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Discordians Plot, Organize and Stage Full-Tilt Insurrections (Updates)

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The Lugenpresse calls it protesting. In actuality, it’s organized discordian Helter Skelter. It’s a classic high-level destabilization technique used to topple states in purple revolutions. If the FBI was actually legitimate, they will have profiles on all of these Helter Skelter operatives.

Here’s a standard protest. It involves marching, carrying signs, non-aggressive behavior.

According to black St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter, and also Mayor Frey in Minneapolis, the Helter Skelter mostly came from outsiders, which points to outside financing. The money flows through various foundations and Hollyweird.

Update: Once again these Fifth Columnists are lying. KARE 11 Investigates: Records show arrests so far are mostly in-state via @KARE11 @b_stahl
— A.J. Lagoe (@AJInvestigates) May 30, 2020

Of the 45 people arrested for rioting, unlawful assembly, stolen property, burglary or robbery on May 29 and May 30 so far, 38 had Minnesota addresses, according to publicly available jail records reviewed by FOX 9. Only six had out-of-state address, and one person didn’t have address information listed.

Antifa chant, “Soros, Soros where’s our money.” This seems to be their New Normal livelihood.

The problem-reaction-solution to this is national or military enforcement. This will counter the immediate problem of burning and looting of communities, but it ignores the font of the problem: the money source.

Helter Skelter clues abound, as here a pallet of bricks is dropped off in downtown Dallas.

Insurrectionaries were directing the crowd where to go. The mob was instructed “go left, there are 100 bricks on the corner over there”.

Some more brick in another protest site.

Note that most of these riots are going down in blue cities and states, which have been infiltrated and captured by Helter Skelter Fifth Column insurrectionists, including within their police forces and justice departments.

Here police stand around while Sprint and dozens of retail stores in Philadelphia are vandalized and looted. Philadelphia has a Soros financed soft on crime prosecutor.

Read “Plutocrat George Soros Backs Alinskyite Prosecutors in America’s Race to the Bottom”

When you destabilize a country, you map everyone out with AI — the government, including the 5th Columnists, the media, patriots, fanatics and religious factions — by ethnicity and race. And you get all groups to react to your narrative. Since we anticipate a long hot summer of this, a focus on the types of rioters is in order.

Democrat Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz said in the wee hours of the morning Saturday that he believes “white supremacists” and Mexican “cartels” are part of violent riots in Minneapolis.

“These folks will blend in,” he said.

Although drug cartels are gaining a further foothold, this is a misdirection. The rioters aren’t white supremacists. They are the well-financed Black Bloc wing of Antifa.

The tactic is called Black Bloc. This is not to be confused with race, as many — if not most — are radical Bolshevik-inspired whites. Black Bloc is a group of insurrectionists who wear black clothing, ski masks, scarves, sunglasses, backpacks, motorcycle helmets with padding or other face-concealing and face-protecting items. Here is a typical Black Bloc posse.

With police standing down as ordered by their captured chiefs, the Black Bloc sleeps in by day and organizes nocturnal-tactic small hit-and-run squads and spotters. They dart around, looking for destructive activity. Combined with the scamdemic, economic rout and the distraction of dealing with looters, it won’t take many nights in these cities for small fanatical squads to burn numerous high-value targets and to set cities back indefinitely a la Detroit and Watts.

Looter girls
‘George who?’

A second wave of discordian activity is opportunistic looting. This is more straight-up criminal stealing as opposed to a political discordian objective. This female looter’s two purse score is $9,000 in leather Louis Vuitton Capucine bags.

Insurance rates will skyrocket or not be available. Any on-the-fence businesses already in trouble from the scamdemic will be cut off and liquidated or closed.

The Crime Syndicate’s New Underworld Order is trying to trigger another terror incident. This time, it will be an MK Ultra black militant.

Read “The Use of Cultists and Serial Killers in Death Squad Hits” and “Mind Control Used for Carrying Out Psychopathic Agendas”

Next, you have more organic outrage, and it’s most often a black phenomenon. These goons are identified by the vanity cell-phones videos and photos they take of themselves during their wildings. Notice how many female black teenagers are involved.

