Elections are a Fraud, Boycott Fake Democracy


TNN is not endorsing any of the presidential candidates. Charlie don’t surf, and TNN doesn’t do lesser-of-two-super-evils politics — or tails they win, heads we lose choices. This easily has to be the poorest choice facing the U.S. in its history. TNN holds that this was the plan all along. Additionally, we hold that faux democracy vote counting is rigged anyway in a close election. We would take the odds that, ultimately, Soros-backed Tim Kaine will be president, and we plan on doing more commentary on him.

There is also a fair chance that one or both candidates will not be on the ballot by the time of the election. Before this is over, the American electorate will be begging for another system. TNN’s prediction is that the problem-reaction-solution manipulation will be globalist.


As far as the election goes, it is increasingly obvious that Trump is a strawman with a twist. Timothy Fitzpatrick writes, and TNN concurs:

Hillary Clinton naming Alex Jones was all the proof anyone needed that the Left was setting up their alternative right strawman (easily defeatable opponent). It’s not a coincidence that all the alt-right talking points are bouncing back and forth between the usual gatekeepers: Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Mark Dice, Roger Stone, and Donald Trump (remember limited hangout when he accused Jihadists of dancing on rooftops when the Twin Towers fell, when it was actually Israelis doing this).

Clinton naming Jones was scripted for her by her handlers as an attempt to further homogenize the right, the same way the CIA used the National Review to achieve the same. The entire thing is theater. Now it seems that anyone of prominence on the right is showing up on Infowars as a guest, be it Farage, Milo Yiannopoulos, or Trump himself. This should stink to high heaven to anyone with any sense of wakefulness.

What follows are the rules in the event a candidate is gone. Essentially, the process moves into the back of “smoke filled” rooms. There, the “donors” and hacks will pick the candidate.

Rule 9 of the Republican National Committee governs “Filling Vacancies in Nominations.” It stipulates that should the party’s presidential or vice presidential candidate leave the ticket for whatever reason, the hole may be filled either by a reconvening of the national convention or by the party committee itself. The vice presidential nominee is not given any preferential consideration.

Should the committee elect to fill the vacancy — a seemingly more likely scenario given the logistics involved in organizing a second convention — Republican National Committee members representing a given state are entitled to cast the same number of votes as that state was entitled to at the convention. If the RNC members from any state are not in agreement about casting of their votes, the votes of that state are divided equally among members of the RNC voting.

The final stipulation of the rule is that no candidate may be chosen to fill a vacancy except by receiving a majority of the votes entitled to be cast in the RNC election.

On the other side, the Democratic Party’s charter and bylaws stipulate that the Democratic National Committee has responsibility for filling vacancies in the nomination for president and vice president. The rules say that “a special meeting to fill a vacancy on the National ticket shall be held on the call of the Chairperson, who shall set the date for such meeting” in accordance with procedural rules. The procedural rules say that — with some exceptions — all questions before the DNC are determined by a majority of eligible voters. Proxy voting is not permitted to fill a vacancy on the national ticket.

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  1. If Trump were real, he could easily be lambasting the FED board of governors for even mentioning negative interest rates. He isn’t, case in point.

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