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7 Comments on The Boston Bombing as a Staged Deception

  1. Barely 11 minutes into the Boston Marathon hoodwink and concealed by it’s theatrical fakery, behind the smokescreen, just down the road, this happened …

    What Happened at Boston’s JFK Library?

    In the chaos following a pair of explosions in Boston, a wild report suddenly appeared: another, possibly related explosion had gone off at the John F. Kennedy Library. But the “explosion” later turned out to be an unrelated mechanical fire. So how did word of a third explosion spread?


    Statement on Conclusion of Fire Investigation at the JFK Library

    For Immediate Release
    Media Contact: Rachel Flor (617) 514-1662;

    Boston Fire Department officials have concluded their investigation of the April 15, 2013 fire at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and have determined that it was “unintentional.” According to the Boston Fire Department, the most likely cause was “careless disposal of smoking material.”



  2. The best indicators of the fraud were the media reports themselves. During the Boston Marathon drama, I was sitting in a North Dakota man camp with a bunch of good old boys watching endless loops of Fox News reports. The fascinating commentary at the time was about the news clips of FBI agents in rain coats with cupped stub nosed revolvers running toward the cameras or crouching behind flimsy cedar fences. It was like watching a sixties era cop show rerun, everybody was laughing at the unreality of the spectacle.

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