These groups are unrelated to Black Bloc operations, but they can manifest out of civil breakdown and a bad culture. The U.S. is a lit fuse for these kinds of behaviors, which can also include racial assaults.

This horrific assault and what appears to be killing was carried out by a mixed multitude of Black Bloc white antifa and black goons. The blacks are the ones delivering lethal blows including slamming a rock down on the knocked out man.

Here, an unopposed group goes after Ohio’s State Capital in Columbus. They are not opposed by security. This group can hit and run on high-value targets, if the police stand down or do not respond aggressively.

This one is likely Black Bloc as it seems more targeted.

Another target for roaming looters is what’s left of shopping malls, which are rapidly becoming little more than insurance claims. It’s certainly not the post-COVID grand reopening many retailers envisioned.

Portland destroyed by Antifa anarchists last night. No visible police presence.

Psyops Update from Sacramento: 
Grainy 1882 quality footage of a form or apparition. Who owns such a grainy poor quality cell phone image in the current year?

Note from Torchy

Dear kind-hearted white people, put down the brooms and the boxes of food. Stop rewarding thuggery. It’s like spoiling bad children. Thugs don’t appreciate your kindness, they view it as weakness. Thugs understand consequence, and its the people in their own communities who have to teach them hard lessons through persecution by peers. Meanwhile, your time is better served seeking out, prosecuting and suing the true instigators. You’ll find them living outside of your communities, and they have deep pockets.

22 Comments on Discordians Plot, Organize and Stage Full-Tilt Insurrections (Updates)

  1. Black Bloc is cops. Yes Jews organize, finance and direct their actions. You see these Antifa Jews, but mingled with them are big hulking undercover cops. Cops do the worst acts, set the fires, break windows, hurt people. All for a paycheck from the Jews.

    • Now that the autopsy report showed that Floyd actually died of a heart attack (like Heather Heyer in Charlottesville), Floyd affected by his heart condition and also cocaine use apparently –

      People on social media and 4chan are doing the ‘Floyd Challenge’ where you grab a buddy and take turns trying the restraint technique used on Floyd, putting knees on each other’s necks to see if anyone chokes or gets seriously miserable, here’s one for 12 minutes ‘not dead yet’

      And it turns out George Floyd also starred in adult video as ‘Big Floyd’, here’s a title screenshot (nothing explicit in the photo)

      • Heyer’s autopsy report says she died of a lacerated aorta, which I believe was caused by a displaced broken rib, an injury she suffered during CPR (chest compressions), which is not at all uncommon — she was not killed by Fields’ car, no one else suffered chest trauma that day.

        I saw yesterday that the cause of death here was not asphyxiation — this likely won’t help much, as it will (not unreasonably) be claimed the heart attack was caused by the stress of the (unnecessarily?) violent arrest.

  2. These riots lead one to think about how US elites set up their ‘divide and conquer’ race hate schemes

    For half a century, the USA has run manipulations to encourage black crime and social destruction:

    Welfare system giving black mothers more funds if no father in the home, a wrecking ball for the black family like divorce rape is for white ones

    Hollywood blaxploitation films going back to the 1970s, and gangsta rap music, glamourising gunmen, pimps etc

    Crack and heroin pouring into ghettos, apparently sponsored by US Gov and CIA, as Gary Webb showed, US military in Afghanistan overseeing increased heroin production

    Legal system mauling of blacks, telling young blacks they are likely to be jailed whether criminals or not

    Blacks get arrested and jailed for crimes for which they are innocent, the police often arresting a random black instead of the guilty party whom they can’t easily find, who stays on the street … ‘public defender’ lawyers help railroad blacks to keep their jobs … fake civil liberties groups support the system as it is, in order to stoke racial fires

    A parallel to how non-elite whites get mauled by US judges and lawyers, in divorce, or having assets stolen by people with connections … and increasingly now, white political jailings

    A lot of the elites involved in these manipulations of the black community, encouraging racial tensions, turn out to be Jewish … Malcolm X suggested a reason:

    “Many Jews actually were hypocrites in their claim to be friends of the American black man … In the Negro civil rights movement, the Jew played roles for a strategic reason … The more prejudice in America could be focused on the Negro, then the more the white Gentiles’ prejudice would keep diverted off the Jew.”

