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r/WallstreetBets on GameStop: Beavis and Butthead Are About to Learn a Life Lesson

The volume of the Nasdaq was off the (older) charts on Wednesday, hitting 11 billion shares — and that’s with Nasdaq stock prices at all-time highs. The average is 4.3 billion. It was almost 50% higher than the previous record-day hit earlier this month. Thursday was a record in call volume.

The latest “market” abuse centers around a stock-tip social media subReddit called r/WallstreetBets. Nearly three million new users joined the sub during the last three days (per BBG), bringing the total up to five-and-a-half-million wild men and punters.

This is effectively a pyramid scheme in which rank amateurs take their stimulus checks and focus on squeezing hedge-fund short sellers. The short sellers are reported to be mostly hedge funds and professional traders who target zombie companies (aka dogs), such as GameStop (GME) and AMC Theaters.

r/WallstreetBets also appears to be moving into trashville, or the illiquid pink sheets, where made up prices are often the norm even in quiet times.

The primary action is in Gamestop (GME), which had 140% of its shares sold short and, as of last night, has 123.25% still shorted. Other names include AMC and Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY), American Airlines (AAL).

Closed at 193.60 on 1/28/21
Closed at 8.63 on 1/29/21
Closed at 33.64 on 1/28/21

I Started Trading Hot Stocks on Robinhood. Then I Couldn't Stop. - WSJShorting more than the float of the stock is in itself dicey and questionable; but in the post-truth world, nobody is minding the hen house.

Since the short interest is still quite high and hasn’t been covered, this begs a question: What has driven the stock parabolic on huge volume? Logically, the answer is retail speculators paying very high prices for this inflated piece of shit, and algo/bot gaming (aka manipulation and noise), probably with sketchy derivatives thrown in the mix.

The inflated price of GME forces it into a huge percent of the Russell 2000, which forces buying (selling) by passive funds. I believe this distortion of the Russell 2000 index serves the interest of the usual suspect criminals. Margin borrowing is heavily used. Combine all that with classic mania.

The Fed is responsible for setting off a mania that will have a very bad outcome. They have greatly expanded the list of zombie companies.

I predict these novice trading platforms like Robin Hood will collapse after taking down a swath of hedge funds as well as the punters using r/WallstreetBets. Robin Hood is reportedly drawing on credit lines after banning trading, and then overnight inexplicably lifted the trading restrictions on GME, AMC and several other zombie stocks. Pre-market shares of GME are back up about 80% at 360.

Meanwhile, the punters and hedge fund boyz bicker over r/WallstreetBets short squeezes and GME’s $20 billion market cap. A cryptocurrency that was purposefully created as a joke has a market cap of $9.5 billion after rising 800% today. This, too, was pumped by a reddit board.

The liars and scammers are also portraying this shitstorm drama as some sort of populist resistance battle between small traders (acting en masse in a pyramid scheme) and the Wall Street corruptos. That notion is sheer nonsense.

If I influence anyone here, stay away! Don’t get involved!

The insane ecstasy of the r/WallstreetBets gamblers. I smell rancid astroturfing herding hype.

However, the Reddit mob is correct about one thing. Curiously, one of the hedge funds hit in this squeeze is Citadel, which processes 40% of Robinhood trades.

Several other online brokers are restricting purchases. Interactive Brokers joined Robinhood in blocking the trading of GameStop, AMC and others. ETrade also restricted purchases of GME and AMC. Incredibly, Robinhood unilaterally sold these positions in their clients’ accounts.

And of course, the question begs: How does the mania get unraveled and who loses? Crime Syndicate wink-wink operatives are running the regulatory agencies. When this is all over, the Reddit crowd will be fleeced and leave the “markets” permanently.

Then there’s the question of Secretary of Treasury (((Janet Yellen,))) the recipient of largess from Citadel while on the rubber-chicken circuit before taking her latest corrupto assignment. The “no shit Sherlock” Reddit mob is crying foul about all this.

Read “Janet Yellen Received $810K In Speaking Fees From Hedge Fund Embroiled In GameStop Saga”

Yes, Sherlock, there are rumors that hedge funds are requiring a bailout using your grandkids’ money. Melvin Capital is one of Citadel’s funds.

Nasdaq CEO (((Adena Freidman))) has entered the fray. She knows on which side her toast is buttered. She’s called for allowing hedge funds “to recalibrate” their positions. That should instill confidence for small traders in the sistema.

What patsy will the post-truth world regulators blame for the GME fiasco? History offers a clue.

In 2000, the SEC charged a 15-year-old kid with manipulating the stock market on the Internet.

In 2015, the DOJ/CFTC charged an unemployed dweeb living with his mom for the 2010 “flash crash.” Yeah, right.

Also, curiously and perhaps ominously, online brokers are reporting “outages.”

The hedge funds in the line of fire are scrambling about trying to find ways to shut down r/WallstreetBets. Instead of the obvious, it takes down their server because of “hate speech.” Again, so typical of the post-truth world. Soon, “the market is rigged” will be deemed hate speech by Big Tech.

And last but not least, Facebook shut down the 157,000-member Robinhood trading forum.

82 Comments on r/WallstreetBets on GameStop: Beavis and Butthead Are About to Learn a Life Lesson

  1. Best part about this very interesting and timely article: The Beavis and Butthead cartoon
    panel at the top … heh, heh,heh, heh … It’s chock full of ‘perspective’ !!

    • Read that article and still have issues deciphering this event! When it comes to Wall St. economics…well, being a secondary math teacher in the 80s and 90s, let me say this…when it comes to Wall St. skullduggery, I STILL can’t “do the math”! I’d say Russ’s post was slightly more enlightening…maybe I’ll read the Unz post again later after reading Russ’s post again.

  2. I’m confused. What’s Winter Watch takeaway? You’re a gold bug so you dislike all populist trading even tho people are having fun and making money and unsettling the Powers that be who are in over their heads with the tech

      • I don’t understand? I think most people would agree that all nations need to be on the gold standard, even if I don’t understand myself very well, it was when the world ran relatively well, it has real value and it was wrested violently away from us. Also I’m South African and so it would be just great. I don’t see what’s straw mannish about that. Another commenter provided a link to an article at unz on this subject so I read your article (you missed your regular deadline and we all know this used to be your beat so I figured you were working on it …), and then I read your piece again. In the unz piece there’s a lovely graphic with Authortarian-Liberarian / left- right axes with memes of the various points of view. I found that helpful and when rereading your article I understood you were providing all the differed perspectives but not your own opinion. I know you think Bitcoin is controlled and you’re probably right tho I don’t know about this stuff, but do you think this here might also be a set up? That’s really what I was asking since you AlMOST allude to it, and I think you would have realized that if you weren’t so quick to jump down my throat. Personally I put $100 into Bitcoin recently and left it there (my friends had weird setups and they wanted me to put my Bitcoin into them but I said no) and that’s the extent of my trading experience… not that I want to pick your brain here lol.

