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New Underworld Order is Corralling the Deltas and the Epsilons, and How to Resist

SOURCE: Science Matters

I received the following news flash from my son along with his comment: “You will never fly again.”

Sydney, Nov 24, 2020 (AFP) – International air travelers will need to be vaccinated against Covid-19 to fly with Australia’s Qantas, the airline’s CEO has said, adding the rule was likely to become “common” across the industry. Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said late Monday the Australian flag carrier would implement the measure once a coronavirus vaccine was made available to the public.

Joyce predicted the rule would likely become standard practice among airlines around the world, with governments and airlines currently considering the introduction of electronic vaccination passports.

The question of whether I will ever fly again is up in the air, so to speak, since other countries aren’t as draconian as Australia. But I have already made the decision to never set foot in or spend a penny on extreme Satanist-controlled nations like Australia that mandate Covid-1984 vaccines and impose heavy fines for mask “violations.”

All this for a country that claims to have recorded a mere 907 Covid-1984 attributed deaths since the scamdemic began.

However, ultimately, companies like Qantas will collapse, a self-inflicted casualty of their own hubris and paranoia. Already Qantas has grounded more than 200 planes and fired 8,500 staff as it attempts to offset a US$1.9 billion loss caused by the collapse in demand for air travel.

I would characterize this as a mutual boycott. And I am in John Galt mode. Let the authoritarians go bankrupt.

“This is John Galt speaking. I’m the man who’s taken away your victims and thus destroyed your world.”

If you’ve understood what I’ve said, stop supporting your destroyers. Don’t accept their   philosophy. Your destroyers hold you by means of your endurance, your generosity, your innocence, and your love. Examine your values and understand that you must choose one side or the other. Any compromise between good and evil only hurts the good and helps the evil.

Gutless scamdemic tyrants hose down brave protesters in Berlin cold weather. Says it all.

We will need to appraise how this shakes out, but avoiding Australia and its ilk as a tourist destination for thinking people looks obvious. Only delta/epsilon masochists who enjoy being herded like pasture animals would think otherwise.

Incredibly, among those not willing to take a Covid vaccine, only 37% of Americans say the rushed timeline for the development of the vaccine is the main reason they would not be vaccinated. Another 26% say they want to wait to confirm the vaccine is allegedly safe.

The latest Gallup poll now shows 58% of these delta and epsilon lemmings don’t really care, will hurry to be vaccinated and will rely on the word of known liars. The people are not even allowed to weigh in the issue, as the Crime Syndicate is busy censoring any reasonable debate. The trend of lemmings has been steadily increasing as the vaccine hype builds. Look for more zombies and epsilons once the vaccines commence.

Of course, the big question is how the Crime Syndicate deals with the 42% who decline. It looks increasingly like sanctions will be applied, such as travel restrictions and BS like health passports. Bring it on. It’s a game of chicken. Let the authoritarians and their 58% lost cause lemmings collapse themselves. I care for the protestors in the cold in Berlin, but no longer one iota for the lemming majority. For the rest of us on board the Titanic it is now all about self-preservation.

CS bots have worked over social media with false rumors that Ticketmaster will require proof of vaccination to attend their venues. This lie has been denied by the company, but it’s an example of neuro-linguistic programming that sticks in the clown-world minds of authoritarian followers.

In the interim, PCR testing is all the rage.

Read “Wildly Inaccurate PCR Testing Puts the Scam in the COVID-19 Scamdemic”

Here we see people being cuffed by authoritarians for mask violations at Costco. In thinking out our strategy for dealing with big box retailers, the issue for me is that it requires too much time shopping there with unhealthy masks on. Therefore, the Costcos, and Walmarts should be avoided and boycotted.

I now stick with Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Dr. Max (pharmacy) and the corner deli as they are smaller, more compact stores that one can get quickly in and get out. Other small grocers are now closing. The other option is delivery services.

I drop my mask down to my chin, and on occasion am asked to “wear it properly.” For some reason, I am hardly ever hassled by anyone as I go about my business. It must be my age and demeanor – been that way for years. I just act like it’s still 2019, and I’m never rude.

I recommend a maskless Eddie Haskell approach for our times. I’m also a known regular at Dr. Max and the deli, and they never enforce my half-assed sloppy mask wearing. Other than the entrance, Tesco doesn’t enforce either. If they did, I would walk with my wallet. Instead, I get a knowing grin from the female pharmacist at Dr. Max. I really think about half the people are in on the John Galt protest and are compliant with these routines. As long as they let me be, I will be a loyal customer – otherwise they don’t get a cent.

