UK Police, MPs Now Being Investigated for Lord Janner Coverup


There are any number of child rapists and pederasts among the British kakistocracy. Also because of our interest and suspicions in the ongoing Smiley Face Killers cases, we’ve been focusing on the role of corrupt and captured police and officials who cover for powerful individuals or even participate in the crimes themselves.

Lord Greville Janner (1928-2015) was a MP for Leicester West, president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and chair of the British-Israel Parliamentary Group. He founded the Greville Janner Holocaust Educational Trust and sought reparations for Jews in Europe during World War II. Due to Janner, very young children in Great Britain are to taught about the Jewish holocaust by law. In fact, the holocaust is the only historic event for which study is compulsory on the national curriculum.

Lord Janner with the children

Given his interests in young boys, he was a long-time member of the Boy Scouts Association. He was active in the Magic Circle, a British organisation, dedicated to promoting and advancing the art of magic.

Shortly after Janner’s death, the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) was told Lord Janner abused children during a 33-year period. The offenses are alleged to have taken place in children’s homes and hotels between 1955 and 1988. The Janner cases become one of thirteen focus investigations conducted by IICSA.

Speaking at the first hearing, counsel to the inquiry, Ben Emmerson QC, said, “The allegations in summary are that Greville Janner exploited children and perpetrated a full range of sexual offences against them, including what would now be termed in English law as rape.”

The state never seemed serious about pursuing Janner and ultimately dropped the cases, stating he was unfit to stand trial in 2015, a few weeks before his death.

In 2015, a major police investigation called Operation Hydrant was underway and had information on 2,228 suspects of whom 302 were classified as people of “public prominence,” including 99 politicians and 147 celebrities from the media.

The IICSA 3-Ring Circus

In January 2016, an investigation was finally launched into Lord Janner — but he had died the previous month, so no actual trial could ever take place. The inquiry was merely formality so not to “let down” the victims and survivors.

The IICSA was set up when Britain got a wake-up call involving widespread child abuse allegations following the death of Jimmy Savile in 2011. The institutions to be scrutinized included the police, the courts, the education system, the BBC and the NHS.

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The first two IICSA chairs had to step down because of “objections related to their perceived closeness to individuals and establishments which would be investigated.”

Baroness Butler-Sloss, the first chair, had to stand down due to her membership of the House of Lords and her brother Michael Havers having been attorney general of England and Wales during the 1980s when an epidemic of abuse was underway.

In October 2014, the chairing of the inquiry again became contentious after Fiona Woolf disclosed that she lived on the same street in London as Lord (Leon) Brittan and had, among other connections with them, invited the conservative peer and his wife to dinner on three occasions. Lord Brittan was Home Secretary in 1984 when ministers were handed a dossier on alleged high-profile pedophiles that later “disappeared.” Woolf stepped down on the day that victims and survivors of child abuse said that they were “unanimous” in their sentiment that she should quit.

On Feb. 4, 2015, Theresa May announced that the inquiry would be chaired by Dame Lowell Goddard, a New Zealand High Court judge who had no ties to the U.K. bodies and persons likely to be investigated.

However, on Aug. 4, 2016, Goddard announced she had resigned and issued a terse statement, proclaiming, “Compounding the many difficulties was its legacy of failure which has been very hard to shake off.” What could be more clear concerning the gaming going on.

Professor Alexis Jay would become the fourth chair for the Inquiry. Soon after, the wheels continued to come off.

On Sept. 26, 2016, Ben Emmerson, a respected human rights lawyer and lead counsel, was suddenly suspended and put under investigation. Emmerson was getting vocal about the direction of the inquiry. It was revealed that as of September 2016, the inquiry had held no evidence sessions. It was confirmed that Emmerson’s colleague and deputy, Elizabeth Prochaska, had also resigned.

David Enright and Sam Stein QC, lawyers representing 20% of the victims who have “core participant status” in the inquiry, said: “Our clients have been, and remain, deeply concerned that the inquiry continues to make important decisions behind closed doors and without consultation with survivors.” They defended  Emmerson as bringing “intellectual weight, honesty and integrity to the inquiry”.

In November 2016, it was revealed that several other senior lawyers to the inquiry had left their positions.

On Nov. 18, 2016, the largest victims group involved, the Shirley Oaks Survivors Association, representing people who had lived in children’s homes run by Lambeth Council, said that it was withdrawing from involvement and described the inquiry as a “debacle.”

In June 2017, the group Survivors of Organised and Institutional Abuse (Soia) announced “with deep regret” that it was formally withdrawing from the inquiry, saying that survivors had been “totally marginalized” and that the inquiry had descended into a “very costly academic report-writing and literature-review exercise.”

The weak run-out-the-clock inquiry has droned on. Typically, survivor groups are stonewalled. In October 2018, at an inquiry in Nottingham, senior city officials simply failed to show up.

Throughout these ordeals, the British press hasn’t named the names of those who’ve stonewalled these investigations. Even the people quitting in disgust appear to be limited in calling out the names of those obfuscating the proceeding. Britain has egregious libel laws, making it a perfect-storm conspiracy of silence, perfect for a pedocracy and kakistocracy.

Of late, a few disclosures have come out, including one involving party whips engaging in blackmailing activity to keep compromised members “in line.” This is being characterized in newspeak as “looking the other way.”

As part of its investigation, IICSA is examining the role of party whips who help organize party business and have had the role of persuading MPs and peers to vote along party lines. It will investigate whether any whips became aware of allegations and “tried to turn such allegations to their advantage” to keep party colleagues in line.

This week, at long last, and separate from the plodding inept IICSA – the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) weighed in on the Janner cases as it relates to police actions, or rather inactions. The IOPC said all those under investigation have been issued with notices regarding potential criminal offences and potential gross misconduct. It looks quite damning, and this is par for the course in the U.K.

  • In the early 1990s, before a formal investigation into Lord Janner commenced, police records indicate there were “a number of references to a relationship, including a sexual relationship, between Lord Janner and a child,” but there is no evidence the claims were ever looked into.
  • Once an investigation had begun, lines of inquiry “appear from the evidence not to have been carried out” and “there is an indication that senior officers may have influenced decisions regarding the inquiries being carried out.”
  • Between 2001 and 2002, “allegations made by former children’s home residents appear from the evidence available not to have been investigated or recorded” and “documented results of investigative actions regarding Lord Janner appear to contain information that could be interpreted as misleading and/or inaccurate.”

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