        Now. Since here you are again accusing people of bizarre thought techniques I don’t understand it’s time you heard about the Four Worlds. In Kabbalah, not only are there the two pillars representing but left mind / right mind and gender in all its beautifully defined hermetic glory, there’s obviously the sephriot which are are right there on the glyph visibly, representing the links and paths between Heaven and earth, but then there’s the four worlds which you have to read about and refer to the varying degrees of transcendence of mind. This makes the Tree of life four dimensional. If I were Tesla sitting taking notes I would be high up on the world of briah, the creative realm, the anode of artists, dreamers and genius. You too spend your time there when writing well. In fact unless you’re in a Talmudic courtroom there’s no reason at all to make someone your opponent and accuse them of “fallacies” as I am subjected to. If you can’t understand something I am saying then ask me to clarify. I’m usually in the realm of Briah contemplating and bringing fresh juice into manifestoon. It’s. where I belong not in the the depths of negative crusty old thoughts trying to show you up or whatever you think I’m up to. I shan’t post here again, Batman

        • Sammy- You don’t understand that this is a financial false flag?
          You said:
          “I think most people would agree that all nations need to be on the gold standard”
          My response: Not really. Maybe those that read five minutes of some gold bug blog and have no other frame of reference. As if the gold markets cannot be manipulated by the same folks? They’ve already cornered and have been manipulating precious metals markets for centuries, much like the market of those overpriced diamonds found in your country. You hopefully know about the diamond trade, right? If you do, you know that they restrict the supply of diamonds to keep the price inflated. Diamonds are really not that rare, and hence not that valuable. Simple supply and demand concept. This is also why bitcoins are so valuable right now- the supply is limited. This is half the reason why dollars continue losing value- too many printed. The other half of the reason is that they’re backed by something of negative value. I contend that backing fiat currency with anything that is susceptible to markets will either deflate or inflate the currency unduly. The answer is to take that variable out of the equation. Then government only has one variable to worry about when printing fiat, which is how much supply to print, which can be figured out if the population is known. It is.
          P.S. Be careful what you read. Kabbalah is left hand path bollocks. If you buy that type of magical thinking tripe, unfortunately you are somewhat of an opponent. Even if well intentioned, you’ll come off opposed to those who don’t believe that stuff, because in the end this is a competition between camps who have diametrically opposed beliefs- Left vs. Right, and no, I’m not talking about politics.

          • BTS,

            Thanks for all of the discussions. It has been a pleasure conversing with you these last string of months.

            Please and goodwill to you and your.


        • Sammy, Sammy, Sammy…

          What do we say?

          When we take you seriously, and show up to ask you honest questions, you disappear. Yet, when no one is really thinking of you, there you are. Honestly, I am not an advocate of banning anyone’s right to speak, yet I think you are the last one out of the clown car in the circus of your mind. Perhaps allowing you to make balloon toys in a corner, without commentary, is the best gift anyone could give you.

          Please trust me that I do hate not being a gentleman in my tone with you. It just seems as though you arise when there is an idea that requires provocation on your part, and there is never a positive contribution from your soul. Have you ever appeared on WW and offered a positive thought? If so, then I would ask you to provide me with a link to that discussion.

          Certainly, no one of us wishes you poorly; however, one might question why you decide to show up when nothing here seems to be to your liking. This is not cruelty on my part, but a logical question on what you enjoy coming here for. Many of us could easily answer this query; however, your posts seem to indicate and opposite concept.

          Please be well. No matter what I have stated here,please know that you are in my prayers.


      • There is some backstory posted by a “John Gross” on twitter. Apparently someone on WSB put a lot of money into GME back in early 2020 and it slowly grew from there. Anyone who bought into this late got fleeced.

    • I love a good Viking raid but …

      By hook or by crook, stay away.

      Framing this market manipulation as a populist movement is a dangerous hook (marketing). At best, it could lure loyal yet naïve populists to the edge of a cliff.

      At worst, if the players involved are evil crooks, then this is a deliberate operation to cull and fleece populists.

      We have no way of knowing at this point whether this event was organic or orchestrated by TPTB. What we do know is that there are a lot of evil manipulators out there.

      Either way, at this late stage, it’s best to stay away.

      If you don’t agree, that’s your prerogative. Good luck!

      • >Either way, at this late stage, it’s best to stay away.

        Yes — unless you’re a disciplined trader who rigorously sets stops, or maybe a day-trader who continuously monitors positions during the day (exiting at the end of the day would be a really good idea too) — as said above, pricing during this kind of short squeeze does not represent any kind of reasonable valuation of the company — at this point it’s like a game of musical chairs, and you don’t want to be caught long when the music stops (I think some Wall St exec used a similar analogy about the run-up to the 2008/09 financial crisis, i.e. they kept at it while the ‘music’ was playing, despite the risk).

        But I have no problem viewing it as a populist guerrilla strike on amoral Wall St (((types))).

      • Torchy,

        I just wanted to say goodbye and thank you very much for being kind to me on this website. Certainly, I have appreciated your threads and reporting.

        All my best,
        Simple Citizen

  3. Robinhood makes almost nothing from trading. Robinhood SELLS flow (buy and sell) info to Citadel. Something stinks. Thanks for the great article, Russ.
    Disclaimer: I have placed a small buy order for AMC and NOK myself!

  4. If the rank amateurs stay with their trades, maybe even borrow money from Mom and buy more , they will bury some hedge funds.

    What else do they have to do?

  5. The fuck is wrong with you Russ ?
    These the people of WSB should be supported in this fight againts those fucking jewish companies that have manipulated the market for so long, short selling is a disgusting practice.

    • short selling is a disgusting practice.

      I couldn’t disagree more. However, shorting more than the stock outstanding is extremely risky. That’s a different animal.

      These the people of WSB should be supported

      There is little to say here. They are being gamed and will be fleeced as you will find out. A $15 bn market cap for this dog is completely artificial and unsustainable. I am supposed to be supportive of that?

      • A few people got in and made money and made some people sweat balls this past week. After that the muppets and the media arrived and the Wall Street Firms just switched to the other side. Yes, a small group of people profited from this. But after their first mistake Wall Street corrected and moved their money to the winning side again. The market is fluid, only the uninformed would buy into this now.

        • TT,

          Thanks for all the good dialogues and text recommendations. Good luck with everything in the future!


