Thorn in Side of Crime Syndicate JFK Hit: Truth Seeker Dorothy Kilgallen Murdered

Dorothy Kilgallen PHOTO: New York Post/Everett Collection

One of the principal early truth investigators of the JFK assassination was the most-famed reporter of that era, Dorothy Kilgallen (1913-1965). Killgallen had both a big audience and was in the thick of investigative reporting on the Crime Syndicate (with a big C) deep-state and Mafia. Note: Winter Watch  doesn’t use Crime Syndicate in the narrow sense of the American Mafia. This type of journalism is largely unseen today. When one considers Kilgallen’s fate, we can ascertain why.

As early as July 15, 1959, Kilgallen became the first journalist to suggest that the CIA and the Mafia were working together in order to assassinate Fidel Castro. This disclosure upset high-ranking government officials, and J. Edgar Hoover began to keep a dossier on Kilgallen’s activities.

A week after Jacob Leon Rubenstein aka Jack Ruby eliminated Lee Harvey Oswald, Killgallen’s strong (and now rare) intuition kicked in.

“The case is closed, is it? Well, I’d like to know how, in a big, smart town like Dallas, a man like Jack Ruby — owner of a strip tease honky tonk — can stroll in and out of police headquarters as if it was at a health club at a time when a small army of law enforcers is keeping a ‘tight security guard’ on Oswald. Justice is a big rug. When you pull it out from under one man, a lot of others fall, too,” she wrote.

Image result for jack ruby dallas police department

Kilgallen had a good contact within the Dallas Police Department. He gave her a copy of the original police log that chronicled the minute-by-minute activities of the department on the day of the assassination, as reflected in the radio communications. This enabled her to report that the first reaction of Chief Jesse Curry to the shots in Dealey Plaza was: “Get a man on top of the overpass and see what happened up there.” Kilgallen pointed out that he lied when he told reporters the next day that he initially thought the shots were fired from the Texas Book Depository.

Kilgallen published several articles about how important witnesses had been threatened by the Dallas Police or the FBI. On Sept. 25, 1964, Kilgallen published an interview with Acquilla Clemons, one of the witnesses to the shooting of J. D. Tippet. In the interview, Clemons told Kilgallen that she saw two men running from the scene, neither of whom fitted Oswald’s description. Clemons added: “I’m not supposed to be talking to anybody, might get killed on the way to work.” Clemons’ testimony was never used by the Warren Commission.

Kilgallen also had a source within the Warren Commission. This person gave her a 102-page segment dealing with Jack Ruby before it was published. She published details of this leak, thereby ensuring that the information was in the public realm should it get edited or redacted from final version of the report.

Ruby told Earl Warren that he would “come clean,” if he was moved from Dallas and allowed to testify in Washington. He told Warren “my life is in danger here.” He added: “I want to tell the truth, and I can’t tell it here.” Warren refused to have Ruby moved, and so he refused to tell what he knew about the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

In author Mark Shaw’s “The Reporter Who Knew Too Much: The Mysterious Death of ‘What’s My Line’ TV and Media Icon Dorothy Kilgallen,’ he assembled a unique set of eyewitness accounts of Killgallen’s activities from after the assassination to her sudden and suspicious death on Nov. 8, 1965. We will comb through this for pertinent points.

Keep in mind that Killgallen had to start from scratch and without the benefit of 50-plus more years of background  and databases of information that we have now. Had she lived, she would have continued to be a huge thorn in the side of the conspirators.

For example, as we recently reported, secret FBI files released after 54 years of suppression suggest that Ruby informant (Bob Vanderslice) stated that on the morning of the assassination, Ruby had contacted him and asked if he would ‘like to watch the fireworks,’” an FBI record dated April 6, 1977, states. He was with Jack Ruby. They stood at the corner of the Postal Annex Building, facing the Texas School Book Depository Building, at the time of the shooting. Immediately after the shooting, Ruby left and headed toward the area of the Dallas Morning News building. Rubenstein was a busy man throughout the big event with numerous sightings, which we covered here.

Also see from new file releases: Newly Released JFK Files Indicate Evidence of Oswald’s Fingerprints on Rifle was ‘Lost’

Jack Ruby answers reporters’ questions after a pre-trial hearing in February 1964.