    • Take your black sympathy / empathy and peddle it somewhere else. No intelligent
      self-respecting White man should give a damn about blacks. The (vast) majority
      are completely worthless. Yeah, yeah, every White sucker knows a nice black.

      • I’ve noticed an increasing shift in the white vs. black narrative that it’s precisely the divide and conquer trap that they’ve been trying to set up us to.

        Brabantian is right on in his comments. If they fear awake people on general, they fear even more particularly awake black leaders, such as MLK an MX, both true leaders, educated, well spoken, and with CHARISMA (panic button!). These guys were not only about civil rights, they were speaking up truth and that’s why they killed them.

    • “Blacks get arrested and jailed for crimes for which they are innocent, the police often arresting a random black instead of the guilty party whom they can’t easily find, …”

      If that happens, and it may, then it’s only in a *miniscule number of cases* — simply put: Blacks commit a HUGELY disproportionate share of violent crime, e.g. about 3% of the population (Black males 18 – 45 y/o) commits approx 55% of all killings.

    • Who knows what to believe. This video shows cop and pizza man were chatting like good friends.

  3. Wake up people, it was jut another psyop…
    View this before it is shown the “memory hole”

  4. Thanks for explaining it all so clearly, and well done also to Torchy for her very sensible note. Not only will the thugs regard the kindhearted Ethnic Europeans as “weak”, but they will gloat at the sight of white people with brooms cleaning up after the “Black Israelites”, destined to enslave them.

    Just type into the YouTube search box “Edomites Scared”, or “White People are Edomites” or “Esau”. Some Africans even stand on street corners harassing whites as they walk past, sneering that they will soon be enslaved and slaughtered by the “True Israelites” which are Africans. Here are a couple of examples:

    — “God hates Edomites aka white people”

    — “The Big PayBack White People ( EDOMITES) Worst Nightmare Coming Soon”
    This one shows two Africans with hatchets approaching the bed of a sleeping white couple. Funny how YouTube never censors these horrific videos urging white genocide.

    Ethnic Africans are taught to believe only the Jewish Old Testament, and reject the New. They are taught that exterminating and enslaving the white man is their “religious duty” to perform “God’s judgement” against Esau/Edomites, and give “The Kingdom” to Africans. I’ll give you three guesses as to which (((Tribe))) has been busy teaching this genocidal propaganda to Ethnic Africans worldwide.

    • Why shouldn’t they? — it seems Whites will surrender their countries rather than risk being called racist.

      Yeah that’s a pretty disgusting sight — but the media plays it up as virtuous, which hastens the downward spiral since pathologically altruistic Whites want to be seen as virtuous.

    • > “God hates Edomites aka white people”

      But today’s Jews are the Biblical Edomites, descendants of Esau.

      In other words, Jesus is NOT Jewish – which is arguably the biggest lie of all time.

  5. @LeadPipe— I was just pointing out that while Idiot Christian Zionists in the West are busy worshipping the Jews instead of Almighty God, the Jews are busy teaching Africans to slaughter Idiot Christian Zionists, using Biblical twisting to persuade them.

    — I’ve always thought Esau was the good guy, cheated out of his birthright as firstborn by his evil twin Jacob & his wicked, scheming mother Rebecca again & again, and even murdered by Jacob, just for insisting on his right to be buried in the cave of his ancestors, according to the Book of Jubilees.

    — You are right— of course Jesus was NOT Jewish. He existed long before the Jews, long before humanity, long before the earth existed. He merely chose to take human form among them for a time, perhaps because the Jews are the most evil humans on the planet, and therefore the most in need of salvation.

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