If you have trouble at a Costco, I might recommend having a calm polite word (don’t make it personal) with the manager as to why you won’t be returning until conditions are normalized.

The race industry and white demonization agitprop is nominal here, but in the US and UK the same boycott mentality and not a dime approach applies to any business and corporation that plays in that turd sandbox.

Cultural Marxist Echo Chamber Infiltrates Gillette and Creates Toxic Ads

There are other ways to resist; but primarily, walking with my wallet is more effective than giving store staff a hard time. So I comply, finish up and get the hell out of there. I don’t use a car and walk for my shopping. I give other people their 2-meter space, as doing so doesn’t cause the same self-inflicted harm that mask wearing does. Common sense.

Finally, there is the concept of becoming a gray man. This is difficult for me in my locale, as I’m too dependent on American-accented English. Also, my friends universally tell me I look and act American. I am dressing down more, using Puma sweat pants and a plain jacket and a black or gray European-style beanie cap.

Still, here are some tips on the gray man strategy, which is becoming increasingly important and might work well for others. Unfortunately, not wearing a mask pulls one out of the gray man baseline and makes you noticeable. You can use the mask to counter against surveillance. Just make sure your mouth and nose are uncovered, and use the mask to cover you cheeks and chin.

12 Comments on New Underworld Order is Corralling the Deltas and the Epsilons, and How to Resist

  1. This article gave me an idea. I’ll make up some business cards that say “Please give this to your manager.” and start off with “It’s not your fault”; to connect with the employee, and then simply state that my refusing to do business while wearing a mask is MY only option. Maybe if the store managers get enough of them, we might see some change. Or I could put some CDC survivability rates on the back. Who knows, store employees might keep the card as a way to bolster their own courage to un-mask. Just a thought. I’m more than capable of being a ‘prick’ (ask anyone who knows me), but for now I’m choosing not to be one.

  2. I so regret the effort spent defending corporations when I was a libertarian. I think Trump example should dissuade anyone from the belief that government should be run like a business. For Trump, the only customers who were kings were Israeli lobbyists and billionaires.

    • TT,

      Glad you are well, and good to see you here. What I would suggest that perhaps it is both. Maybe a blend of your ideas, but with very clear reflections / prayer on the “when”.

      The LORD and you gut instinct might be the best help in this matter.

      Please be well.

      All my best,
      Simple Citizen

    • It is an agonizing choice. The first option is right out of ‘1984’- tortuously squashed into loving Big Brother after being set up in a fake counter movement. The second option is like the tv show ‘The Fugitive’ who, after being wrongly accused of murder, tries to blend in or hide day after day from the law until he finds & nails the true culprit.

  3. Well, I was aware of this Quantas information, but I was not really thinking of it too deeply. Mr. Winter is quite right that boycott is a first line of voting with regard to what is ahead. There may be more actions to take, if events develop further (if they should / I am praying they do not); however, the first line of defense is to simply not be where trouble begins.

    Without wishing to make this post into some very long diatribe, I would like to use a (hopefully) quick list of thoughts. As follows:

    1. The whole agenda of UN 2030 and any “Green New Deal (there are a few variations / versions of these plans) ids to destroy commercial flying, everywhere in the world. Although I cannot offer professional advice for several reasons, one could opine that “shorting” commercial airlines all over the world, on really long put options, could be somewhat prudent. Not advice, just an opinion.

    2. As commercial airlines fail and / or get wiped out, there will be a rise in private, small, airline flights. Conjob-19 is an event that is meant to teach many individuals that they no longer need to fly for business (especially those who used to fly for sales). These smaller planes and charters are designed to attract personal flights for family visits and such (my own analysis and opinion). For the time being, charter flights may not require the same protocols for testing and vaccine that commercial flights are indicating as necessitated.

    Commercial buses in the air and really cheap Southwest flights are DOA, but their employees (not the CEOs, the Boards or prominent investors) and unions do not know it yet. This is as much about control of people’s movements, as it is about killing the unions in this sector.

    3. Eventually, charter flights may require the draconian measures that commercial flights are indicating as “required”. This will be to “pat the 1% of the 1%, and their sycophants on the back”. Actors such as Mr. George Soros and Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio will feel truly powerful, because they hire their own pilots and can be as “sick (yeah, read into that one) as they wish on their own planes. He who owns the gold, makes the rules.

