RACIST! In UK, Even Dogs Are Being Accused of Committing ‘Hate Crimes’

The DOG accused of a hate crime after fouling outside a home in just one of 2,500 cases probed over two years

  • Police notes said, dog fouled and ‘victim perceived this to be a racial incident’
  • Tory MP David Davies said people must think ‘more carefully’ before calling 999
  • Another hate incident involved ‘suspect’s dog barking at victim’
  • Other examples included, disputed call in a tennis match and dead rat in garden

By Jake Hurfurt | 17 November 2018

DAILY MAIL — We all know it’s irritating, unsightly and unhygienic, but one case of dog fouling has been logged by police as a racist hate crime.

The incident is among numerous alleged hate crimes uncovered by The Mail on Sunday that critics say are so petty they are undeserving of police time and expense.

Further examples in a list of more than 2,500 alleged ‘hate incidents’ logged by the Metropolitan Police in 2015 and 2016 include:

  • An envelope that had been opened and resealed;
  • An accident involving a car that bore a Remembrance poppy;
  • A disputed line call in a tennis match;
  • A dead rat found in a garden;
  • And a man telling library staff he was campaigning for Brexit. […]

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