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Tim Kelly, Russ Winter Discuss Argentina, Greece as Models for Parasite Guild Looting, Debt-Enslavement Operations


Back with Tim Kelly for another podcast.

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2 Comments on Tim Kelly, Russ Winter Discuss Argentina, Greece as Models for Parasite Guild Looting, Debt-Enslavement Operations

  1. Also re Europe – An article in Politico reports on how Trump’s ‘election Svengali’ Steve Bannon, seeks to unite Europe’s right-wing and nationalist parties, in ‘The Movement’ under Israel-linked Jewish leadership.

    This new vehicle of Steve Bannon, ‘The Movement’, headquartered in Brussels, was actually founded in 2017 and remains headed by, a prominent Belgian Jewish politician and lawyer, Mischaël Modrikamen.

    Modrikamen is a central figure in Belgium’s Jewish community and in ties to Israel, and heads a small Belgian ‘People’s Party’ (‘Partipopulaire’) with one seat in Belgium’s national parliament, and which has ‘an implacable struggle against radical Islam’ as one of its key agenda items – video of Modrikamen below.

    Also listed amidst the direction of ‘The Movement’, is French politician Ms Laure Ferrari, who has been living in Nigel Farage’s posh Chelsea home, and can be seen dancing intimately with him at a party, in a video on the Sun website … tho Farage has said the Sun & Daily Mail suggestion she is his lover is “crackers”. Laure Ferrari had been a candidate for France’s right-wing ‘Arise France’ (Debout La France / Debout la République) party, and had been directing the IDDE euro-sceptic think tank.

    One quote amidst the articles on Nigel Farage and his ‘houseguest’ Laure Ferrari is a comment the Brexit leader made on Brussels philandering:

    “What happens in Brussels, stays in Brussels, and it needs to be that way.”
    – Nigel Farage

    Here is Steve Bannon’s organisational founder, Mischaël Modrikamen speaking at the 2016 Leaders’ Summit in Jerusalem (11m15s):

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