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Walmart Now Sells Used Clothing As Unemployment Nears Great Depression Levels

By Tyler Durden | 28 May 2020

ZERO HEDGE — As the economy plunges into depression with tens of millions of people unemployed, Walmart is taking no chances on losing its customer base and announced this week, it will start selling used clothing, shoes, and accessories on its website.

Walmart recognizes that consumers have been severely affected by coronavirus lockdowns, which has sparked depressionary unemployment levels, had to quickly find new ways to continue expanding sales while offering super low prices. It figured, a partnership with San Francisco-based Thredup, one of the largest online thrift stores in the country, could be that solution, where customers can buy pre-owned garments and shoes and accessories for up to 90% off.

“We are excited to join forces with Walmart to power a sustainable, secondhand shopping experience unlike any other. From Calvin Klein and Nike to Coach and Michael Kors, this digital partnership enhances Walmart’s fashion offering with fresh brands at amazing prices that their customers will love,” said Jenn Volk, Director of Product Management at ThredUP.

Walmart said customers can now shop at to find over “750,000 pre-owned items across women’s and children’s clothing, accessories, footwear, and handbags.” […]

3 Comments on Walmart Now Sells Used Clothing As Unemployment Nears Great Depression Levels

  1. How’s Wal Mart going to market this idea? “Hey kids, don’t steal new designer clothes from stores downtown. Stay home in lockdown and order used clothes online from us.” Yeah, that’ll go over well.

  2. i looked at their offerings the prices are sky hi for used clothing i wouldnt bother with this go local for this

  3. I would find this less LOL funny were it super plus sizes since this appears to be the primary demographic that shops at Walmart.

    Actually it’s more disgusting than funny because this is actually a niche business, one typically occupied by fashion-conscious young women who are entrepreneurially minded — you don’t want to see some globohomo corporation jumping into that space.

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