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Russ Winter Joins James Fetzer to Discuss Staged Deceptions

On Wednesday, I joined the legendary James Fetzer and Danny Cirrus to review the latest narrative being applied to the Uvalde, Texas, event, including speculation as to the motive and its distraction from from the poorly executed Buffalo staged event.

Listen to the Show Here

The powerful Buffalo analysis is available here.

2 Comments on Russ Winter Joins James Fetzer to Discuss Staged Deceptions

  1. Texas school massacre: They expect me to believe that this little runt exited a crashed truck, grabbed two rifles (13lbs), 600 rounds of ammo (16lbs) and body armor (13lbs), then moved a couple of hundred yards to a school, ran through the front (supposed to be locked) engaged with the school officer and then was left unimpeded to murder 19 children and adults

  2. Our life force and mind’s focus is OURS…meant to be applied on developing innate abilities to contribute to our worlds, interdependently…NOT up for grabs ..but instead, focus is being drawn off,wasted on endless manufactured scenarios customized to elicit humans emotions… Always using Innocent kids, one way or another, deviant f*cks

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