The Wikipedia section on Jack Ruby states, “Other investigations and dissenting theories” are actually well done, pretty overwhelming and demonstrate many characters who called the Oswald shooting an orchestrated hit.

For logical reasons, Kilgallen felt that Jacob Rubenstein (aka Jack Ruby) held the key to the JFK hit. Accordingly, she covered the story and was on hand throughout Rubenstein’s trial. After his opportunity to tell his account of the story to the Warren Committee came to an end, Kilgallen used her influence to secure two separate interviews; one lasting eight minutes, the other lasting 10. Tonahill was one of Ruby’s defense lawyers.

It’s not clear what Ruby told Kilgallen, as he was often cryptic, but it seemed to point to hotbed New Orleans and mob boss Carlos Marcelo. After Rubenstein was convicted on March 14, 1964, Kilgallen headed for New Orleans to pursue leads and told her hairdresser, confident and sidekick Marc Sinclaire to go back to New York and not say a thing. Keep in mind that this was before DA Jim Garrison started establishing the New Orleans connections between 1966 and ’67. Kilgallen, who was deceased at that time, would have never met Garrison.

WATCH: Sinclaire Details Dorothy’s New Orleans Trip Prior to Death 

Kilgallen died weeks before a planned second trip to New Orleans for a meeting with a secret informant, telling a friend it was “cloak and daggerish.”

“I’m going to break the real story and have the biggest scoop of the century,” she told her ­lawyer.

According to David Welsh of Ramparts Magazine, Kilgallen “vowed she would ‘crack this case.'”

Another New York showbiz friend said Dorothy told him in the last days of her life: “In five more days, I’m going to bust this case wide open.”

She compiled a thick file of evidence, interviews and notes, ­always keeping it close or under lock and key. It was nowhere to be found after her death. She also gave a copy of her drafts, including interview notes, to her friend Florence Smith. Smith died two days after Kilgallen of a “cerebral hemorrhage.” Smith’s copy of Kilgallen’s draft was also never located.

When the Warren Commission report came out, she had this to say: “[The Warren Commission Ruby testimony] is a fascinating document — fascinating for what it leaves unsaid, as well as what it says. Ruby admits this was a conspiracy involving powerful people.

Commenting on Ruby’s state of mind, she wrote. Note: Ruby died of fast growing cancer on January 3, 1967.

“He opened the floodgates of his mind and unloosed a stream of consciousness that would have dazzled a James Joyce buff and enraptured a psychiatrist. There was a great deal of fear inside Jack Ruby that Sunday in June [when he testified]. He feared for his own life, he feared for the lives of his brothers and sisters.

“It seemed to me after reading the testimony three times that the Chief Justice and the general counsel were acutely aware of the talk both here and in Europe that President Kennedy was the victim of a conspiracy. They took pains to prove to themselves and the world that no conspiracy existed.”

The Nov. 8, 1965, Hit on Dorothy Kilgallen

Image result for dorothy kilgallen
Ron Pataky and Dorothy Kilgallen

Ron Pataky was an entertainment writer for the Columbus Citizen-Journal. He first met Dorothy in June 1964 during a press junket for journalists covering the film industry.

“[We were in] Salzburg [Austria] on the set of ‘The Sound of Music.’ Twenty-two years younger, over the next 17 months, Ron and Dorothy rendezvoused often. The theory is that Pataky kept tabs for the Big C Crime Syndicate on Kilgallen’s progress.”

WATCH: Sinclaire Details Info Slipping Out, Suspects Pataky 

Was Ron Pataky working for the CIA and/or Mafia? He dropped out of Stanford in 1954 and then enrolled in a training school for assassins in Panama or thereabouts. It looks like his worldview was nutwing evangelical Zionist. Such fanaticism would make him useful to certain parties. Later in life, at age 56, he picked up a master’s degree from Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University and then a PhD in Christian counseling from Trinity Theological Seminary.