      • I agree there is nothing wrong with a short position.

        But the hedge funds should live or die by the sword– just like everybody else.

        The market capitalization is stupid, but I don’t view that as the instant issue.

        The subject hedge funds are calling in every political favor they can to tilt the table for them.

        I think we can agree this is wrong.

    • Wait, what? Mr. Anton do you actively trade anything, or are you vested in any tradable market?

      Respectfully, and humbly, you seem to rise from a populist sentiment (which many of us here like), yet I am at a loss if you understand basic market tools or dynamics.

      If you are coming from a populist sentiment, then one could use a short against a bubble through a very long hedge (e.g. an option way into the future). Alternatively (and very basically), one could analyze VIX to conclude a contrarian position and then level down a short position under intervals (over time, you adjust your shorts, because you see a bubble). It is simply a method of trading, and not an elite secret.

      For the most part, I would agree, 110%, with Mr. Winter’s analysis; however, I would opine that perhaps there might be a little more to the story that he has left out, My (humble) guess is that he was not trying to write a post that is overwhelming, but rather straight forward.

      Heck, he could have analyzed foreign flows into either side of the trade, and / or which specific sacrificial lambs (alleged Goldman hedge funds and associated partners) are into the slaughter house, as well as the “why” (perhaps they wished to shed an offering, but then one could ask why that specific fund — hint — nothing is random on these moves) .

      Yet, he has a succinct post here for all of us to take part in and that is quite good. There is not need to drill down into the specifics (although I would not mind if we did) in order to recognize a fleecing.


      • So you’re basically saying that the companies that lost money where sacrificial lambs and everything was planned, and this will all backfire on the people involved (WBS and others) when the fleecing starts ?
        These companies through short selling are actively fighting againts their own economy (of the US), I don’t see why the WBS people shouldn’t be supported, they are literally doing to the market what the elites have doing to it like forever, and they don’t like when the middle class outsmarts them and beats them at their own game.
        I think you’re too much of a blackpill.

        • Mr. Anton,

          “I think you’re too much of a blackpill.” Sorry you feel this way. Certainly, I was not trying to come off as curt, a pessimist and /or snarky.

          The fact is that I have worked in the markets and have seen this type of situation before. Further, I would opine that Mr. Winter has witnessed more of these type of scenarios, well above my own experiences, based on his seniority to me. Neither of us is being purposely negative, we are just expressing opinions from previous experiences.

          The core issue that you are speaking of relates to ethics, which this nation gave up on quite a long time ago, especially in the markets. The whole notion of a hedge fund is exclusivity, a private club if you will, that is meant to reward the “high net worth” investor at all costs. This can include decimating markets through a series of methods that are anything but ethical, and the mere fact that a “free society” that is allegedly fair, as well as just, would permit the existence of this type of entity is antithetical of “sound and orderly markets”.

          How many of these new market freedom fighters have any experience whatsoever in understanding business cycles? Further, how many of these same folks would understand that the mere concept of business cycles has been abandoned by this nation for decades now and the markets have become an unruly “free-for-all”. There was a time when a P/E ratio was a significant data point in making wise financial decisions. Yet, I doubt that the Reddit crowd would know what a P/E ratio is if it came and bit them on the ass. They have been lured in by easy money and now will unfortunately learn a very difficult lesson.

          Although our friend TT states that some people got in early and made money, and he may be quite accurate in that assessment; however, once bitten by the “bug” of a win, I would opine that many of these folks may not be able to retain the gains they made. It all came too easily and without being “weathered” in a market or even understanding the most rudimentary, financial, fundamentals.

          Is the situation sad? Yes it is.

          Is the situation unfair? Yes, it is that too.

          Did anyone hold a gun to another person’s head and tell them to trade? Nope.

          Did anyone advise anyone else to get into a fight that they more than likely will not win? Nope.

          Is it any one group (e.g. Jewish folks) who are the complete bad guys in this situation? Nope. The markets are filled with villains that come from all kinds of backgrounds. The greatest villain of all, which I would opine is the United States Federal Reserve, is also a mix of all kinds of folks who would simply deem themselves “better than you and me” (or rather elitists). Then you have the Congress which cannot be penalized for insider trading, when any other citizen could be imprisoned for the slightest appearance of such an offense. And on, and on it goes. Like I said, the nation left ethics behind a very long time ago.

          In this case, I can understand why you are upset and why you may feel that we (myself and Mr. Winter) are being rather nonchalant about the entire matter. In our defense, I would simply suggest that we “do not make the weather, but are simply reporting it”.

          All my best,
          Simple Citizen

          • Dear Simple Citizen,

            With all due respect, I’m sure the Fed does have employees of all different stripes, but the leadership and ownership is wildly disproportionately Jewish.

            Note that a goy, Jerome Powell, was chosen as a figurehead to preside over the demise of this Jewish ponzi scheme.

            • That is the bank now; however, the bank through most of its history had WASP ownership including some of FDR’s family members (the initial NY Fed was spun off of BONY).

              • Oh yeah…

                Dear Ralphy Boy,

                Name the Jewish banker who started the CIA? Heck, name any of the Jews who will be brining the Phoenix Program to your backyard.

                Good luck and may God bless you.


  6. GAMESTOP….Its all in a name…I guess they couldn’t find a publicly traded company named Backwardation or Counterparty Default…

    Anytime I see this type of volatility I have to wonder who is on the losing end and what does that portent..

  7. Hope it makes a lot of people realize that the game does not magically change just because a D is in office or in control of the printing press. As if the Obama years were not evidence enough.

  8. Robinhood uses Apex Clearing of Apex Clearing Holdings

    Tricia Rothschild is President of Apex Clearing

    “Apex Holdings halted buying on shares of GME, AMC and others. Platform Public tweeted, “Our clearing firm, Apex Holdings, has decided to halt the buying of $KOSS, $GME and $AMC.”

    • No matter how sophisticated or connected or working within financial systems you are, there are always more layers to the onion than you know about. The same is true in large global businesses. CEOs are like sport team managers, they get all the media attention but it’s the board and above who wield all the power and have the most powerful connections and about which we know little.

      Companies like Robinhood, Revolut and similar are to be avoided like the plague. Vladimir Tenev, Bulgarian American CEO of Robinhood, has the usual ‘dropped out of Stanford and became a billionaire via plucky, lucky, gutsy start up moves’ BS background You don’t get to surface an platform stock broking entity like Robinhood without some very serious players being involved above.

      I’d say this is a trap, the entire platform is designed with a trapdoor for the ‘populist’ investors to fall down at the right moment. A glimmer of hope for people in ‘dark winter’ before they are slapped down in the spring.

