Staged U.S. Presidential Selection of 2016: Who did it and why?


The concealed back story that the conservative Right will refuse to believe, and the Alt Right will begrudgingly acknowledge

27 April 2017

STATE OF THE NATION — There has never been, and there will never be, another campaign season like the 2016 presidential election cycle.

That factoid alone ought to give many people good reason to pause and ask: Why, really, did the American people recently experience the wildest and wackiest election in U.S. history?

The following statement made by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, which was uttered in a moment of extraordinary candor, is quite instructive:

 “In politics, nothing ever happens by accident.
If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

Given this political reality, there is every reason to believe that the very same MO is still operative today… and much more so than ever.

World Shadow Government decided in favor of a Trump presidency

But why? …

There is only one answer to this question.  That answer clarifies the real purpose behind the Trump presidency.  The recent and very radical shift in Trump’s foreign policy is, incidentally, a dead giveaway. That shift blatantly favors Israel, and especially the advancement of the Great Israel project.  As follows:

Israel’s House of Kushner Now Runs the Trump Administration for the NWO Globalists

Every move that Trump is now making on the worldwide Monopoly board is being directed by the Zionist Neocon cabal who significantly staff every level of his administration.  As the preceding article makes quite clear, son-in-law Jared Kushner (frontman for the NWO globalists) is really running the whole show for Zionist Israel with Trump merely acting as presidential pitchman. …

Read this closely

The ongoing series of MSM fake news stories about Russia hacking the election solidified the Left’s hatred of Putin’s Russia.  The Democrats in general already detested the Kremlin’s strong stance on the thoroughly depraved LGBT agenda aggressively promoted by Obama, Clinton, Soros & Company.  The false accusation that Russia was responsible for Hillary’s loss only inflamed the Left’s irrational hatred and hostility. With much of the leftwing of the American electorate corralled into this pen of manufactured enmity, TPTB are now one step closer to their planned war with Russia. What’s really behind all the fake anti-Russia hysteria?

In order to manipulate the other side of this counterfeit coin known as the American two-party system, TPTB needed to stampede the Right into the various railroad cars of the Trump Train.  Trump’s strong positions on the Mexican border wall, Muslim ban, Obamacare repeal, illegal immigration, no foreign wars (e.g. Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan), Iran deal, trade agreements (e.g. NAFTA and TTIP), and tax cuts each played into the demands and/or desires of key voting blocs on the Right.  By roping them all into the same pen via numerous campaign promises and packing them into different cars on the Trump Train, the Alt Right, in particular, was painstakingly set up for another day. How so?

Because American voters are generally NIMBY’s at heart, the vast majority really do not care about foreign wars being waged in their name and with their tax dollars. Especially when their most pressing political concerns are being stealthily catered to, TPTB knows that many on the Right will either support, or not protest, Trump’s reckless warmongering.  However, in the context of this political quid pro quo, Trump must deliver — successfully — on his many promises lest he lose the critical support of the Alt Right.  There is now an emerging movement of very angry and vocal Alt Right truth-seekers who see right through the Trump deception. […]

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  1. are you in contact with sate of the nation? If so, can you tell them to put up an email newsletter on their site that i can subscribe to bc they have no contact email and i keep forgetting (nor really want) to keep checking in to their website so get backlogged with reading articles when i do

  2. May 10th 2017 Headline on

    Why the risk of Trump impeachment sounds alarm bells for hyper-inflated global markets

    Writing their own destiny, no? Crash must be coming soon.

  3. Wow, tonight’s time machine visit has been fun!

    Seems that the State of the Nation may have gotten a few thing right and a few things wrong. Either way, it was a fun read.

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