Dissecting the Uvalde and Buffalo Mazes with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

Russ joins Andrew Carrington Hitchcock to discuss the current blitz of nonsensical Black Magik surrounding Uvalde, as well Buffalo. High strangeness is an understatement, and they cover a lot in one hour. Russ reveals new details about the Uvalde stagecraft and spycraft that don’t combine and doesn’t mince words.

The sources and citations mentioned in the podcast are mainstream-media storylines, which can be found on the Wikipedia page for the event.

Russ says that since he’s done a series of podcasts on Buffalo and Uvalde during the past week or so, he will not do a stand alone post on the latter. This podcast will serve as his Uvalde post.

The Podcast is Available Here

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3 Comments on Dissecting the Uvalde and Buffalo Mazes with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

    • What does the lack of female mass shooters say about the gender binary? Does this disparity imply America is sexist? Mass shootings, a uniquely American phenomenon, are overly represented by white-cis-male incels, and I believe this bias reveals that we’re dealing with drills presented as real for propaganda purposes.

      I’d like to make a distinction between mass shooting hoaxes and “false flag” theories. The MSM often decries the “conspiracy theorists” with their “false flag” explanations for shootings, which goes like this: “the shooting happened, but the media is reporting it incorrectly, likely because the shooter was an FBI patsy.”

      False Flaggers are very creative in imagining ways to pile onto the existing story. What they don’t do is question the bare essentials of the story. False Flaggers think the shooters are “mind-controlled” or “mentally ill” used as patsies to carry out agendas. Moreover, False Flaggers think the killings are real because the bad guys like to do “sacrifices” and they are just bad people and killing is what they do. At least that is their assumption. And it is an assumption. The False Flaggers ignore facts that contradict the story’s authenticity.

      By stark contrast, a mass shooting hoax is simply a public relations stunt with a hard-hitting propaganda message.

      So which is it: agitprop theatre, or Satanic sacrifice at the barrel of a mind-controlled patsy?

      As much as the False Flaggers wish to cling to their morbid fantasies, there is no evidence that any of the mass shootings are real, and the presence of crisis actors precludes it from being real. If there are actors, then it follows that the media is not neutral.

      This is the crucial point: if the media is not neutral, as evidenced by their use of actors, then they are not “reporting” but “producing” the news.

      My contention here is that “false flag” explanations are used to protect the Mainstream Media, which is there for propaganda first, news second. The false flag theory exonerates the media, for now they are neutral observers, not producers of the event. The big conspiracy barkers that shout the mantra of “false flag” are actually hiding the psywar, the psyops, and the publicity stunts used to shape mass opinion.

      Please, share this newsletter with any False Flagger, for the burden of proof is on them, since they build on the existing unsubstantiated narratives.

      The concept of these events being propaganda public relations stunts is further underscored by the entertainment tie-ins to these supposedly random shootings. Stranger Things season 4 episode 1 opens with a warning about the dead kids depicted in the episode, as if it only became disturbing as a result of the Texas school shooting. The show deals with PTSD which is personified as the monster which is hunting down and killing teenagers as the parents and authorities stand down and do nothing. It has a David Hogg-esque youth leader who schools the adults on the need to take action. This connects to the March For Our Lives national protests to be led by Hogg, who will be speaking in Seattle on 6/11/22.

      Another show, FBI, cancelled its season finale as a result of it being about a school shooter. The episode mirrors the hero of the Texas Shooting, the off-duty border patrol agent that bypassed due process to take out the shooter. In the episode, an agent kicked down a door without awaiting a warrant because of the situation.

      We all know about Predictive Programming. What I’m pointing out here is the Concurrent Programming which has become a staple part of our media-analysis. The real-time entertainment to news connections demonstrates the monolithic and universal media control which frames the worldview of the masses.

      Thank you for subscribing, for participating, commenting, calling, and adding to the IPS Think Tank. We are part of a philosophical push-back against a unified media conglomerate that suppresses free thought, digitally burns books, and controls counter-narratives that suit their agendas. Things are about to ramp up, gauging by the propaganda bombardment, which from our perspective, means it’s about to get more interesting.

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