      I also highly recommend avoiding Revolut ‘bank’ in Europe and now the USA. They freeze bank accounts leaving people stranded left right and center, have virtually non existent ‘customer service’ and historically only begin to reinstate or comment on UK frozen bank accounts when the ombudsman gets involved after a minimum of 12 weeks.

      If the platform is free you are the product.

      Great post Russ.

    • >Robinhood uses Apex Clearing of Apex Clearing Holdings

      Perhaps more to the point, re the trading halt hedge funds are some of Robinhood’s biggest customers, including ones being hurt by the squeeze in these heavily shorted stocks — obviously that’s a pretty transparent reason for the trading halt: trying to prevent big customers from suffering further losses — remember it is usually an exchange that halts trading, not a broker or trading platform.

      Some years ago there was a controversy about naked short selling; I don’t recall what came of that — apparently little, because before the squeeze began, reportedly the number of GameStop shares sold short significantly exceeded the float.

  9. Kabuki Theater

    When this bubble market we’ve seen over the last couple months finally busts, the MSM/politicos will quickly blame r/WallstreetBets populists for the crash that wipes out everyone (aka The Great Reset).

    • Not everyone, like after all world wars we had, there are no coincidences, they decide who wins and who loses, they will those who they chose will sure not get wiped out.

      With they i mean the usual family and connected strawmen ngo companies funds etc, they are above the game, when you own the playfield, the game board, they dont need to be on the board but they can move anyone anywhere.

        • Well done! Thank you.

          Yet, I was not wrong to suggest Costa Rica to you a couple of threads ago.

          Although I will not get into the “how” or “why” I made this specific recommendation (as I could dominate this thread); I do think it is quite correct if you are in a position to relocate.

          If you are not (for any reason) then I do apologize; however, I would ask you to consider that I only meant the best for you, and was not trying to be foolish.

          All my best,
          Simple Citizen

  10. I look at this as the ad-hoc formation of a distributed, virtual hedge fund, one designed to take advantage of a ripe money-making opportunity created by the absolutely huge short positions of some actual hedge funds — this info was probably gleaned from the public filings of these hedge funds; albeit a private entity, a hedge fund with >$100m in assets is required to report its holdings.

    This kind of thing will and should happen again; I’m not sure why it hasn’t happened before, i.e. why another real hedge fund has not tried to take advantage of such absurdly big bets of a competitor — ?

  11. Here is the truth:

    “You will own nothing and be happy”

    You are seeing an operation to condition the population, and to ultimately shut down an old Western civilization system known as the stock market. You will not be allowed to participate in corporate ownership post 2020. They are starting with this gamestop narrative to blame it all on a coordinated internet group attack (just like they said a coordinated assault on the capitol). It makes no difference that THEY actually coordinated it. The results is all they care about. I believe they coordinated this reddit group too. The “little people” ARE NOT this organized and funded to make gamestop and several other stocks go crazy. They especially are not funded to do it. Most Americans have under $500 spare cash….that’s not enough to buy 10 video games on a gamestop shelf.

    The brokers now have all capped ownership of many stocks to one share. Here is a link

    It’s not just RH, Robinhood was copying the moves TD Ameritrade made. Don’t think this about one brokerage…it’s much bigger

  12. Attention has shifted to silver: Even the MSM, to a degree, has taken notice of WSB’s (Wall Street Bets) latest proposal of going after those heavily short silver, primarily through the future’s market. If I understand correctly, it’s through a strategy of buying up SLV shares, but also buying call options in silver futures taking advantage of the price arbitrage between them and ultimately creating a gamma squeeze, similar to GME.

    Thursday, in the silver futures market, certain commercials (mostly bullion banks) created 9,000 new contracts (5000 oz./contract), taking the short side as usual, in order to retard silver’s price rise. This is called naked shorting when a party going short doesn’t actually posses the necessary asset (silver) to be delivered to the buyers on the other side of their newly created contracts. This has been observed countless times, likely since the silver and gold futures markets were created in the mid-1970’s, but this behavior has become more egregious and hyper-aggressive with the last dozen years or so and has been tracked and documented by knowledgeable individuals, such as Ted Butler. In the last several years, JPM, Deutsche Bank, Bank of Nova Scotia, etc., have all been charged with manipulation in the trading of precious metals and heavily fined by the courts, finally bringing credence to this issue and shutting the mouths of the deniers.

    Now, the ETF known as SLV (iShares Silver Trust) is a different animal. Its run by BlackRock (formerly run by JPM as the trustee/custodian) and is required to have the physical silver necessary to support its outstanding number of shares, though some doubt SLV’s integrity. Also, the SLV prospectus is clear about not permitting its shares to be shorted. Nonetheless, those banking entities with short interests selling call options would have to buy existing silver somewhere, whether through SLV or stored privately at the COMEX. If increasing upside price/buying pressure is able to be held long enough by the retail crowd, the naked-short-selling banking swine might really have to pay up this time, with costlier and costlier bullion and/or settle their shorts at a much higher paper price.

    Already, as soon as this recent call from WSB went out on Reddit, silver’s price has started moving upward. As of Friday or today’s market close for the week, Silver has now finished with a higher consecutive weekly and monthly price/green candles, among other bullish technical indicators.

    What makes this situation unique and truly a threat to the entire western monopolized fiat financial system is the very limited underlying physical silver available. As of now, only about 800 million ounces is mined annually, but Bloomberg had once claimed that silver was a 5 trillion dollar market (mostly paper derivatives). At the time of Bloomberg’s article, annual mine production was slightly higher, but with price being lower then, the total sum of the world’s new yearly supply was only 20 billion dollars. DO THE MATH! Only 1 ounce of real silver produced for every 250 paper/digital ounces of nothing. Realize just 30% of this annual supply comes from primary silver mines. Other than a tiny percentage from gold mines, the remainder is from base metal mines such as copper, lead and zinc. I believe these have been heavily subsidized to keep from being shuttered with a declining global economy, as silver has long been so vital to so many spectrums of industry in its irreplaceable applications. And the majority of the mined silver is gobbled up every year by industry and is unrecoverable or too cost prohibitive to recycle.

    I could go on and on about silver’s massive profit potential if the bankers & their complicit beneficiaries in government were to lose control of their multi-decade suppression of it, but I think these actors are more scared of its competing monetary qualities and proven historicity of being the money of mankind for millennia. But it will be too late once silver has reawakened in enough minds as to being the money of the masses or at least the conduit through which to rob the hated bankers & associated crooked cronies. We could be on the cusp of a financial coup, even if by design from within.

