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Stasi-Style Idaho Arrest of 31 Glowworms in a U-Haul Truck

PHOTO: via Twitter

‘I want this country to realize that we stand on the edge of oblivion. I want every man, woman and child to understand how close we are to chaos.’Sutler in ‘V for Vendetta’

Police on Saturday stopped a U-Haul in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and arrested 31 people inside who police say have ties to a hate group. No weapons were found. The charge was “conspiracy to riot” near a Gay Pride parade. Now there’s a fuzzy shadow-language crime if I’ve ever heard of one. Look for this to disappear into ether.

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News reports are peppered with “police say” or “according to police,” as if alleged police are still an institution that anybody trusts.

What’s the first thing police do when they arrest, let’s say, a home invader wearing a ski mask? Duh, they take the mask off. They also remove anything like gloves, sunglasses, etc. No hat removal here though, not even to check for hidden items or contraband.

Police had their perps kneel down with their faces hidden. Strange that they didn’t pull their masks down when they put them in cuffs. It almost looks like they want to keep these glowworms, well, undercover.

Why would they all already have masks on in the back of a dark truck where nobody could see them? And wearing sunglasses in a dark U-Haul? Don’t see how that combines.

And what do you think of the cops keeping the backpacks on?

“Then, we’ll say we found them in a U-Haul to make it look strange and surreal.”

It honestly takes a special person to allow themselves to be locked in the back of a hot dark truck with 30 other special agents — I mean grown men.

With country spiraling toward Sub-Zero induced Americazuela insolvency, there sure are way too many resources being spent on nonsense like this.

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Look at their completely straight posture with not one person hunched over. Look how clean all their boots are. Look how nobody looks the least bit distraught about being arrested. You can see the police smiling and talking with the offenders like they’re all homeboys. That’s a whole lot of coincidences.

The person behind the camera also knows the name of the group. No, not suspicious at all. Unicorn Riot quickly got word and released the pictures.

Director and property department are taking notes. Next production will have more random details to make it look real. They forgot to include copies of the U.S. Constitution in their possession.

It’s all theater. Glowfest 2022 style. This glows so bright, it’s no wonder they let them keep wearing the shades and masks.

What did they even do that’s illegal? You can’t gather and demonstrate now?

What can they charge them with besides seatbelt violations? Even if the mode of transport in a U-Haul is absurd, you can’t go to a gay pride event wearing matching Reclaim America shirts and have some basic shield protection? What if they claim to be going to a paintball event or a kegger? What if they are trying to break the Guinness record for number of glowworms crammed into a moving truck? 

I’ll note that the Kootenai County jail roster does not list anyone arrested for conspiracy to riot. Maybe the charges were changed but there isn’t a single person in that jail listed with those charges as of the morning of June 12, 2022.

Takeaway: I can only hope by now that enough people are getting wise to this deluge of lowbrow staged events. Crisis at every turn playing both sides against the middle.

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  1. I followed this blog for about five years, but this is the end.

    If Russ won’t even spend 10 minutes to go find the names of these kids who have been well-doxxed by Leftists before posting this David Wilcox tier nonsense, he doesn’t deserve any of my few remaining minutes on this planet.

    I need accurate information to help prepare my homestead and family for the coming storm. I no longer have time for this type of laziness and silliness.

    a ‘Dios.

    • After five years anybody who fails to recognize these frauds at this stage has no business or welcome here. My patience is thin. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

      • A quick rush to judgment? Actually the cops knew exactly who these guy were, and that they are no danger. They do flash protests around the country. Get in and out before the cops and their ancillary force antifa can attack them.

        This time they were detained, set in the grass, then unmasked and identified. Their pictures are now up on Drudge Report. So, the rush to judgment was wrong. No one was protecting their identities.

        PF is about the only rightist group that I haven’t seen as completely compromised. They have always acted straight up. And yes, they have a dress code. That makes some people uncomfortable.

        Of course they have some infiltrators. All groups are infiltrated. But you can see by how the cops and jewmedia treated them, PF is hated. They were arrested, unmasked, had their faces and names plastered on media all over the world, and slandered. Slandered even by the lizard breath local Sheriff.

        PF had a good run. Probably s good time to disband. Obviously ZOG has them in focus. And far too many patriots are saying bad things about them for no good reason. Good time to move on.

