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Netanyahu’s Son Posts Anti-Semitic Meme on Facebook, Gets Cheers From White Supremacists

Netanyahu’s son Yair captioned the Tweet in Hebrew as 'The food chain,' implying that there are nefarious forces secretly orchestrating opposition to his father. SOURCE: Haaretz/Twitter

By Jason Silverstein | 10 September 2017

HAARETZ — Keep Bibi’s boy away from the memes.

The son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu mortified the country’s political leaders — and won the approval of white supremacists — when he posted an anti-Semitic cartoon on Facebook Sunday.

Yair Netanyahu, 26, appeared to post the meme as a sarcastic defense against criticism of his father’s leadership in the Jewish holy land.

The crude cartoon showed billionaire activist George Soros dangling planet Earth in front of a giant lizard figure, which is a common internet symbol for mysterious figures who run the world from afar. The lizard, in turn, dangles an illuminati symbol over a stereotypical drawing of a conniving Jewish man.

The meme also included depictions of former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Netanyahu critic Eldad Yaniv and Meni Naftali, a former home caretaker for Netanyahu who has called for the prime minister to be indicted for alleged corruption. All three are seen to be following the lead of the lizard, the Jewish caricature and Soros. […]

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with his son Yair. PHOTO: Haaretz/Thomas Coex/AFP/Getty

4 Comments on Netanyahu’s Son Posts Anti-Semitic Meme on Facebook, Gets Cheers From White Supremacists

  1. Funny how this Haaretz article shows the Israelis are still intensely reading Andrew Anglin & his Daily Stormer even at their changing / Tor locations, screen-shotting Anglin on the Haaretz news website … more direct link to the Haaretz article:

    The ‘George Soros plot to bring down Netanyahu’ per Netanyahu’s son Yair, may actually be correct, regarding the gathering corruption charges against Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, who may have displeased his masters

    The late exiled-from-Israel, suddenly-dead-in-Florida, Jewish journalist Barry Chamish, continually detailed how any action against Israeli political figures was always politically motivated. For example the rape conviction of former Israeli President Moshe Katsav, occurred after Katsav had blocked actions of über-Deep-State Shimon Peres.

    Chamish said, yes, the bribery or sexual predation accusation might be true, but these things are true of many if not most Israeli political leaders … Criminal cases against Israeli politicians only enter the media & courts when the Deep State wishes

    It seems in general the Deep States have trouble controlling the politicians they install … In the USA 4 of the previous 10 US Presidents were hit with removal actions, 2 shot (1 killed) 2 impeached (1 resigned) … When Bill Clinton in the 1990s did not have the stomach for the war crimes of killing thousands in Serbia, he was hit with impeachment over a trivial sexual escapade with Jewish woman Monica Lewinsky … despite how nearly every US President seems to have had some sexual affair or other … when Clinton agreed to bomb Serbia, the case ended

    • It really seemed that Bibi’s difficulties began when he dissed Soros during his friendly state visit with Viktor Orban in Hungary. He also went off the reservation on the whole open border scam. Seems Bibi isn’t as hyprocritical as most in his Tribe on the miscegenation issue.

      • now now now. dont be painting nuttyahu in any positive light. Yes he secured israel’s borders, but still advocates open borders for EVERYONE ELSE (especialyl europe whom lost ww2 and has been suffering ever since), and the only ppl allowed into israel permenantely are full-blooded zionist jews with certain political ideologies. Satenyahu also is still bombing syria, pushing for war with iran (the onyl nation not controlled by jew debt money), and controls jewmerica and Trump into attacking an1 that refuses dollars for oil (ie venezuela).
        #1 Fact of life is that you never deal with a jew. There are no good jews.

        • #1 Fact of life is that you never deal with a jew. There are no good jews.
          It is a sad reality that we have to continually remind OUR OWN PEOPLE of this fact.

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