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New Wave of Social Media Purges, Internet Censorship Follows Kabuki Capitol Incursion


‘Revolutions are effected in two ways: by force and by fraud. In some cases, when fraud is used, the citizens are deceived into acquiescing to a change of government; and afterward, they are held in subjugation against their will.’ — Aristotle

More clarity about priorities and who really matters

Some unarmed clowns emerged from an election fraud protest and Trump rally on Jan. 6, marched through the Capitol building after the police let them enter unopposed, and now a new 20,000-page domestic terror law is suddenly necessary?

Biden / Patriot Act 2

What in the world is Adam Schiff thinking with his domestic terrorism bill?

Congress just whipped this monstrosity up in three days. Whodathunk. Clearly, it was already in the hopper. It’s almost as if mass subjugation and the creation of a slave state was the intent all along. My, my this should offer real clarity for even the most hard core pajama person.

Post-truth Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) offered strong clues as to who will be the prime targets of Biden’s regime.

“It has been an epiphany for the world to see that there are people in our country led by this president, for the moment, who have chosen their whiteness over democracy,” soul sista Pelosi said. Democracy? You can’t make this stuff up.

The Race Business: Notice Whale’s Paypal account displayed on her presentation. A girl’s gotta eat. Reparations now.

These people are all reading from the same post-truth script: “Leader of Jewish-Zionist Group Calls For Massive Crackdown on Internet Free Speech.”

Political Stalinist purge

We note that within 48 hours, our Twitter following has dropped by about 5%, and those we follow disappeared by about the same percentage. Other more well-known voices — especially active Trumpians — have seen more purges. This is likely just the start.

The piecemeal YouTube purge long underway has also ticked up a notch of late.

After Donald Trump joined Twitter competitor Parler, Google Play Store suspended its app, and it faces an imminent BAN from Apple App Store.

But it’s not just Trump and affiliated people who are being targeted. The authoritarian Stasi are moving to censor left-center groups like the #WalkAway Campaign, a grassroots movement founded by former-liberal Brandon Straka on May 26, 2018.

The #WalkAway Campaign encourages and supports those on the left who walk away from the divisive tenets endorsed and mandated by the Democratic Party of today.

Over 500,000 former Democrats posted their testimony on the Walkaway Facebook page citing why they “walked away” from the Democrat Party. Plutocrat-run Facebook took down their site.

A few weeks ago, Winter Watch had to severely scold some members of our commentariat. There were references to violence as the next step to counter the onslaught of the kakistocracy Crime Syndicate. Word to the wise: Even borderline remarks that hint at or allude to violence will be quickly relegated to the trash bin.

It’s an unfortunate circumstance of our times. I think some of these folks are well-intentioned but angry, and understandably so. However, there’s also a psyop called “fedposters,” which is essentially a term for cointelpro frames. I actually believe this is privatized and is part of Big Tech plutocratic tyranny. They will be working in tandem with corrupt Star Chamber courts to impose this Cheka-like nightmare. Therefore, when I see it on my site, I have no choice but to act first and ask questions later. I will try and warn rather than ban hammer in most cases.

The best and easiest protest is voting with your feet and wallet.

New Underworld Order is Corralling the Deltas and the Epsilons, and How to Resist

We are entering a new phase, including one where we may be taken down on any pretense or become even more suppressed than we are already. We suspect there may be more of these anti-populist staged deceptions (aka “domestic terrorism”) in the near future, whether it be street protests, car or RV bombs, or sabotage. In fact, I anticipate it’s merely a matter of time once the new Stasi-oriented administration takes over and arbitrarily utilizes their new draconian domestic terror laws.

The example of Gab is illustrative: “The New York Times Blames Gab For Today’s Events In D.C.” This is a sleazy attempt by the Slimes to place the blame for the “Capitol Siege” psyop on Twitter’s new competitor.

“On social media sites requested by the far-right, such as Gab gave directions on which streets to take to avoid the police and which tools to bring to help pry open doors were exchanged in comments.”

Gab points out the Lugen (lie) in this claim.

“As a result of app store bans, we do not have a mobile app. The majority of our users use Gab on desktop devices, which obviously are not easy to bring and use at a protest.”

Indeed, Gab was warning of “fedposters” back in December in anticipation of some sort of set up.

Google/Wikipedia’s ham fisted description of Gab.

I will start using my Gab account more frequently and hope for some traction with their surge in play. Follow me there.

