Cornell library removes Gettysburg Address, Lincoln bust

By Jennifer Kabbany | 28 June 2022

THE COLLEGE FIX — “Someone complained, and it was gone.”

That’s all Cornell University biology Professor Randy Wayne said he has been able to determine so far about the whereabouts of a longtime display in the Ivy League school’s Kroch Library of a bust of President Abraham Lincoln in front of a bronzed Gettysburg Address plaque.

Wayne, a frequent visitor to the library, which houses Cornell’s rare and manuscript collections, said when he stopped in several weeks ago he noticed the display had been disappeared.

“It’s been there since I can remember,” he told The College Fix in an interview.

He asked the librarians about it, and they had no details to provide, except to say it was removed after some sort of complaint, he said. It’s been replaced with, “well, nothing,” Wayne said. The walls are white, according to photos Wayne took for The Fix. […]

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  1. I’d love to know how many black Americans attend Cornell, just to have an idea. I’m surprised the library staff even offered THAT much information, instead of just playing completely dumb, which they’ve all become expert at.
    Enjoy your privilege while it lasts, black Americans.

    • I’d love to know how many black Americans attend Cornell, …

      It’s about the same in most Ivy League schools: around 15% of students, which is higher than the national population fraction of Blacks (13.5%) — of course at these elite schools this is achieved only via affirmative action, since at the very highest end of the test (SAT/ACT) score distribution there is nothing like that number of Blacks — this is why Asian parents have sued these schools, although rather convincing evidence, e.g. comparing the student population to National Merit Scholars, shows Whites are the primary losers.

      Every year there is at least one news story about a student accepted to all Ivy League schools, and it is invariably a Black, usually a female — elite schools all want the very few Blacks who have test scores respectably high enough to be admitted.

      Here is this year’s example:

      A Florida teen was accepted into all eight Ivy League schools — and seven other universities

      The ‘Florida teen’ is a black female.

  2. This is another instance of what I call the physical elimination phase of ‘diversity’, which began some time ago — I think many Whites have some level of concern about this kind of thing, but not nearly enough of them, and their concern is not nearly great enough.

    Next up is asset/wealth confiscation as ill-gotten gains via unearned ‘privilege’ in an ‘institutionally racist’ system.

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