    The upside: Folks coming together to purchase planes outright. No I am not speaking of some “black card”, advertised by some tennis great, as “partial ownership”. No I am talking clubs that purchase a Lear and workout flying when they wish and under their own terms. Please recall an earlier post when I stated (in essence) that the same laws that protect the “super-rich” can be used by anyone, at many levels, no matter what their income (trusts, companies and the like).

    4. Lest we forget that any and all “Crown” territories are still, contractually, under the guidance of the “royal” family. Australia, Canada, and many others are still under the direction of the “royal” family. Their parliaments may be closed and dissolved at anytime, for any reason should QE II wish a change.

    Man, I used to love Ireland. Then I was on WW and read what was happening to the nation with regard to immigration and my heart sunk (I did not leave a comment). Unlike the U.S., Ireland, both North and the Republic, has contractual connections to QE II. Yes, the IRA did an amazing job of hitting the City on a Sunday and sending a message (not that I am fond of the IRA at all), and this event did change the conversation; however, in the end. no one read the “fine print”. What a shame.

    5. Costco is a travesty on so many levels, that I am not sure I wish to elaborate too much. Think about it, we (the United States of America) killed our own means of production (the only area that I agree with regarding Secretary Alexander Hamilton) and created both China, as well as the Soviet Union. Costco was only an extension of building our own enemies and our own downfall, if nothing is done.

    Screw their CEO, he is a puppet and moron. You do not need them, so simply work around them. Grow your own (non GMO food), manufacture your own needs (the Amish have been doing this for decades) and tell Costco to F**K OFF! They exploit slave labor and are complete idiots, with prisons for retail operations (few to no windows and the smell of desperation everywhere).

    6. Mr. Winter, I am disappointed! (kidding, with a point) Why are you not donning elaborate disguises? You have the ultimate opportunity to go “CRAZY” modifying your image in an electronic surveillance world. Why not have fun?

    No, not in the places where (to quote Cheers) “where everybody knows your name”, but why not in the streets of Prague. Mess with those who wish to watch us. Buy a few cheap wigs, add some Halloween facial hair and just be a little goofy. It could be fun.

    7. Please advise your son to leave Australia. It will not get better for quite some time, if ever.

    Although I am kind of giggling at Mr. James Cameron, WOZ and all those who moved to OZ in order to escape the tyranny of the U.S.A., my heart also goes out to them. There is ZERO way in the world that any of us could have seen the marital law, happening in Australia, coming unless we were a “round table” member and / or a government agent.

    Heck, under normal conditions, I would short AUD / USD; however, with the election in a tizzy, no one in their “right mind” would consider such a proposition. Plus the 1% of the 1% are backing the fascism in Australia, and they can muster a lot more leverage than little old me. Moving on…

    There is more to discuss, but I have already gone way too far and did not obey my own intention.

    If I have a simple point, then it is in line with what Mr. Winter stated so well. Simply, do not subscribe. Do not give anyone your business who is not in line with your belief system. Seek out and find alternatives, work arounds, as well as community (in a world of networks, go simple). You can remain happy, when all seems grim.


  4. Just another suggestion to add, especially when we are out and about is to wear a coded symbol that helps us easily but discreetly recognise each other. A Robin could be ideal as it embodies many of the characteristics that we are going to need: plucky, courageous, inquisitive and fearless. This could lead to a sense of solidarity in our local and wider communities, both in the real world and online. Strength in numbers.

  5. The thing is, boycotting of these big corporations actually make no difference–even if they close.. They are paid huge sums to do their Master’s bidding — they are all in it together to reset the world where there will be no traveling at all and we are all simply cornered in our cages–to eat their garbage gmo food and take their soul-destroying vaccines. With all the damn control of the printing of money–as we have let them–the Rothschilds (central bankers) and Rockefellers (big corporations) have brought us to this point in time. The thing is, why fight a system that is rotten to the core to start with? We need to look to a new one. Stay tuned here:

  6. Well Russ I think you are a bit naive. To Quote you, “I would characterize this as a mutual boycott. And I am in John Galt mode. Let the authoritarians go bankrupt.

    Authoritarians don’t go bankrupt, they Nationalize. Ever wonder why we never heard from Hollywood, the Airlines, Big Oil, The University system from their lackies in Congress?

    I think the memo goes something like this:

    “Uh Hey Mr Business Titan, Just to let you know, the bond market has broke…So please see below regarding your options….”

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