Operation Blackjack False Flag Dead Ahead?

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There is chatter on various sites about the June 21 Pentecostal summer solstice, a date that ties into religious nutwing end time prophesy. It would be a suitcase false flag blamed on Iran.

A U.K. Telegraph article back in 2010 laid out the alarming, trauma-programming (revelation of the method), false-flag scenario “Operation Blackjack.” It described multiple dirty-nuke attacks on major cities followed by the end game of totalitarian takeover: chipping, Internet clampdowns and gulags. In this version, the false-flag coup was exposed by white hats with the story “to be continued.”

Before leaving office came this Operation Blackjack warning, or script, from Ben Rhodes, Obama’s deputy national security adviser. This follows the incredulous made-up-sounding story about a Belgian nuclear plant encroachment after the Brussels airport staged deception.

“We know that terrorist organizations have the desire to get access to these raw materials and to have a nuclear device.”

The current international terrorist threat level listed at MI5’s website vacillates between substantial and severe. An upgrade to CRITICAL means an attack is expected imminently

In terms of a big event, arch-villainous Penguin mole himself Dick Cheney, who is one of the chief architects behind the 9/11 false flag, said as much while casually observing that military martial law would be necessary afterward. Nothing to see here, move along?

In the video below, Seymour Hirsch discusses how a powwow of neocons, led by Cheney at that time, had met to discuss a false flag to draw the U.S. into a war with Iran.

The super-hacker Guccifer thinks both Chicago and “a city in Pennsylvania” will be suitcase nuked. Guccifer hacked into various Crime Syndicate email messages.

CNN in 2012 ran a segment on the effects of a 10-kiloton nuke explosion in DC.

Netanyahu incessantly warned about “Iranian” suitcase nukes in “New York or Madrid.”

Last fall we experienced a flurry of predictive programming about Seattle being a target.

Read “Predictive Programming About Seattle Mega-ritual is Off the Charts”

Timing? When you look at open-source material on Operation Blackjack, the dates June 21 and 22 are often used. However, there is also chatter about New Year’s. Blackjack may come later, with very disruptive false flag cyberattacks a possible warm-up event. This is now unfolding. Another possibility or one-two punch would be massive electricity outages in winter.

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  1. I agree with Bill. WannaCry will morph bigger and better as time goes on and they’ll have us all on edge taking bigger, then smaller, the bigger targets. Eventually they’ll shut down the grid, or rail lines ( they’ve been particularly busy with Amtrak these days ) or an airport and then the serious screws will be tightened on the Internet. I’m just hoping the aliens intercede big time! :))

  2. An item popping back into my mind here, is the 1980s indy-hit song about terrorism, from Canadian-Jewish Leondard Cohen, the song a dialogue between a terrorist and his girlfriend, composed during the transition time between Gladio A and Gladio B … ‘First We Take Manhattan, Then We Take Berlin’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ld12ZCA5HGw

  3. Check out the “forest fires” of 2017 in Sonoma County, CA, and tell me that the State isn’t waging physical war on its citizens.

  4. Not sure why they would need to, they already have everything going for them with Covid and BLM, another round of Covid and Trump loss and it’s ova.

  5. Only this time, we have a solar eclipse on that date for 2020….And its a major one in relation to cycles

  6. I would bet on an earthquake or a volcano. Yellowstone in the heart of redneck paradise of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana would be a big set back for whites and Christians.

    Mt. Shasta or even Ranier would also whack those crackers.

    Earthquakes on the San Andreas fault, or even in the mid west would also push uppity white gun owners back on their heels.

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