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Clues Hidden in Plain Sight About Jimmy Savile’s True Nature

'Eccentric national treasure' Sir Jimmy Savile at Buckingham Palace in 1972. PHOTO: Getty

Jimmy Savile (1926-2011) was one of Britian’s best-known entertainers and a master of black-magic manipulation. Savile was a self-styled wizard and dressed the role. In reality, he fully divulged that he was a deviant and Luciferian of the highest order, and he hid it in plain sight.

Savile’s case also illustrates the weakness of authoritarian followers and pajama people at the hands of such an evil operative when combined with a Crime Syndicate-controlled media and compromised system. It should be quite apparent that even as skilled at evil as he was, he could not have acted for half a century without assistance. See [A Word About Authoritarian Followers and Dealing with Pajama People].

Only after he died at age 85 in 2011 did his victims feel safe and enabled to come forward. His favorite M.O. was to rape and abuse patients in the very hospitals for which he raised charity. He was typically given free reign over these facilities. Thirteen hospitals and schools were known to have been involved.

At least 450 individuals of both sexes made allegations, and police finally stated 214 crimes were committed. Twenty-eight involved children under the age of 10. Part of his influence was as a procurer of young boys and girls for top officials. Like John Wayne Gacy, he may have run a body disposal service. The real scope of his activity over a period of 50 years can scarcely be imagined.

Right in your face

He also sexually defiled bodies of dead patients, and even stole their glass eyes to make rings. In the photo at right, he shows his total disdain for the pajama people as he displays one of his trophies.

He showed up on a talk show called “Through the Peephole” wearing a shirt that read “I am an animal and I eat people.”

One method of a skilled satanist like Savile is an in-your-face “revelation of the method” and neuro-linguistic programming. But pajama people just laugh it off as “weird” and continue on oblivious.

We have gathered up a sampling of Savile-isms to illustrate his routine. His delivery was not that funny or engaging but rather quite creepy. The ever-present cigar functions as a wand. He’s rarely seen laughing and typically sneers. If he smiles, the effect is distorted by his cigar clamped on his tobacco-stained teeth. Yet, the brainwashed pajama people yuck it up.

In the following video, he states in a blunt manner, “I’m feared in every girl’s school in this country.“

In a chilling 1991 interview with Dr. Antony Clare (below), Savile openly and frankly discussed his satanic “do as they wilt” philosophy. After calling his father a “good guy” [min. 00:05:23], he self-described himself as “dishonest and inverted” and a “ducker and a diver.”

At minute 00:05:53, he states he has no emotions toward others.

At 00:06:00, he says he “hates children, but could get along with them.”

At 00:06:15, Savile tells Clare how it all works: “You are not in that world. So, therefore, you don’t know. You are constrained by certain things. I am not in your world, and I am not constrained by much of anything.” He finished this train of thought by stating, “The tough thing in life is ultimate freedom.”

We suspect that Savile practiced chaos magic. Provided there was enough “free belief” to feed his desires- being unconstrained, they would grow into obsessions, which would culminate in magical results occurring in reality. Somehow this worked, as Savile pulled the wool over the pajama people’s eyes up until his death.

Pajama people line the streets for the funeral procession of sexual criminal Jimmy Savile en route to Leeds Cathedral on Nov. 9, 2011. PHOTO: CNN

For some reason that I can’t quite fully understand, his spells quickly died with him, as hundreds of victims came forward as soon as he died.

He often spoke in gibberish and combined two syllables followed by three syllables. For example, “How-sa ’bout-that-then?” Or he would repeat three words in an intonation, like “now then, now then, now then,” which was a favorite.

One of his little dittys was a song that could only get a pass in a world of wink-wink cultural Marxists and pervert justice warriors (PJWs). See: [Nope, Skits and Jokes About Raping Babies Aren’t Funny and Never Will Be].

Notice the classic three-word intonations. His lyrics mixed perversion under false, twisted, inverted, shadow language, wrapped in the guise of a children’s song. This travesty is supposed to be a Christmas song.

