      The upright bags that have a water-filled base are light and cheap, but they can’t take a sustained hammering. Good for kids, though.

  9. This is how I deal with all this “white privilege” crapola and similar garbage–remind myself that since I have Irish and Scots-Irish ancestry that it is almost 100 percent likely I am descended from indentured servants (Hoffman calls them white slaves)…and my hubby as well, from a mother from a very poor white Scots-Irish family that had to put her up for adoption they were so poor in the 1930s. And remind any black commie idiot of that if they bring up my “white privilege” as well…indentured servants did not exactly “choose” to become indentured! It was either come to America indentured and be forced to pay off the indenture, or starve their families to death…what kind of “choice” is that?

    EVERY white needs to read Hoffman’s “They Were White and They Were Slaves” and every American of Scots-Irish descent needs to read former Senator Jim Webb’s “Born Fighting.”

    And FIGHT this black racist garbage!

    • Why does it matter who you were descended from?

      And why is it preferable to be descended from indentured servants as opposed to wealthy merchants?

      Are you somehow more or less virtuous because your parents are more likely to have been servants than some other class?

      Equating slavery with virtue is one of “their” false tricks. It is no more or less false, and you have been just as tricked, if your comeback is that “you are descended from slaves too”.

      The argument that the behaviour of one’s ancestors has some bearing on one’s own virtue and that one should be rewarded or punished for it is completely false no matter who it is applied to.

  10. These ‘authoritarian personalities’ will awaken to a nightmare soon and they won’t know what hit them. Jim Stone put up a quote on his front page from Kamela Harris from a couple of days ago and it captures exactly what is in store for whitey in the very near future. There is absolutely no resistance to any of these bloodthirsty dross at this point and so it will only gain momentum and intensity, especially after they steal the election!

  11. The mind is dual (when it’s not blackopping down the CERN transhole) You becomet oppose and samurai and special forces are trained to kill in a state of no mind for reasons begging at the traffic lights. Mastering your mind is mastering the universe and mastering fear, and little boys who prostitute their minds for the approval of their friends don’t make good bunker buddies. Still, berserkers are good cannon fodder since they just can’t help themselves and they’re so eager to express all that pent-up rage

  12. You are on a good trip Russ, way to go. There is so much fakery going on particularly in science, not just politics and staged terror events:
    – heliocentrism
    – theory of gravity
    – relativity theory
    – space and space flight
    – big bang
    – theory of evolution
    – germ theory of disease (not one human virus is isolated and proven as cause of disease)
    – AIDS
    – atheistic materialism, humanism
    – genderism
    – transhumanism
    – history

    The rabbit hole(s) go much deeper than you imagine. At the end they are hiding the creator and their opposition to Him.

  13. It’s a crazy old world, that’s for sure!

    Polarisation doesn’t help much either. The ‘alt right’ and ‘alt left’ seem to be mirror images of each other, yet they despise each, or so it seems!

    The anti-Jewishness or any other prejudice doesn’t help anyone get to any kind of truth, but is just diversion. One fact is that we can all get caught up in the blame game. Rulers learned that divide and conquer was always a way of controlling the mass of people.

    Also, what is truth? What is true and what is the truth??

  14. My awakening has been a process of punctuated equilibrium going back to the early 90s. Most recently, I have woken up about viruses and germ theory. I am now convinced that viruses don’t exist. After several months of wavering, Tom Cowan’s detailed explanations finally convinced me. Sometimes awakenings take time. There is a learning curve involved. I wonder how many more surprises there will be.

  15. Why not use the term sheeple to describe the dumb masses? Pajama people is original but does not convey the essence of the sheeple mind.

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