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Saudi Arabia About to Snap?

Given that Saudi Arabia played a secondary role as patsies in 9/11, they can be extorted. This is what the 9/11 Bill passed by Congress is about. More and more of late, Saudi Arabia is on the menu for the Cabal. The destabilizing Zionist Middle East wars, both economic and real, have their costs, and the Saudis are no exception given their involvement.

The drop in oil prices has created the requisite amount of chaos in the U.S. shale industry, but are the Saudis also throwing themselves into the tar pit? Sure looks that way. The Saudi stock market has fallen to a 5-year low. Public spending is being cut, and how will the natives react to this?

Saudi Arabia raised the price of domestic fuel by up to 40%. And that’s not all. Prices for gas, diesel, kerosene, water and electricity were also raised.

Saudi Arabian civil servants will lose 11 days of pay after the country switched to the Gregorian calendar.

Now we see big pressure on the Saudi Riyal-USD. Cabalists love situations in which currency pegs can be taken down. This is perfect for insider information and infestations. They lick their satanic chops at the resulting chaos, too.

Watch closely for a torrent of additional negative press out of the Cabal-controlled western media. There will be more 9/11 slide framing and scandals involving Saudi royals.

Meanwhile, the publication Salon is about as two-faced as they come. In a no-shit-Sherlock moment, it’s now suddenly pointing out that Saudi Arabia has destroyed Yemen.

As unrest spreads in Saudi Arabia, suddenly previously ignored and long-standing human rights violations and beheadings matter. Saudi Arabia has always been easy to compromise, extort and control. That’s how the Ziopath game works, ladies and gentlemen.

“And I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians: and they shall fight every one against his brother and every one against his neighbor; city against city and kingdom against kingdom. And the spirit of Egypt shall fall in the midst thereof; and I will destroy the counsel thereof.”  –– Isaiah 19:2-3

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    • CIA is mad about the Clown phenomenon taking over the US. People are more worried about a Clown scare invented on the internet than their Langley Basement made ISIS goons.

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