Naomi Wolf wrote the 2007 book “The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot” in which she defined the post-truth world that is unfolding before our eyes:

44 Comments on New Wave of Social Media Purges, Internet Censorship Follows Kabuki Capitol Incursion

  1. I fully expect all of us to be rounded up and snatched into the night if it comes to it. Or WW being taken down. I said it last year, yall need to start forwarding stuff to a Telegraph account. I havent checked back if they lost their supreme court case because Telegraph at the time did NOT have an NSA back door and was used heavily around the world. Good Ol Uncle Sam was threatening to ban it from US use if it didn’t bend over and spread em. I had been following the Donetsk annexation by Russia on it and US involvement with Ukranian Nazis.

    • Think you mean ‘Telegram’, the instant messaging platform, recently recommended by the world’s new richest person, Elon Musk.

      Telegram tho is a messaging service, whereas the top Russian plaform for a blog is LiveJournal com.

      Russia itself had banned Telegram in Russia for a time, for not being more friendly to Russian intelligence services … things have been worked out and the Kremlin has apparently now lifted the ban.

      The founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, a Russian and now a billionaire, lives in Dubai UAE. Durov founded the popular and in some countries more dominant, Eastern European rival to Facebook, VK – Vkontakte, back in 2012, and then created the messaging platform Telegram in 2013.

      Am not sure tho that parking a blog in Russia or China or wherever is really a stable solution to Western internet censorship, given what those governments might do, and given how Western servers can block those sites

      Tho it is curiously true Andrew Anglin’s Daily Stormer has been able to be seen on an .su (Soviet Union) internet domain now for some time

      • Is Telegram still our best option? You need to provide your phone number before start using it. I downloaded the app but haven’t started using it because I don’t want to enter my phone number.

        Besides Twitter I have gab and Parler. Between the latter two I prefer gab.

  2. Search engines referrals to WW; half day Sunday 1/10/21

    duckduckgo 379 (1.7% market share)
    Google Search 52 (88.1% market share) – use this for complete tyranny over
    your information filter
    Bing 51 (6.7% market share)
    Yahoo Search 35 (3.2% market share)

  3. Russ, Torchy, Thomas –

    Whilst still possible, given it may be a matter of days before many of the sites we all read, are shut down and vapourised –

    Would like to express my thanks and best wishes for being able to post on these valuable blogs for much of the past decade … Best wishes to all of you, and to the many good readers here, if soon this site too is no more

    People will remember reading helpful and interesting articles and comments amidst their old friends, for a long time to come

    It’s notable re the ‘fedposting’ discussed above, that under the New Bolsheviks seizing power particularly in the USA, the ‘legal’ parametres are in process of being stretched and twisted massively … so that what was ordinary discussion just a short time ago, becomes ‘aiding and abetting death and violence’

    Even medical physicians signing on to scepticism about covid-19 lockdowns or vaccines, are being accused of ‘spreading life-endangering false information’

    And anyone publishing ‘wrong-think’ about social issues – for example, citing with full accuracy, government statistics on crime by minorities or migrants – is being accused of ‘inciting racial violence’ because they did not make these citations along with denunciations of whites and white societies, which are held to be the responsible cause per Cultural-Marxist ideology

    Don’t really know what will happen … but I am cheered by seeing some young and tech-savvy people considering how to serve the truth in times ahead, given the circumstances

    Will myself be more in places less internet-accessible, posting less … and why not, given that the old internet era seems to be ending … once again, best wishes to the community here

    • I too think the days of the site are limited. I know we have new people just exploring here. But I might suggest binging some while there is still some time. Of course posts you are interested in can be copied and storied for your use. That is probably the preferred method.

      If we go down I wish everybody God speed under this expanding Stasi oppression.

  4. I recommend watching this interview with ex-soviet spy Yuri Bezmenov (I bet most of you have already, but just in case):

    Full, ~1.5 hours –

    Very short condensed version, 6 minutes –

    I believe we are very well in stage 3. Stage 4 coming up now in 2021.

    If you watch the video you’ll see that it’s an uphill battle, but we have no choice but to resist and keep trying to wake up people. CAF videos are very good about this last topic.

    • I don’t post a lot but WW is my number 1 stop daily. Thanks Russ, Thomas and Torchy for all you have done. I wish everyone the best.