    Anyhow, I’ll be watching silver like a hawk next week. If it keeps fighting its way up in price, I feel by March (the next delivery month on the COMEX for silver, BTW), we may see an implosion of the “Everything Bubble”. Whether WSB is part of the script or not, it seems (for now) to be cut from a different cloth than the “Robin-hoodwinking” outfit.

    For reasons yet to manifest, I think when the spot price of silver reaches or exceeds $30/oz. follows the red dawn morning for global markets starting with bonds resulting in their permanent destruction. I believe the Federal Reserve, accompanied by their worthless FRNs and associated bond holdings will be part of the rubble never to be rebuilt. A resulting “Reset to Reality” is coming for all improperly prepared.

    • Silver Key,

      “I could go on and on about silver’s massive profit potential if the bankers & their complicit beneficiaries in government were to lose control of their multi-decade suppression of it, but I think these actors are more scared of its competing monetary qualities and proven historicity of being the money of mankind for millennia.”

      Are you attempting a soft sell of financial advice here? Respectfully and humbly, you may wish to consider a disclaimer if you are, or you may just wish to clarify that this is strictly your opinion.

      As for the substance of your fine post (and I do believe it was well conceived and written), I would offer you the idea of the Hunt Brothers as a possible answer to what may happen if the government, as well as the markets may do should they believe silver is becoming any form of an issue (pun both intended and unintended).

      Also, lest we forget that the futures contracts for silver were changed by CBOT and their owners the CME not that long ago. If they do not like the game, then they will simply change the rules again. This is nothing new.

      Simple Citizen

      • Oh yeah, and I would opine that the Russians have been manipulating the palladium market for a couple of years now, while Rhodium also looks as though it has been recently manipulated for a “pump and dump”; yet I am not sure who the parties involved are since I really do not consider the metal all too often.


      • As you said “nothing is new”, but nothing lasts forever, as well, regardless of the past or present status quo.

        It’s up to each individual to decide how to best prepare for themselves when considering the possibility of the current financial party ending and Wall Street being boarded up forever. What will retain value or even increase in value, especially when a fiat currency such as the Federal Reserve Note acting as the WRC suddenly disappears into oblivion? The world is so saturated in debt; what is any of the debt worth when it’s realized it can never ever be paid? How can even tangible assets attached to all this impaired debt retain their current nominal prices when the debt becomes worthless and credit dries up in a sea of insolvency? To where can the average Joe turn for a financial safe haven, beforehand?

        I’ll surmise by expressing my personal opinion regarding silver and what I like doing. I prefer gradually buying only real silver bullion (mostly 1-oz. bullion coins from government mints, i.e., Canadian Silver Maples, American Silver Eagles, Silver Britannias, Austrian Silver Philharmonics, Australian bullion coins, etc.) and storing it under my supervision. I see it as representing real honest work already done, transferred to me when I purchase the silver, which then represents my stored labour. I want to be able to enjoy the fruits of my labour as I get older, so I trust in the merits of saving exclusively in silver.

        And to rephrase your quote of my above remarks: If certain current bankers & their complicit beneficiaries in government were to lose control of their multi-decade suppression of it, It is in my own opinion, silver could have huge profit potential as the mechanism of control is relinquished or destroyed. Also, I am of the opinion silver might be remonetized at some point, being within the interests of some powerful proponents who’ve been strategically stockpiling it for such a time.

    • There is no GME set up in silver at all. Thus there is no meaningful silver squeeze scenario. Sure the WSB boyz may throw some money at it but the hedge fund or managed money short positions are currently quite low. They hold a solid net long position: 66,111 contracts long, only 23,113 short.

    • Gosh I get really tired of this BS.

      Okay eah, how many Jewish folks do you know, and how many have you actually met? Common, don’t be a fool…be a big person and just let us all know.

      Now let’s go a bit further. How many Jewish folks have you worked with?

      Okay, now let’s keep going…(as follows)

      How many Jewsih folks have you met at Goldman Sachs (a majority Jewish firm), Salomon Smith Barney, Merill Lynch, Morgan, and / or Dreyfuss?

      So,I have met folks from all of these organizations, and the many who might have been Jewish (I do not know, as I did not care) were very well balanced by the WASPs who had started at Choate or Andover or Miss Porter’s, or ______________ (fill in the blank), and were “legacy employees”. These folks should be considered in the scope of the entire picture of American finance.

      If you wish to speak truth and evil, then I am sure you will find a brethren here; however, if all you wish is to blame a group, without a specific reason, then you might find some of us in disagreement.

      • If you wish to speak truth and evil, then I am sure you will find a brethren here; however, if all you wish is to blame a group, without a specific reason, then you might find some of us in disagreement.

        It is really more about the group’s response to criticism than anything. This quote was attributed to Voltaire and whether he said it or not is a moot point, because it is observably true especially in the post-truth world: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

        It is no cohencidence that when you criticize hedge fund billionaires and vulture capitalists, government apparatcheks and made men of a certain tribe, the Lugenpresse, Hollyweird, Biden’s cabinet, Trump’s inner circle, multi-billionaire donor class/foundations, war hawks aka neocons, neoliberals, cultural Marxists, big tech censors- you get accused of being an anti-semite for some reason – and worse are censored and/or suppressed.

        “Whoever excuses himself accuses himself.”–French proverb

        • Yet, the “made men of a certain tribe” never work alone and often are working with other man of other tribes.

          These days, you cannot easily comment on ANY group without some form of push-back. Part of what makes the 1% of the 1% successful is that they may carry labels yet never actually have the conviction to live their monikers. One big happy family of labels that equates to ZERO in any actual, tangible, meaning.

          Certainly, I would think that WW and its following would know this quite well based on the number of threads that deal with seemingly separate groups intersecting (e.g. Jews and Jesuits) and the false “faith” of an elite group (there certainly are plenty of threads that link very elite type individuals with the practice of Satanism). So, from my humble perspective, it would seem daft to only isolate one “tribe” and blame them for all of humankind’s woes. Yet I do concede that coming from New York City, I more than likely have experiences that many other people do not have, especially in dealing with “made men of a certain tribe”.

          Now this I found interesting:

          “Whoever excuses himself accuses himself.”–French proverb

          Wow. Thanks.

          Considering I very specifically communicated with you via electronic mail to state that I was packing it in and requesting you to shut down my access to this blog; I am amazed you did not do me the courtesy of simply sending me a message to ask me to depart WW. Perhaps we could have agreed that although we do have some ideas in common, I am probably just not a good fit here. It would have been so easy to just shoot me a message and be a gentleman about the matter. Instead, I guess an attack, a one up, a zing, and an insult was the easiest way to resolve the matter.

