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Ghislaine Maxwell asked a judge to drop charges against her, arguing the grand jury pool didn’t have enough Black or Hispanic people

News mogul and US Presidential candidate in 2020 Michael Bloomberg with Ghislaine Maxwell (right) on Oct. 1, 2013, at Tamara Mellon’s “In My Shoes A Memoir” celebration at the Four Seasons Restaurant in New York City. PHOTO: Leandro Justen

  • Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers made an attempt to have the charges against her dismissed.
  • They argued the grand jury pool wasn’t diverse enough, that some of the charges were too vague or violated double jeopardy protections, and that some should take place in a separate trial.
  • The Jeffrey Epstein associate is scheduled to stand trial in July.

By Jacob Shamsian | 26 January 2021

YAHOO! NEWS (BUSINESS INSIDER) — Ghislaine Maxwell made an audacious big to convince a judge to drop the charges against her Monday night. Her lawyers argued in court filings that the grand jury that indicted her came from a pool of jurors that wasn’t diverse enough because they were from the New York suburb of White Plains rather than Manhattan.

“The government procured Ms. Maxwell’s indictment using a grand jury pool that excluded residents of the community in which Ms. Maxwell allegedly committed the offenses with which she is charged, and in which she will be tried, in favor of a grand jury drawn from a community in which Black and Hispanic residents are significantly underrepresented by comparison,” Maxwell’s attorneys wrote in filings reviewed by Insider.

Maxwell faces six charges brought by federal prosecutors in Manhattan. The indictments say she illegally trafficked young girls, groomed them for sexual abuse with the now-dead disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, participated in sexual abuse herself, and then lied about her activities in a deposition. […]

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