Kilgallen told Sinclaire she had gotten “threats.” Fearing for her life and her family, she bought a gun. It was Sinclaire who found Kilgallen’s body at 9 a.m. Sinclaire says a police car was sitting in front of the house. Sinclaire says her dress, make up and hair piece made zero sense for her bedtime attire. He felt she was posed by somebody who didn’t know her routine.

WATCH: Sinclaire Describes How James the Butler Came Upstairs, Marc Leaves, Police Car Out Front 

WATCH: Sinclaire Questions Death of Dorothy 

Kilgallen was found dead, her body laying in a bed in a room she never slept in and in clothing she didn’t usually sleep in, with her hairpiece and make up still on. A book was laid out on the bed. It was “The Honey Badger.” Yet, according to more than one witness, Kilgallen had finished reading this book several weeks — perhaps months — prior. Also, she needed glasses to read; Sinclaire said there were none present in the room. The room’s air conditioner was running, yet it was cold outside.

She was found to have a combination of alcohol and three different barbiturates in her system, but not at levels great enough to cause death.  Dr. James Luke, assistant medical examiner, said that although Miss Kilgallen had only “moderate amounts of each,” the effect of the combination had caused depression of the central nervous system, “which in turn caused her heart to stop.”

The Brooklyn office did Kilgallen’s autopsy — not the office in Manhattan, where she died — an unusual move that was never explained. The Brooklyn office was tightly controlled by the mob, Dr. Steven Goldner, who worked in that office, told Shaw. In the next clip we can hear the canned, gas-lighting narrative of the evil sycophant Pataky.

WATCH: Sinclaire Comments on Pataky Comments Regarding Dorothy 

WATCH: Sinclaire Comments on Pataky Comments Regarding Dorothy (Continued) 

14 Comments on Thorn in Side of Crime Syndicate JFK Hit: Truth Seeker Dorothy Kilgallen Murdered

  1. IMHO, Miles Mathis is a highly intelligent, modern day sophist who could make one believe, or at least seriously consider, that some moonless midnight was really a sun-drenched noon.

  2. “Get a man on top of the overpass and see what happened up there.”

    Anyone who has visited Dealey Plaza and believes JFK was shot there will tell you the Triple Underpass Bridge(railroad bridge)was the perfect vantage point for this kind of operation. The presidential limo would approach the shooter(s)almost straight on at a slow speed with the top down. A shot like this would be an easy one to make. The Oswald shot(s) from the book depository with an ancient bolt action rifle really makes no sense.

    No doubt Dorthy was about to expose the “official story” for the bullshit it was.

    • I never heard of Dorothy Kilgallen, I’ll admit JFK was just before my time. Dorothy’s life story would make a great movie, better then the stuff being put out now.

  3. First I’d like to say I think that the ‘Nothing to See Here Move Along’ picture is
    one of the better ‘memes’ online. I’ve always liked it. Miles Mathis made some
    very interesting observations regarding the “hit” on Oswald, which he thinks
    was not real. (i.e. a stage play) 1) the underground parking garage, which
    would normally be pretty dark, was lit up like a TV studio because that is
    essentially what “they” were doing – making a production. 2) As further
    ‘evidence’ of that, someone hung a microphone from the ceiling to get
    good sound, which can be seen in photos. OK you might say, but all of
    that doesn’t “prove” anything. True enough. But there’s plenty more. It’s
    worth pointing out that it is FAR out of normal procedure to make a big
    deal out of simply moving a prisoner. Why announce time, place, and
    route like it’s an event. Is it because they wanted to make it an event ?
    Certainly appears so. Also, in the opinion of those who may have some
    insight (law enforcement types) the reason(s) given for the move seem
    specious. In sum, it has been said that prisoners get moved all the time
    for a variety of reasons. They just do it. Who and why would decide to
    announce it ? Were the police and the jail ACTUALLY in charge or were
    things being orchestrated by ‘others’. The answer suggests itself. But to
    me one of the more astute observations made by Mathis- a VERY sharp
    man IMO- was the dark sweater Oswald was wearing for the move. He
    was not wearing a dark sweater when he was arrested. So where did it
    come from and why ? It’s not like the police or any jail has a spare room
    full of clothes to just hand out. Did somebody go to a Goodwill nearby
    and purchase one so he could look better for the move ? Odd huh ?!
    No friends or relatives brought him one- that was supposedly verified
    by visitor logs, and probably wouldn’t have been allowed. Jails have
    standard issue clothing for you when you get housed, and it’s never a
    dark sweater with a white shirt and collar. (see the photo above) You
    simply wear what you had on until you get your issue. I can personally
    testify, as I bet many others can, to this standard procedure when one
    is a guest at the jailhouse. So what does Mathis offer re the dark sweater.
    He says it is to hide the lack of blood from not actually being shot. Hmmm.
    Is it really that far fetched ? After all he says, it would be way too easy to
    notice the lack of blood on that nice white t-shirt Oswald was photographed
    wearing earlier at police headquarters. So why not wear that or jail issue?
    Certainly food for thought at the very least. Plenty of curious things to ponder
    in his analysis and you can read it if you like. Also, Professor James Fetzer
    and others have done what appears to be very convincing work that shows
    Ruby was NOT the ‘shooter’ in the photo, but an FBI agent they identified
    (whose name escapes me) by height & build being distinctly different from
    Ruby. So… as Sergeant Shultz of “Hogan’s Heroes” >> very interesting !