  2. The megaphone says “abolish the FBI.’ I have to say, observationally speaking, that there doesn’t appear to be the usual depth in reporting on this one as is typical for a WW post. Info is still coming out, event just happened, I can understand that, but it does appear to be a bit hasty in calling this unequivocally a fed op. I’m not sure, personally, what PF is exactly, but it really does divide the dissident right pretty well.

    • Yes, it does have the word abolish faintly visible. The sentence has been removed. This type of post evolves, and we do make updates.

      If genuine why didn’t they just come in five vans and just put the shirts on upon arrival? What’s with the U-Haul and the spooky costuming? This doesn’t pass the smell test, not even remotely.

      • The UHaul is an attempt to prevent doxing and destruction of personal vehicles by antifa. Antifa will try to find meet up points and record license plates, smash windows, slash tires, etc. It makes more sense to meet far away and load up in a single vehicle and be ready to march with a minimum of milling around.

        You have to understand that they are fascists and value things like fitness, discipline, and presenting as a uniformed group. This also allows them to not be identified individually similar to the black bloc tactics used by leftist groups. The idea was that by presenting this way and using traditional patriotic imagery and language they would appeal to conservatives in a way that other National Socialist/Fascist groups do not. In reality I think the average conservative is so fat, demoralized, and disorganized that this is too alien for them to accept as organic. Of course the notion that they are feds has been helped along greatly by controlled opposition media such as pedophile homosexual zionist jim hoft of gateway pundit, “former” naval intelligence officer jack posobiec, and the various philosemites running brietbart.

        I of course can’t say 100% they are not some deep state creation, but being familiar with far-right politics can explain why there are good reasons they do some of the things that are “evidence” of them being feds.

        • My sense is using the U Haul made this group very vulnerable to what transpired -sitting ducks. Coming in more piece mill and discretely with five vehicles, hiding them and then meeting up within walking distance (2 vehicles shuttling) to quickly march in (guys looked in shape)was the way to go. Of course sketchy or poor tactics doesn’t prove they are glow worms, but does give me real pause.

          • Russ, you’re asking the right questions. But Steven’s response as well as my limited experience tells me these guys are ideologically sympathetic to the right while trying new ways to provide an opposition to the regime by using a different brand of optics. Criticism of these attempts is definitely in bounds. But we must give them some respect for trying something (anything?) to show opposition to the regime’s religious rituals (in a non-violent, peaceful way to boot). These arrests were on every morning show in America, including Today, Good Morning America, etc. Is it better to voice opposition in this way, knowing it will be used to convince the normie that there “be racists in dem der hills”? Or is it better to hunker down and wait for Nov 22 and hope “this too shall pass”? And honest question that merits further debate.

  3. I’m relieved they are Feds even though as you say it’s a despicable way to treat the First Amendment and to waste taxpayer dollars.

  4. There is video of cops unmasking them as they are being processed here.

    Names and mugshots here.
    Though people are right to be suspicious of political theatre, good posture, fitness, composure, and having clean boots are far from compelling evidence of PF being a glow OP. A far better OP than that would be to encourage badjacketing and kneejerk accusations without evidence towards any organization that opposes the system. A movement where that is the norm would truly be crippled.

  5. Yet another incident with very odd optics, no matter how one interprets it.

    Ultimately, as has been true for all of these incidents so far, what will be most important is how the mainstream media handles it — they will create whatever they want out of it, and if you have another view, no matter how well supported, and no matter how striking the oddities, they will call it disinformation — this still works to dissuade the vast majority of people from exercising reasonable skepticism, because they are more concerned with how others will view them than with knowing the truth of what actually happened — you can look at this as another kind of ‘mass formation psychosis’ — this results in people being in what amounts to a permanent suspension of disbelief mode, where they willingly follow wherever the media leads them.


  6. I live just north of Coeur d’Alene and was in town that day for the events. I arrived before noon and joined a group who were there to protest the satanic pedophile grooming celebration that was taking place in McEuen park. We were from various churches (but NOT the Episcopal Church!), veterans organizations and the Panhandle Patriots Riding Club. We organized a “Prayer March” which took us from the Library down Sherman Avenue to the office of the CdA Press (woke, libtard rag) to the County Courthouse to the “Hunan Rights” center on the college campus to the Chamber of Commercial and back to the center of the park for the last prayer.