          At least your cheerleader Ed grew a set and weighed in with the same one track mind he has repeatedly exhibited here. If there is one topic Ed know well it is how to complain about one group and site mainstream references in his posts, over and over and over again. As for eah; nice name, I hope you win!

          Well, I wish you and everyone else well, without hesitation (yes even one track Ed and “eah”). Further, I thank you for letting me participate on the blog for as long as I did. Most of our interactions were kind and I learned a good deal, so thank you very much.

          Best to everyone. Please do “ban hammer” me for the future. Many thanks.

          Simple Citizen

          • Sorry, I confused Ralph for Ed in my reply. As they are intellectually interchangeable, I really doubt it matters in the long run.

          • Mr. Winter,

            Oh yeah, you worked in economics and finance and you never had a decent relationship with anyone who was Jewish?


            Something does not quite add up in that idea.

            If you had your Series 7 and 65 (the common ones, or maybe even a 3), then you more than likely sold, traded and / or interacted with companies that were managed and / or started by at least one Jewish person at some point. Even if you were a gold broker of hard assets, then you would have interacted with some Jewish folks at some point.

            Did they hurt you in some way? Did they shun you? Or did you make enough money to live comfortably and then decided you did not like them or your own history?

            Out of remorse for your prior dealings, did you give all your earnings away to charity, or have you kept the funds and then decided WW was some form of penance?

            As I said, something does not totally add up here.

            Oh well…

            Good luck.

          • SC, I don’t have a requirement that you have to be correct 100% of the time. Being wrong on this issue doesn’t cast you Into the ethers or make you persona non grata either. So unless you think this is the only issue there is in this realm, shake it off man.

          • My personal experience on Wall Street was working with one of the best regional firms of all time. It was bought out by a sleazy Jewish run outfit called Shearson Lehman. That’s right, and they injected a sleazy culture. I didn’t especially fit in. I left well before Lehman blew up and almost took down the country. So no I don’t buy your fiddler on the roof characterization. This experience is not the reason I write WW however.

      • LOL — how many Jews do I personally have to know in order to validate the facts that 1) the involvement of Jews in predatory/rapacious private equity, as well as this kind of non-productive, churning speculation, is vastly über-proportional, and 2) the hedge funds hurt by this GameStop squeeze are run by Jews (at least some of them probably engaged in naked short selling)?

        Both you and your question are infantile.

        Yet like most people, I admit I was also reluctant to engage with the ‘JQ’, for the obvious reasons.

        Not anymore though — to paraphrase what a long ago banned Twitter user said: ‘The future of the West depends on men brave enough to be called racist, bigoted, homophobic, sexist, ant- Semitic, etc etc, and not flinch or back down.’

        BTW, the ADL is the most vocal/active proponent of censorship, including/especially today internet censorship — in fact, they have been practicing ‘cancel culture’ for decades, long before it was called that — see e.g. David Irving.

        • Kosher Casino playbook:

          Robinhood gets paid by Citadel Securities for “order flow”.

          Citadel gets paid front running the “order flow” and on transactions by Melvin Capital. That’s why Citadel bailed them out.

          Where is Robinhood’s loyalty?

          None of these Jews care about the retail customer; he’s the mark!

          • Gosh if I only had a nickel for every stupid thing you have said on this blog…

            I hope you do not go around trying to pass yourself off as a Christian or other believer of anything outside that fragile intellect you are wielding.

            You and your care are in my prayers. As am I for what I am thinking about you as I type. Trust me, if you cannot learn to find it in your heart to forgive, but instead keep traveling this path then our nation and humanity are truly done for.

        • So besides your screwed up nom de plume, this is what you decided to consider a logical response:

          “LOL — how many Jews do I personally have to know in order to validate the facts that 1) the involvement of Jews in predatory/rapacious private equity, as well as this kind of non-productive, churning speculation, is vastly über-proportional, and 2) the hedge funds hurt by this GameStop squeeze are run by Jews (at least some of them probably engaged in naked short selling)?”

          Well if Mr. Winter feels that you are the horse to back in the future, I would hope he has a hedge in mind.

          My goodness, I shall make sure to pray for you tonight and every night of this next week. Seems like you could use a little Jesus in your life if you are ever going to learn a little forgiveness to close your day with.

          Do me one last favor:

          Check under your bed tonight. Just take a look. Unless you are a serial killer, I highly doubt that there is a Jewish person hiding out under there. Now, maybe ask for forgiveness tonight from the Lord for being so myopic and sleep a little easier.

          • I won’t reply in-kind, although your comment is dumbly condescending.
            Your reaction to any mention of Jews in a less-than-favorable context is common — it’s based on the indoctrination we all received, and applies (especially) to Blacks as well, or really any non-white group (today Whites are the only racial/ethnic group one can portray unfavorably with social impunity).
            But I did outline the rational basis for my comments about Jews.
            I could do the same re Blacks, e.g. cite their high crime rates and poor academic achievement as reasons America’s 40+m Blacks are a huge disadvantage for the country (this would still be called racist).
            You have to put aside the common initial reaction, and spend some time looking into the JQ to appreciate the extent and harmful nature of Jewish influence in politics, culture, and finance (the latter discussed here).
            I suggest the Twitter account “cursedsalad” for a start; his pinned tweet is a collection of threads on specific topics.
            Many people first encounter the JQ via the video of Barbara Lerner Spectre, a Jewish-American woman in Sweden whose expressed aim is to make Sweden less Swedish, and generally Europe less European — of course she has Swedish and European allies in this effort.
            My ‘nom de plume’ is simply the initials of my first/middle/last names.

  13. Well now, it would seem that I have yet to place an original post here. Yes, I did respond to other folks, but I have yet to actually speak on this matter.

    Would any of you care to know why? No. Well, I am going to say it anyhow.

    This is a story without real “legs”. If you do not know that this same situation has been going on since Wall Street was still controlled by the Dutch, then you are delusional in your concept of markets. The idea that a rumor or a lot of rumors drive the price of ABC stock or XYZ basket is as old as when the Rothschild family took over the BOE. That any of this story is news, is an absolute joke.

    Now, I am not insulting Mr. Winter here. Quite the opposite, I think he has done a stellar job of seeking some truth here. In fact (based on the responses), I would encourage him to “play close to home” and combine his talent of financial analysis with seeking historical / political truth more often. To my mind, so much of our historical lives are underpinned by economics, and in most cases I can easily find an economic motivation to all world events.


  14. Apparently the short ratio in AMC and GME as of Friday hasn’t been reduced by much and I think it has to be covered by Tuesday. So it may go up big and down for a few more days. Offerings will be put in place by most of the companies that have their stock prices uptick this week. Trade it but don’t hold it. If the offerings are big enough it will tank the stock price quite a bit.

