7 Things You Should Know About the Evangelical Deep State

Joe Carter, standing in the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., runs a blog that shows evangelical Protestants and Catholics are becoming more in tune on some issues. PHOTO: The Denver Post

By Susannah Black, Matt Loftus and Jake Meador | 13 February 2018

MERE ORTHODOXY — 2017 was the year of the deep state, a year when the inner workings of the American system were exposed to the world and we realized that what we thought was a government of the people, by the people, and for the people is in fact no such thing. Instead of being headed by elected politicians who embody the general will, as James Madison intended, much of the American political system is instead controlled by shadowy elites and their hired officials who engineer the American system with minimal accountability to voters.

Sadly, we must today build on the work of our colleagues in examining the inner workings of evangelicalism. We take no pleasure in this task, but discernment is at the heart of what we are called to do as followers of Christ, and discernment involves, above all, skill in rapid googling, and a manly willingness to tell hard truths. In this post we will expose the rot at the heart of Big Eva: a conspiracy to corrupt the Church of Christ with a crypto-Marxist agenda, and to deliver Evangelical Protestantism into the hands of the Pope. Behind the many different institutions currently assailing the American church stands a single man, who has in this generation been tasked with carrying out the Jesuit/Communist agenda. In this post we will prove beyond all possible debate that Joe Carter is the Evangelical Deep State.

Deep History

The movement’s origins are in the shadowy world of the early 2000s evangelical blogosphere. Carter, a retired Brigadier General in the Massachusetts National Guard, first began his work in evangelicalism in the early 2000s. He launched a blog called the Evangelical Outpost and also edited a magazine called Culture 11. His early forays appear innocent enough. He ran a popular series called Better Know an Evangelical, which introduced readers to evangelicals of note. Even here Carter’s sinister ties betray themselves if you look closely however. It was only a few years after Carter’s series debuted that the blaspheming papist Stephen Colbert launched his “Better Know a District” series on his Comedy Central show The Colbert Report. Can there be any doubt that he took the name from his secret friend Joe Carter? […]

4 Comments on 7 Things You Should Know About the Evangelical Deep State

  1. I started figuring out the Xian Thang back when left behind came out…
    Like a ” good” “christian” I prayed for my leaders and church ministries.

    Strangely, I started discovering many if not MOST?
    We’re in bed! With moonies..monies…

    Taking it further…
    The Controversy of Zion

    If “judaism” is a FRAUD…
    What’s christianity…?

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