      Sit Nomen Domini benedictum

  5. WW Friends,

    Hello and happy Sunday! We are sunny and a bit chilly in the Capitol of the U.S.. Most activity has ratcheted down, thankfully. As I just mentioned to Torchy, yesterday was like government on steroids.

    Now for a little bit of my own humble opinion:

    1. WW is not going to be a prime or even secondary target; they will go after CTH and GP first (maybe ZH as well). Breitbart, Fox and Newsmax are all kissing the ring (although I would humbly contend that Breitbart was Mossad since inception).

    2. If anyone comes after WW it will be WordPress and its owners.

    3. I have provided Mr. Winter with an alternative host out of Iceland that will leave WW alone. The issue will be the creation of a blog, while not using WP tools which are proprietary (check the EULA); however, we have some really brilliant friends here and I would bet we could figure out something if it was needed.

    4. To a large extent (and assuming Bitchute is incorrect, and Trump will not have a coronation in April), America is about to become Vichy controlled France. If we keep our eyes and ears open, there will be folks working together to fix small communities and link to other small communities that are pulling themselves together, The powers that be know that there is really only so much that they can do. Please recall that even Mao and Stalin had to leave the farmers alone if they wanted to eat.

    Factory food technology is no where near ready for a full roll-out, and the 1% of the 1% does not want to eat that stuff anyway. They want organic, and fresh, and heirloom… So eventually, they will ease back the throttle.

    I think the main goal is to use a new pretext for continued lock-downs / house arrests. People who get the vax may begin to ask questions (assuming they survive) like:

    A. “Why do I still need the mask if this vaccine makes me unstoppable?”

    B. “Hey our whole staff at the __________________(fill in the blank) pizzeria got the stab, why can’t we now stay open until 10:30 PM, even if Covid knows to come out at 10:01 PM?”

    C. “I did what you told me and got some of that good Moderna juice, now may I hug my grandma?”

    And so on and so forth.

    Now we will need to extend the house arrests due to a few bad actors in da District. Whiteness is as bad as Covid and we need to flatten the whiteness curve. Etc. etc. etc…

    5. The house arrests are also a cover for Uncle Joe. If he cannot come out to play for whatever reasons, then they can blame the house arrests.

    (BTW – I think Joe was hugging and stroking the back of Mike Pence because he too knew that was his President at the moment. Once the military reports to another member of the Executive Branch, then that individual is President by a version of the job description.)

    6. There will be reparations provided in the name of Corn Pop. It will be a fund of some sort where people abused by chain swinging white men or the illegitimate decedents of Strom Thurman will be able to get a check and maybe a new phone. Also any child who was forced to stroke the blond hair on a white man’s leg,by a swimming pool, will qualify for both a check and free opioids to help them forget all about it.

    These are just the humble thoughts of a friend. For my own part, I killed the Fox last night (also let them know why) and I am having a hard time understanding the Opera this morning (what a clunky search engine, plus I really do not like anything built on Chrome). Sorry to vent.

    Please all be well.

    Simple Citizen

    • Like Vichy France, you say? The Vichy government was the most legitimate government France ever had, or ever will have. The entire National Assembly, Communist deputies included, voted Henri Petain as President of France. He was France’s greatest military hero and a truly great man who took on a thankless task because he saw it as his duty to his country.

      • Thank you for your thoughts.

        My idea was more along the lines of citizens working with one another, without a lot of government oversight, but I still appreciate what you are saying. I guess I could have also used Tattooine in the first Star Wars film (now called a New Hope), but it did not come to me at the time.

        Again, thanks for your response and thoughts on the original post.


        • Or like Nelson & Winnie Mandela’s ‘african national congress’ takeover of South Africa during the 1980s & ‘90s which Harris & her colorful cabinet have inherited for the making of VenezuelAmerica.

          ‘Definitely appreciate WW & pray it sticks around!

          • Yes sort of a hybrid of South Africa, VenezuelAmerica that picks up racial leveling and economy wrecking that starves everyone. And Gyorgy Lukas thought-commissar red Vanguardism Hungary 1919 that rolled out cultural Marxism big time.

            Basically, all Lukács was interested in was leveling to the lowest-common Satanic denominator. In practice during 1919, he immediately set plans in motion to de-Christianize Hungary with a program of “non-judgmental tolerance.”

            • Huntress and Mr. Winter,

              Your responses and ideas / links are appreciated. My own post and response was to indicate the French Underground and / or any underground economy. My use of Star Wars was to keep it light with TBSPB, as he is a good and respected contributor to WW.