  15. Can anyone here guess how many Jewish generals were in the Nazi high command?

    Answer: 2

    Can anyone guess how many Jews were in the Nazi military?

    Best guess: 147

    Can anyone guess which Jewish bankers were Hitler’s main backers?

    Answer: Warburgs

    Can anyone answer, aside from money, what was the real motivation for the rose of the gay Nazi party?

    Answer: Establishment of Israel since no one was moving there until Hitler offered a free departure from Germany or harsher measures for noncompliance.

    Can anyone answer what the devil’s bargain was between the Mossad and the Rockefeller family?

    No capture / assassination of Bormann, Scar and (possibly) even Hitler if a sacrificial lamb (Barbie) was offered and no pressure from the UN in the future on any matter.

    Can anyone state why AIG got such a big bailout in 08-09?

    Answer: They underwrite a good part of the largest market in the world (the insurance market) and they are friendly Nazis, just like everyone brought here under Paperclip.

    Can anyone answer who was the brainchild behind the EU?

    Answer: Bormann

    Most folks here are quite smart. Yet some could use a little more reading before opening their mouths. Ralphy boy and eah, I got you boys in mind.

    • Some valid points for discussion SC but the topic is just too vast for an exchange of off-topic comments here. I don’t catch every post here, let alone every comment so I am not exactly sure what has triggered you, and I hardly feel qualified to respond BUT – you don’t seem yourself today.

      A couple of thoughts:

      1. There were certainly quite a number of [non-Zionist/non-occultist] Jews that would have agreed with Hitler’s version of true [National] Socialism and socioeconomic policies – reward for and pride in hard work and no one in society left behind – and they supported his struggle against Bolshevism. Hitler merely seized control of the creation of money (in exchange for labour provided or items produced or manufactured) from the Jewish [Rothschild[ elite. No ordinary persons going about their livelihoods and minding their own business were ever inconvenienced or victimised in any way – perhaps other than those caught up in the emotion of the boycott and declaration of war against Germany by ‘World Jewry’ – it is understandable that a few shopkeepers might have become became stigmatised – even had their windows broken.

      The commitment and plan by Zionist Jews to migrate to and occupy Palestine was set in stone with the Balfour Declaration of 1917.

      • Israel & Palestine: The Maps Tell The True Story


      Everything that ensured was orchestrated to achieve that end – including and especially WWII. Churchill, at the behest of his creditors and handlers (notably Lindemann and Strakosch) was going to let NOTHING stand in his way of manoeuvring Europe into war [see footnote below].

      The pictures following the reprint of the Balfour Declaration in that article tell a story – especially of the Palestinian ‘uprising’ of the 1930s in response to the brutal ethnic cleansing by the ‘British’ backed Jews – BEFORE WWII.

      2. I note that in your closing remark you encouraged people to read more. I could not agree more so I have included my own recommended reading list off the top of my head.

      • Capt. A. H. M. Ramsay – The Nameless War
      • (Admiral Sir) Barry Domville – From Admiral to Cabin Boy
      • Rev. Denis Fahey – The Rulers of Russia
      • Russia’s Gravediggers – drawings by Otto Kurfell and foreword by Alfred Rosenberg
      • Arnold Leese – My Irrelevant Defence {and others]
      • Count Cherep-Spiridovich – Secret World Government of the Hidden Hand
      • David L Hoggan – The Forced War: When Peaceful Revision Failed
      • Juri Lina – Under the Sign of the Scorpion
      • Douglas Reed – The Controversy of Zion
      • Ralph Franklin Keeling – Gruesome Harvest
      • Thomas Goodrich – Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany 1944-1947
      • Gerard Menuhin – Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil
      • James Bacque – Other Losses
      • Winston Churchill – Shall We All Commit Suicide

      More (miscellaneous supplementary)

      • David Astle – The Babylonian Woe – A Study of the Origin of Certain Banking Practices
      • Edith Starr Miller (Lady Queenborough) – Occult Theocrasy
      • Ben Weintraub – The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism: Keystone of the New World Order
      • G. Edward Griffin – The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve
      • Patrick J. Buchanan – The Death of the West [and others]
      • M S (Mike) King – The Bad War / Killing America: A 100 Year Murder / Planet Rothschild I and II [and others]
      • David Irving – Hitler’s War / Churchill’s War / Uprising!: The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 [and others]
      • John Coleman – The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations
      • John Sack – An Eye For An Eye
      • Theodore N. Kaufman – Germany Must Perish!
      • Dumitru Bacu – The Anti-Humans
      • Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn – 200 Years Together
      • Fyodor Dostoyevsky -The Diary Of A Writer

      Churchill footnotes:

      Apparently they want $400 for the short essay “Shall We All Commit Suicide”


      but you can find it included in “Thoughts And Adventures” for free.


      also on Churchill:

      “This war could not be avoided because the politics of Great Britain – under the influence of your person and of your friends [and handlers] of like opinions in all fields – persisted constantly to hinder the life interests and the most natural development of the German people; and – filled with the senile ambition to uphold the British hegemony – preferred the Second World War to an understanding, as we on our side had tried time and again to bring about, beneficial to both of the most prominent nations of Europe.


      “It is my fervent wish that you may at least live to see the day on which the world, and the western nations in particular, will become aware of the bitter truth that it was you and your friend Roosevelt who sold the future to Bolshevism for a cheap personal triumph over nationalistic Germany.”

      • Hermann Göring – Letter to Winston Churchill (10 October 1946)


      and today that [Bolshevism] is exactly what we see unfolding and consolidating its grip on the United States.

      Anyway, farewell and enjoy the reading list:

      PS – you should enjoy John Sack and Theodore N. Kaufman, but here are a couple of passages from Gerard Menuhin (“… Shame the Devil”):

      Page 171

      “Those ultimately responsible for this hopeless situation have succeeded in their conspiracy: they have created, with the aid of “holocaust” professionals and propaganda, the necessary climate of guilt whereby never-ending legal as well as illegal immigration goes unchallenged, resulting in a fractured society, civil unrest and inadequate social funds. The desired massive debt is therefore programmed. Jewish influence has achieved the dissolution of a once cohesive community.”

      Page 303

      “Alone the fact that one may not question the Jewish “holocaust” and that Jewish pressure has inflicted laws on democratic societies to prevent questions—while incessant promotion and indoctrination of the same averredly incontestable ‘holocaust’ occur—gives the game away. It proves that it must be a lie. Why else would one not be allowed to question it? Because it might offend the “survivors”? Because it “dishonors the dead”? Hardly sufficient reason to outlaw discussion. No, because the exposure of this leading lie might precipitate questions about so many other lies and cause the whole ramshackle fabrication to crumble.”

