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Ultra-Orthdox Jews Become Violent on Commercial Flights from New York

El Al Diverts Flight After Religious Passengers Cause Uproar Over Shabbat Scare

Ultra-Orthodox accused of violence on two planes from New York due to fears they would arrive after sundown Friday

17 November 2018

THE TIMES OF ISRAEL — Ultra-Orthodox passengers onboard a pair of Israel-bound El Al planes that took off from New York on Thursday caused an uproar, with some reportedly becoming violent, over fears they would be mid-flight after the start of the Jewish Shabbat.

One of the planes, which took off late from JFK, ultimately diverted to Athens. The second plane was also considering diverting, to Rome, but in the end continued its flight to Ben Gurion Airport as scheduled, because of a medical condition affecting one passenger.

Both of the flights had been delayed by hours on Thursday due to stormy weather in the Midwest and East Coast that led to the delay or cancellation of hundreds of flights. […]

1 Comment on Ultra-Orthdox Jews Become Violent on Commercial Flights from New York

  1. So I went on to finish reading the article as it appeared in “The Times of israel” and it is simply amazing but not at all surprising to see the same type of behavior transpiring in the comment section. Over 100 mostly combative comments from people who were not even on this flight.
    My heart goes out to the flight attendants who were accosted, physically or even verbally, for doing absolutely nothing wrong but nonetheless used as a scapegoat for these child-like psychopaths who KNOW the world revolves around them – as it surely does.

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