              Had I really wished to role up my sleeves and get into it, I would have; however, I respect this WW friend and will dive a little deeper into what he was saying later in the week (a little research and some reading is in order on my part).

              On the other hand, I am thankful he is presenting me with a direction to read up, just as I am thankful for both of your responses as well. To be honest, using the words “legitimate”, and referring to any French government since the founding of the nation is oxymoronic from my (humble) perspective. Yet, I will still do a little research and respect the response.

              Moving on…

              Although SA is a little harder of a parallel for me to arrive at as well, since that coup and the ensuing years was an Economic Hitman job / foreign destruction of the SA economy (the Mandelas were a distraction at best) that continues (unabated) today, I can see where you are coming from Huntress.

              In our case, I would opine that we will simply “blow our own toes off”, especially if a rival to SWIFT actually is materialized and we go the way of Davos / WEF in which case the reserve currency status goes away.

              Heck even some knuckle-head (the head knuckle-head) at the CFR is using the pageant thrown on January 6, 2021 to declare the U.S. as an embarrassment to the world and over. Certainly, I cannot wait until the merge with Chatham House and become “El Grande Round Table”.

              Really gotta run now.

              Best to all,

  6. Oh yeah 2 more things:

    1. With regard to the meme of the day:

    Mr. Winter how did you find one of my high school photos? Yes, it is true, I used to work construction in high school. You “nailed it” with the re-post of that image (ha, ha, ha!)

    2. Humbly, I might suggest that WW go low-tech, before adding a lot of new Aps and software into the mix. Building a simple blog on a host that is stable would seem a good way to begin, and perhaps beginning a BETA version now would be a simple step to ensure continuity.

    Further, a listserv. might be a way to keep all WW folks in the know should the site need to take a small break to retool.

    Basically, low-tech will be the new hi-tech as we enter the Hunger Games. Also do not forget to take cake decorating classes, just in case you need to paint your face like a rock in order to hide. Also, I recommend the first 20 minutes of the flick Hannah so that we can all learn to hide out in polar environments and hunt caribou with make shift bows / arrows.


      • Been there, done that….seriously….a couple of years ago started learning BushCraft…one good thing besides free movies (December had most 007 movies) YouTube still has are videos about learning BushCraft….thank God we live in rural remote far west Texas…and wild food galore, including edible plants like Lamb’s Quarter and herbs like Horehound and Hyssop and meat if you know what I mean. All WW’ers welcome to move here, property cheap (taxes though aren’t)…. And I hope lib-tards stay where they belong. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahha….too many California license plates lately…. some Texans are freaking out over this….

    • About to begin a three to five day tomorrow. Actually looking forward to it.

      Will check the video out after I post this reply.

      Hope all is well with you.


      • Some tips,

        Day one just drink water and tea. Start off after 6pm after a high protein meat dinner. Eat a big steak! Stay up late and then wake up early, this gets you to sleep early on day one at 7pm. Day one ends at 6pm. Then day 2 is all mental not physical. Get to 6pm and go to bed again even if hungry and not sleepy..You will wake up into day 3 tired and your body will panic…You start to weaken. Your gut starts to grind…Dont quit here, this method does not work until mid day day 4 which is early morning…Try to get to 6pm

        As I stated in previous posts, I think the military is on board, but I also think a dirty bomb or black out could disrupt this in some fashion.

        Watch the S&P for a gap down or no bid and you know that Trump won since Dorsey and Zuck will be screwed.

        Do I believe Trump to be a White Hat? Not really, I think he sees his fate and has no choice..Look at how Pelosi wants him dead and buried with a few days left, Makes no sense. Trump is our enemy’s enemy..i.e friend

        • BGNZ,

          My friend, thank you for the tips.

          The fact is that I do one of these per quarter and take a day off per week (usually Monday). So I concur with everything you stated and have used similar methods for the execution of the fast. Again, thank you, I can always use good support and review for any of these projects; I am appreciative.

          Agreed on that last paragraph (did I ever tell you that I once met the man, and on a separate occasion met the first wife, with the young, teenage, daughter?), not sure on the middle two paragraphs. Although paragraph 3 does make sense to me, I am just not clear on what those securities are going to do next week.

          Normally for this type of stuff, I would look at the 10 yr., but these days I do not find that type of lead reliable.

