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It’s Time for Everyone to Admit That Ivanka Trump Is Probably Evil


The Trump Age is the age of soft illusions. And Ivanka Trump is the crown jewel

By Riley Waggaman | 25 April 2017

RUSSIA INSIDER — We take no pleasure in typing this internet article, but the evidence doesn’t lie: Ivanka Trump is almost certainly a Moloch-worshiping weirdo who is going to get us all killed — or worse, force us to buy her dumb clothes.

With the ascendance of public relations, glossy magazines specifically designed to murder brain cells, and cosmetic dentistry, we inhabit a world that delights in self-soothing images and scorns anything that might unsettle our McDonald’s-filled stomachs.

In this context, Ivanka Trump is Peak Photoshop — she’s a manufactured image of human perfection which, once deprived of its artificial layers, evaporates.

Ivanka is a lovely, articulate woman who even has a daughter who can recite ancient Chinese hip-hop. Her appeal is undeniable. But remove the airbrushing and we’re faced with the reality that a lady who pimps shoes is driving us towards the abyss.

Consider the people Ivanka has voluntarily chosen to surround herself with, beginning first with her husband, Jared Kushner — a living, breathing Patrick Bateman. […]

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