Jingle, jangle, jewelry 
Jingle, jangle, jewelry 
Jingle, jangle, jewelry 
Lovely, lovely, lovely,
Jingle, jangle, jewelry 
Lovely, lovely, lovely
Jingle, jangle, jewelry 
Look at my bum!

Note: Some say it is “bugger my bum,” not “look at my bum.”

Jingle, jangle, jewelry,
Jingle, jangle, jewelry,
Up me chocolate starfish,
Up me chocolate starfish
Lovely, lovely, lovely
Stab my Bovril bullets.
Lovely, lovely, lovely
Come and chuck your muck!
Lovely, lovely, lovely
Jingle, jangle, jewelry 
Up me Cadbury alley
I’m not a shirt lifter
Now then, now then, now then
Up the chocolate speedway
Choke your chicken
Up your charlie hole
Lovely, lovely, lovely
Jingle, jangle, jewelry.
Time to chuck your muck…
Over your sisters jubblys
Lovely, lovely, lovely
Time to rape a turkey
Lovely, lovely, lovely
Up the Christmas tree
Lovely, lovely, lovely
Come and eat me clag nuts
Come and have a can smacker
Up me curry bongo
Take it up the bum
Up me cock a sombrero
Up me cock a sombrero
Come and suck me clinkers
Lovely, lovely, lovely
I’m a council gritter
I’m a council gritter.

Here is Savile again, hiding in plain sight. There is absolutely no anecdotal purpose to this story. All he is doing is telling us he can take young girls into Buckingham Palace to meet Prince Philip in the boot (American English: trunk) of his car unhindered. At minute 00:02:01, Savile says, “So I give the nod” to Philip, the nod that say’s “look what I’ve got for you.” He never does explain just why he takes a young girl into the palace to see Philip, who “with fantastic luck” happened to be available and almost waiting it seemed for the arrival of the procurer with the latest offering.

About his mother, who died in 1972 — who he calls “The Duchess”: “Once upon a time I had to share her with other people. We had marvelous times. When she was dead, she was all mine, for me.”

Connections with Infamous Serial Killers

One of Savile’s favorite projects was with Broadmoor hospital for the criminally insane, where he loved fraternizing with inmates. In 1988, he showed up in Broadmoor to head a “task force” and lived in a terrace house. He then lined up some girlfriends among the inmates.

Boxing legend Frank Bruno described how Savile vindictively tricked him into being photographed shaking hands with the Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper at Broadmoor. Sutcliffe was convicted of murdering 13 women and likely murdered and severely injured many more. The unsuspecting boxer was introduced to Sutcliffe by Savile during a visit to the secure psychiatric hospital in 1991.

Incredibly, Sutcliffe murder victim Irene Richardson’s body was found just behind Savile’s flat. Coinkydink?

From The Guardian on July 9, 2014, “David Hare on Jimmy Savile”: “When asked if he has been following the Myra Hindley story, he replies enigmatically: ‘I am the Myra Hindley story.'”

Was Savile involved in the Moor Murders of 1963-1965? Ian Brady and Myra Hindley may have had a third person in the room watching during the recording of torture. They tortured and murdered five young boys, that are known. Savile visited them both in prison. Savile adopted and never let go of the Myra Hindley hairstyle.

Winter Watch Takeaway: Jimmy Savile was no lone wolf. He was the point of the spear of a twisted and inverted Luciferian network that today dominates Great Britain as well as the United States.

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  1. Anyone know what happened to aanirfan? The blog is gone although the links still come up in google searches. There was a lot of material about Saville and other uk establishment shadowy figures on that site…

  2. Great article, Russ. Probably the best thing every written on this mega-creep.
    What I think people need to understand is that Jimmy Savile wasn’t just close to Britain’s ruling elite, he was part of it. He spent every Christmas with Margret Thatcher, and was very close pals with the perverted Prince Charles. ‘Dumbo Ears’ Charles long association with Savile was why he was never allowed to become king.
    Savile was definitely Jewish, btw. Jews are denying it, just as they denied the Jewishness of Joseph Stalin, or for that matter, Jane Fonda. When they became liabilities to the gang they were all tossed overboard.

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