          Either way I enjoyed the video link, and hope I am not Warren Beatty.

          Simple Citizen

    • Now I don’t want any bad mojo in case I am wrong, but am I still alive as I type this message?

      Did a nuke go off and I am now writing from the great beyond?

      Am I Warren Beatty, and did I have a promising football career but then got hit while I was riding my bicycle, and then transfer into another man’s body?

      Gosh I watched the video with the former whisperer from MI5 (thank you, it was interesting) and then got lost down the Bitchute hole, where I found this one:

      • I dunno SC, the video seems a bit LARP-ey to me. Trump has always been controlled opposition.

        The QAnon crowd and their NESARA and GESARA stuff.

        • Nesara, eh? yep, I actually bought into that stuff back in the mid-2000s, along with Fulford, Christopher Story (aka Edward Harle, passed in 2011…maybe), Beforeitsnews, Fourwinds10…and oh yeah, Ashtar Command BS (yep, aliens, including “Jesus Sandanda” Bwahahahahahahahahahah)….

          But when one is trying to seek the truth one often comes across nonsense disguised as “maybe true”….thank God I’ve never been a “flat earther” but even geocentrism caught me before 9-11. Seriously…. Bwahahahahahahahah!

    • Sounds like when the Soviets airbrushed unpopular or inconvenient persons from photos.

      We can only hope that even blue-pilled normies will see that as going too far. But that may be asking too much.

  7. Never underestimate how oblivious and naive the average person is.

    Perhaps there is a more resilient soul, or an entirely different structure in the brain that those who are drawn to conspiracy research possess.

    For me, the baptism by fire was 9/11. The minute I walked into the library after ditching class to go smoke weed, I saw people differently. Everyone around me was transfixed, catatonic, zombified – utterly entranced by television screens. Broadcasting images of a narrative that they appeared to have already had entirely figured out, but couldn’t be too quick to reveal.

    It was ridiculous, and entirely unsustainable to maintain the narrative that Muslim terrorists were potentially everywhere. But lo and behold, they had the answer – the H.G. Wells twist – germs. A mystery virus from the darkest reaches of the Orient, with new strains originating in Britain and South Africa.

    Not only that, an East Coast property developer who conjures the very spirit of Hitler fraudulently seized control of the sanctity that is the Presidency of the United States. He didn’t believe in the virus, he didn’t believe the holiest of holies, he didn’t trust the science. But worst of all, he didn’t believe the Media Uber Alles faithfully reporting on the science. What kind of heretic wouldn’t believe CNN, the self proclaimed “most trusted source in news?”

    All that being written, it reads like a journeyman-ish sci-fi short story. Viruses, a ham-fisted Hitler characterization, giant media corporations that twist reality. But alas, it’s reality. And most people are too oblivious to understand the difference between reality and lies. As Morpheus – the God of Dreams – says, “they are inured, so hopelessly dependent, they will fight to defend it.”

    It’s quite breathtaking to see the vast Big Conspiracy unfolding before my very eyes though. Media, Military, Medicine, Education, Government, Technology, Religion, everything breathing together.

    • Lycurgus- that difference in the brain which causes an unending interest in conspiracy is on my mind as well. For example as an infant it was my luck to roll off the kitchen table & onto the floor. Espionage, mind control, psychological warfare, conspiracy, etc have dominated my interests ever since. Then finding out about antIChrist mentality made it all real. It would make an interesting study to see if a mild head trauma would have any thing to with one’s ability to see ‘the big picture’- like literally having sense knocked into our heads!

  8. WW friends and visitors,

    As many of you know, I only support two websites in the world. Whether it is with my time (at WW) or with my time and a little monetary support (, I keep my circle very / very small. Having grown up around computers since the 1970s, I really do have a love / hate relationship with IT. If you were to ask me about my two favorite tools I would list:

    1. My sand filled hammer


    2. My shredder

    No desktops, laptop, or tablets would ever make the list.

    Also my cellular is a 3G Korean made model that was meant for the German market. Basically, I like to be left alone. It is not even capable of receiving a government alert and its has ZERO capacity for Apps. It does however have a very nifty flashlight and is waterproof to a large extent.

    When I saw where the world and IT was headed around 2008, I purchased a whole lot of these cellular phones so that I would not have to worry in the future. Often I do not even carry a phone, but when I do, this is what I have.