  4. So a man (Pataky) who spied for the Mafia and the Big C Crime Syndicate was a Christian Zionist, eh? Hmmmmm…. A TRUE believer on Christ would NEVER work with any Satanic force! Just another verification that Christian Zionism is NOT true Christianity!

  5. The death of Mary Pinchot in that 11/22/63 era was similar to Kilgallens in what inside info she had, and the disappearance of her journals. The book “Mary’s Mosaic” displays a dimension of the assassination not widely understood in most analyses of who did the JFK hit and why.
    As far as how the hit was carried out, some are saying the killshots were fired from a storm drain close to the road. IMO, while reasonable, that detail is not really important compared to who did the deed and why. At this point it is clear that CIA and USI are the same entity as the Federal Reserve and Israel or let’s just call the shitshow zionism/international jewry/Crime Syndicate who monopolize via assassination the operations and benefits of legal tender global credit. Same culprit reappeared on 9/11, and from the looks of it, scamdemic, the Ukraine conflict, and the ongoing sabotage of all the national economies.
    What will stop them? Themselves? A one degree flaw in their original plan of a thousand BC?
    I see Kilgallen as a passionate artist in her trade willing to climb a very high mountain even if the face attempted is hung with seracs ready to avalanche. Just like Mary Pinchot in that boldness. She fell in a long line of assassinations many of them covered best by Winterwatch.
    One in a long list of troubles for international jewry, their media, banks and politicians, besides moral hazard and OCD, is that now most everyone including their insane braintrust kind of knows their brinksmanship is a binary gamble with the endgame a jump ball. Sucking the host dry or blowing up the world could shootdown the sanhedrin’s levitating capstone. It has been held up by nothing but narrative and methane wafting from colonist woketards beneath.
    When any war happens like this war on all of humanity including the jews themselves as once humans, all parties including victims are designated belligerents. Jews and gentiles could unite to take down supremacy, lies, and the ruin of once free and prosperous nations. I am old enough to remember how things once were. Tides do change, and dramatically.
    The way of the information percolation is such that the regime is constantly seeking to censor and control free speech, but enough has been said already in the remaining free forae that handicapping current brinksmanship with a bias toward continued enslavement is like betting on a once in a lifetime weather anomaly or tsunami not happening, and they always do eventually, with their past rarity practically guaranteeing a future appearance. Sentiment is dark usually before something big breaks the spell holding up that capstone.
    The average jew meanwhile is not dissimilar to gentiles in wanting normal life on earth; but the mind control of jews is even above that of woketard gentiles, who are amazingly stupid, considering they have no chance of a future under noahide, whereas jews are told they have been chosen by God to rule the world.
    I guess Kilgallen would have revealed a bit too much about the rotten corruption of America, zionism’s superpower colony and the last gasp of Deuteronomist hegemony, as a giant rug is pulled out from under the third temple by unexpected developments, some might call them miracles given the depth of stupidity ruling the tumbled players on the carpet right now.

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