      Gerard Menuhin (like Ron Unz) is Jewish by the way – no doubt he would have fought alongside Hitler.

      But I am digressing …

  16. The final one (many of you are probably thanking the Lord and each other)…

    Winter Watch is a website and blog that id best when it it seeking the truth, no matter where that truth may take it. Unemotional and simply presenting a, universal, case is where its strength lies. Yet, there are the moments when this venue becomes a myopic mess and all of the ignorance becomes a carnival like distraction for the masses (both known and unknown).

    In the end, we might all be thankful that there is a place in the electronic world to discuss some truth, learn from one another, converse freely, and commiserate at some level; however, one might opine that too much commiseration is not conducive to living a good life or what any individual interpretation of a happy life might be.

    So let’s do a show of hands. How many of you have created a business of your own?

    Okay my hand is up, maybe Mr. Winter, and maybe “somethings happening here” (always hated that song and its lyric). Yet, what about the rest of you?

    Okay let’s move to: How many of you will decide that the way things are going necessitates that you begin a proactive response and begin some project, any project, that makes life better for you, as well as others?

    You know America, as a nation, is quite good at the blame game. Excellent at the “feel sorry for me” and “listen to my story” concepts of dealing with inadequacies. Superb at, “its not your fault, its them, over there who did this to you.” Facebook and Twitter feed unforgiving egos that hide behind the insecurity of dealing with one’s current reality of feeling sorry for one’s self, and instead blame of all those people who are responsible for wronging everyone else. When does anyone pick themselves up, by their “bootstraps” and simply take responsibility for their own their own predicament?

    Certainly, life in the United States was not always like it is now. Many people were willing to face the reality of a difficult times, and ignore perceived enemies, while focusing on improving their own lives through hard work and determination. When you look in the mirror to you feel determined? Do you feel at though the “they” / “them” really have ZERO power over you and your talents?

    Winter Watch is a blessing and a curse. As we have covered the blessing, then shall we spend a moment looking at the curse?

    You are here providing your energy and thoughts to support one man’s dream. This man has successfully established a comfortable life for himself, in a location that he became passionate about sometime ago. How are your passions turning out for you?

    This is all fine as no one holds a gun to your head and states that you must come here to contribute. Yet, when was the last time that you contributed here or walked away from here with an ability to really find a tangible gift toward your own betterment? When was the last time that there was a thread that was really looking out for or resonating high in your own best interest?

    A comfortable man, sitting in Europe, is directing a blog that constantly reminds you of how bad the situation that you are living in continues to decline. Do you get a warm feeling from this reminder?

    No one, but no one, can help you better than yourself. Is it good to seek and speak about the truth? Sure.

    Yet, is blaming and finger pointing in an endless loop going to improve your own, personal, situation? Doubtful at best.

    Further, please do not be deceived. Anyone who has done well in either economics of finance has had to work well with Jewish folks in some way or another. Otherwise they would have been asked to leave the sandbox. If one is comfortable enough not to need your fiscal support in their retirement and paying for an internet technician (who openly brags about not needing financial support from participants and even shows clips of “Gone With the Wind” in that response), then you might do well by asking, “how is this even possible?”

    Yet, when Winter Watch is seeking the truth, no matter where it may lead, it can be an excellent resource for information that one may never have come across previously.

    Please take good care of yourselves. You shall all be in my good thoughts and prayers.

    Simple Citizen signing out for the last time.

    • If one is comfortable enough not to need your fiscal support in their retirement and paying for an internet technician (who openly brags about not needing financial support from participants and even shows clips of “Gone With the Wind” in that response), then you might do well by asking, “how is this even possible?”

      Not that complicated- call it the wonders of the internet. The site is just not that expensive monetarily to maintain. Secondly I have simplified my life so that the one investment the site needs, some of my time or labor of love, is available.

      A comfortable man, sitting in Europe, is directing a blog that constantly reminds you of how bad the situation that you are living in continues to decline. Do you get a warm feeling from this reminder?

      My personal comfort level is totally irrelevant to anything that comes out of here. And yes most of it is dark and inconvenient truth. Maybe I should put up a disclaimer?: “Comfortable man reveals dark, inconvenient truths within, proceed with care- may impact your warm fuzzies.” But what would be the point.

    • Someone who comments with both frequency and volume might be well disposed to start their own blog. Your comments are well informed and I’m sure you’d have more than enough content to keep going for a few years.

      But I will say that your parting comments about Russ and his life outside of the US, denoting some privilege and economic convenience while others on the site might be struggling a bit more than old Russ comes embarrassingly close to a thinly veiled and awkward attempt at gas lighting both Russ and the readers.

      I could be wrong, but from what I’ve read, you’re better than this.

      • rpm1122,

        A few moments ago I began an SC response that seems to be lost to a connection issue. If RW or Torchy finds it, and posts it up, it will be similar.

        Either way this is the gist of it:

        1. Thank you very much for your response

        2. We can agree that I was not having my best moment on WW

        3. No, I was not trying to “gaslight” anyone, I felt attacked and responded

        4. My feeling was off, and my response was “heavy handed” to say the least

        Basically, I was out of line, and SINCERELY APOLOGIZE.

        Although you are very kind to suggest that I could author my own blog, I cannot due to my own time constraints. The technical knowledge is there, but the time required for this level of commitment is not.

        Although some may question this next statement, I am going to have “simple” faith that it is accepted to some extent:

        Many of you have read my, past, posts and responses. Thank you; I am humbled.

        Believe it our not, I come to WW to relax, just let my mind flow with the threads and posts (hence they are often rambling contributions — again, very sorry).

        My usual day is a tad more intense than what is posted here\, and this is just an honest admission.

        No, I do not perform brain surgery or launch spacecrafts to the moon, but I am in the nation’s Capitol working to keep our family progressing with all of the “normal expectations”, and then the fine addition of a martial state.


        Mea culpa; I am not shouting here, but did wish to give you my apology in a noticeable manner.

        Further, as many of you know, this is my second go around under martial law. My first was as a New Yorker during the aftermath following 9/11. Certainly, I might have mentioned the details of this event on another thread. It is no longer “hey do you remember when …”. Nope, we are right back in the “soup”, and now our family is slightly bigger. Please keep us in your good thoughts and prayers.

        WW is wonderful, and very important to me. Certainly, I cannot agree with everything we speak about here. To do so would not be an honest representation of who I am as a man.

        Yet, I (honestly, no matter what my rhetoric) respect everyone’s perspective and position on WW. May God bless and keep you all.

        All my best,
        Simple Citizen

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