    Will I have to replace them soon? Possibly. What will I do? The Purism, American made, cellular phone will be the way I go. I think you all get the picture; I like some peace and quiet in my life, whenever I can choose to have it.

    Moving on…

    Yet those two websites that I have listed are great place to visit, learn and spend a little time just talking to some great folks (this would only be WW, since LRC has no comments section). With this in mind, I see an awful lot of concern on this and two of the other threads today. One idea I would like to float (and I have mentioned it before) was covered very well by Mr. Rockwell this weekend:

    If you have a moment and do not mind giving it a read, then it may provide you with an idea worth consideration if things grow much darker. There is nothing wrong with a little separation, and at times it can actually be quite healthy. Now is it ideal when you are a nuclear superpower? Not really. But, could it be done? Sure, anything can be worked out if people are willing.

    No matter how powerful it would seem that the people in control are. The truth is that they are scared out of their wits, because what if next time it is not a false flag? That would not bode well for anyone, and why run the risk when there are other options?


    • Yep, WW one of my faves, visit at least twice a day (though I don’t listen to the podcasts…don’t have time for them, sorry Russ, TradCat, Dino, etc.), but a few other insightful sites are Gary Barnett’s (he’s a Lew Rockwell person), Henry Makow, From the Trenches World Report, The Truthseeker (UK), What Really Happened (unfortunately, it’s now pay to play posting stuff), Vigilant Citizen (for pop culture stuff), State of the Nation, Solari Report (Catherine Austin Fitts), Free Thought Project, Health Impact News, Children’s Defense (RFK, Jr.’s site)….just a start.

  9. In the days and weeks ahead there is going to be a continuous and relentless conflation of 9/11 and the Capitol ‘insurgency’ which by its very ‘inner logic’ will then produce and breed countless patriots, Trump supporters, and ‘domestic terrorists’ to hunt down in this new and expanded Global War on Terrorism.

    Already people who were ‘suspects’ at the Capitol last week and are apart of the Dept. of Justice’s and FBI’s witch-hunt are being put on the no-fly list. Here:

    And with Joe Biden’s priority of passing a law against such ‘predominately right-wing domestic terrorism’ when he gets in office, we can expect the quick establishment of a new ‘task force’ specifically tasked with looking for online ‘white supremacists’ and ‘right-wing activists’ that pose a danger to our democracy. Men like John D. Cohen will be involved or on such a task force and will suggest banning such Nazi’s from flying, banking apps, Uber, and large-scale gatherings such as ball games and concerts!

    ANTIFA and BLM on the other hand have essentially complete corporate and institutional backing and will now be acting as if they have a free hand toward whites, conservatives, and the like. It’s now 2021; it won’t be long before many will wish it was as bad as it was during the Obama Administration!

    I think it’s time for me to read Solzhenitsyn’s ‘Gulag Archipelago’ again! Just to get ready!

  10. Okay, so StartPage is not bringing up Winter Watch as a first option when a general search is queried. SP is built on Google, so if anyone is running Chrome, then you may wish to give it a whirl. I used Duck Duck Go (just as a test) and it still comes up first.

  11. I’ll wager AshleighTheLion ( the hungry heifer teaching tolerance) will have had a few food deliveries ordered for her by unkind unknowns via her paypal name…

    Regarding the vast social network effects monopolies, they are now in a bind. They are enormously expensive to run, providing an anodyne service for people all strongly agreeing how great B/arris is in a huge economic depression won’t move their stock needle up (the crazy stock market is dominated by bigTech stocks, not of course by the welfare of small businesses) and lack of political sibling, ‘friends’ etc arguing on facebook will diminish the value of stasi like snooping opportunities.

    Any future orangemangood social media network launch will be crippled by the cloud services companies ownership of the internet. Like the slow removal of unrestricted travel via the massive subsidies of electric vehicles (ultimately self driving and permission based with taxation per mile if your travel is permitted) we have a massive economic loss in the interim. Like Uber (designed to remove cash payment, anonymous journeys and detailed travel movement tracking) there is huge damage to other parts of the travel economy.

    Keeping the economic ball up and staying in power while the great reset is rolled out requires going along with these new digital entities and stocking the social media shelves with your ‘content’.

    Young people are oblivious to all this so discrete education is essential. Understanding how essential ‘local’ is is vitally important…

    The anonymity of the internet is a blessing and a curse. Once platforms are gone anonymous relationships and understandings fail. This is a tough nut that needs to be cracked…

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