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Postgenderism and Transhumanism


By Aaron Franz | June 2009

THE AGE OF TRANSITIONS — The Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies (IEET) recently posted a white paper written by two of its members: George Dvorsky, and James Hughes. The paper is titled Postgenderism: Beyond the Gender Binary. The title alone speaks volumes, but the details paint a picture that defies belief. From the very first sentence onward this paper doesn’t cease to rattle the very foundations of human life as we know it. Here is a quote from the abstract:

“gender is an arbitrary and unnecessary limitation on human potential… Postgenderists contend that dyadic gender roles and sexual dimorphisms are generally to the detriment of individuals and society. Assisted reproduction will make it possible for individuals of any sex to reproduce in any combinations they choose, with or without “mothers” and “fathers,” and artificial wombs will make biological wombs unnecessary for reproduction.”

The separation of humanity into male and female is deemed a terrible burden. The postgenderist goal is to use science to Transcend the two sexes and create a new posthuman gender Singularity. By overcoming natural human genetics, a beautiful new world can be created. Are you sold yet? I’m not, in fact I’m downright angry at this attack on humanity delivered under the guise of forward thinking. […]

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