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Predictive Programming About Seattle Mega-ritual is Off the Charts

With the caveat that this not a prediction, it must be stated that there is an incredible amount of fire disaster predictive programming in play surrounding the city of Seattle.

Update: November 3, 2019 came and went without incidence. Picking an exact time and place is very problematic. However the strong predictive programming is still in place. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

We will just lay out the pattern for readers to gauge and decide for themselves. There is enough here for Winter Watch to call it disconcerting.

Synchronicities — meaningful patterns — are homing beacons that tell you you’re on the right path. Furthermore, the concept of mega rituals is very real and is the key aspect of trauma-based mind control, which I discussed in this 32 minute podcast and in a number of articles.

TradCatKnight Radio’s Eric Gajewski and Russ Winter Cover the Landscape

We saw something similar before Sept. 11, 2001, and Seattle synchronicity has similar intensity.

Predictive programming pre-9/11

Here is a warm up of Seattle mega fire imagery.

Comic book title unknown
Cirith Ungol is an American heavy metal band formed in late 1971.
The CD jacket for the movie ‘Seattle Superstorm’ (2011)
The 2013 movie ‘End of the World’
New Zealand series ‘The Shannara Chronicles’ (2016-2017)
Sci-fi movie ‘Dark Storm’ (2006)

The following image is taken from the movie “How It Ends,” which Netflix released in 2018. The image shows the view of downtown Seattle’s skyline from the Interstate 5 freeway looking north. It’s an iconic and memorable viewpoint for me, as I lived there for three decades.

This next image is a scene clipped from a United Arab Emirates movie called “Chaos” (2005) that portrays explosions and fire around a structure that looks like Seattle’s Space Needle.

Next is a clipped still from a Trump-mocking music video by Japanese boy band “New World Order” for their track called “Let’s Start World War 3.” The video starts off in Tokyo and ends in Seattle.

ABC’s new dramatic series “Station 19” (signalling 2019?) — centered around Seattle’s firefighters — has an apocalyptic episode called “Last Day on Earth.”

And the season finale of the Seattle-based series “Grey’s Anatomy” ended with two of the characters being suddenly surrounded by smoke while in their car on a highway, and then the male character walks off into the smoke. This series seemed to be especially fond of fire scenes.

In terms of timing, researchers seem to be zeroing in on November 3 as a possible date. 3/11 is the pat 3 x 11, which equals 33, an important number in dark occultism. Watches and clocks showing 11:15 have been turning up in media scenes. From strange cover of Economist magazine.

8 Comments on Predictive Programming About Seattle Mega-ritual is Off the Charts

  1. There was also a very popular YouTube video called “Seattle is Dying” about the homeless situation in the city that came out earlier this year I believe. Just the name alone is enough to raise red flags but the thumbnail for it is the Space Needle with what appear to be roots or, and perhaps this is a stretch, looks like if the needle had been knocked out in the middle or severed by an explosion. Very eery. And it popped up in suggested videos on everything to bury that idea in our subconscious.

  2. No, say it ain’t so !! Not the space needle – it’s iconic. And a symbol of futuristic African
    engineering, er… Chinese design, er… Hispanic architecture … Er … nevermind ! I was
    a kid in Seattle in the 60s and thought it was so cool. If only we White people could find
    a way to come up with steel that isn’t flammable. Darn – another chink in our armor.

  3. And of course we know, don’t we, I mean we know, we just KNOW that Iran hates Seattle. It’s the epitomy of all things sacrilegious, I mean, Boeing for one – there’s nothing worse from an Ayatollah’s point of view, nothing, absolutely nothing worse, than the concept of flying buses transporting women unchaperoned to wherever they bloody well like. A fatwa, a curse, a hex on that evil place.

  4. With all the focus on Seattle now, I doubt anything will happen… If it does, just know it’s from the same ones that have been pulling off this stuff for years now…

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