    Prior to Saturday there were reports that Antifa/BLM were planning to be there and that the Satanist church would also be there to perform “unbaptisms” for whomever wanted them. This information was considered to be credible since this was the two-year anniversary of the the last time that Antifa/BLM visited CdA. At that time they were very peaceful, calm and polite since they were met by 800+ armed citizens who lined both sides of Sherman Ave for about eight blocks. So, we expected that we might be in for some form of “payback” and were prepared. Idaho is Constitutional Carry and we were all carrying – including the Pastors. And before we started our March we had a friendly visit from the Kootenai County Sheriff. No problems.

    It turned out that there were no Antifa; there were no BLM; the Satanists cancelled out. It was all very calm. We did our thing and the pedophiles were doing their things somewhere else in the park. We did not interact,

    Driving home after 3:00 PM I encountered the “Patriot Front” group that had been stopped by the police and who were all kneeling in the grass by the roadside. There were more police cars than I thought the CdA police had plus state police and some flavor SWAT team who look like they ready to do battle with space aliens plus a large group of observers. Great big spectacle. This was after the day’s events were winding down – and these PFers were just arriving?

    Maybe the PFers were there to create a violent disruption that could then be blamed on “right wing extremists” and the police actually/honestly learned of their plans and we’re able to stop them – or was the whole thing a scripted event with both sides playing their parts?

    There’s something about all of that just doesn’t feel right.

    • Thank you for your insightful comment. Yes, something about this doesn’t sit right — not just the PF bust, but the mere fact that Coeur d’Alene was chosen as a place for a homosexual lifestyle celebration.

      If my understanding and perception is correct, Coeur d’Alene is a hardcore stronghold of patriots and nationalists. Most residents there share the same values as PF. So why would PF need to put on costumes and hide out in a U-Haul truck? Makes zero sense.

      To demonstrate what I mean, let’s flip the script. Let’s say PF decided to have a parade in the 99% gay Castro District of San Francisco. Then a rumor was spread that MAGAs, Proud Boys and Q was going to join in as well. Of course, Castro regulars would come out to protest the parade — even though they would probably instinctively know they were being baited into a confrontation.

      Would it then make sense that at the end of the parade day, the cast of Drag Queen Story Hour would have to stealthily arrive packed into the back of a U-Haul truck? No. That would be ridiculous. Because wherever the cast would go in the Castro, they’d be among friends. No one would attack their cars or stop them. Give me a break.

      I suspect this PF pack was a combination of glowworms and true patriots. Patriots, you were detained from the moment you climbed in the back of that U-Haul truck. Whoever arranged the truck is probably one of the many glowworms. They wanted you all together in that truck to control you. You were detained from the moment you climbed in.

      My takeaway FWIW: The whole Coeur d’Alene LGBTQ+ parade was a honeypot. The intent of the parade was to draw out so-called “right-wing extremists” and make high-profile arrests. That way, when the swamp steals the mid-term election in Idaho, the media has some false rationale/narrative to fall back upon. Bonus points: Biden and his AG can point to Coeur d’Alene and say, “See, we told you white supremacist violence is the No. 1 threat in America! We must diversify and re-educate that community!”

      UNICORN RIOT: Patriot Front Fascist Leak Exposes Nationwide Racist Campaigns

      • North Idaho is a “hardcore stronghold of patriots and nationalists.” Coeur d’Alene is (deliberately) being turned into an artsy-fartsy center of yuppie scum. Reminds me a lot of Westport, CT – the aboriginal home of new-money, arrogant, ignorant yuppies. The Episcopal Church here was one of the Pride Event sponsors. I walked out of that church some years ago … and none of the clergy bothered to call and ask where I was.

        Payback is going to be Biblically awesome.

      • ‘Bought a red t-shirt from a thrift store on which was printed ‘Party like it’s 1984’ with a big eye in the middle. It is fitting for this incident where sincere nationalists ignorantly combine with party fakes & get arrested as perceived ‘losers in a lost cause’- like Winston Smith & Julia.

    • Prior to Saturday there were reports that Antifa/BLM were planning to be there …

      Twitter/Andy NgoConfirmed: Robert John Stoms (b. 10-28-88, pronouns it/its) was the #Antifa member from Portland who was arrested for violence & drug crimes at the pride event in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. … Press has reported extensively on arrests of 31 Patriot Front members but ignored this arrest.

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