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Cultural Marxist Echo Chamber Infiltrates Gillette and Creates Toxic Ads

Proctor & Gamble and their overrated ad agency Grey appear to be flushing their Gillette razor brand down the toilet, and it is not just us saying it. Forbes ran a editorial as well, describing the company’s latest ad as toxic. Have they determined that their prime remaining consumer base is solely cucks and pussy hatters? The razor brand has already seen its market share drop from 70% to 50% since 2010.

The 2-minute commercial starts out with images of remarkably troubled looking men as a narrator makes references to bullying, sexual harassment and toxic masculinity.

Seriously Gillette? It’s just razors and shaving cream, you fucking idiots! That’s it!

For those not familiar with the strange and offending “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be” ad, have a look. This abomination has 15.6 million views on YouTube and has been downvoted 778,000 to 377,000 times. Considering these frauds buy voting bots, it’s likely far worse than that. The marketplace can soon render its verdict, but I for one am done with this brand, an excellent boycott candidate.

Gillette products — including Sensor razors, Foamy shave cream, Right Guard deodorant and Oral B toothbrushes — are stacked in a shopping cart along with Proctor & Gamble’s Crest toothpaste, Old Spice, Secret deodorant and Pampers diapers.

The brand director for Gillette is one Pankaj Bhalla. A South Asian is going to lecture westerners about abusing women? You can’t make this stuff up.

The ad agency, Grey, is a usual suspect as well. In March 2017, Grey’s London office announced its rebranding as Valenstein & Fatt for 100 days to celebrate its Jewish founders and array of executives and to highlight prejudice in society. Proctor & Gamble has been Grey’s client since 1956.

Grey’s New York agency CEO is a Jewish whippersnapper, one Debby Reiner. It is unclear what disconnected echo-chamber rock she crawled out from under, but other brands she is flogging:

“From Ellen DeGeneres for CoverGirl to transgender model Tracey Norman for Clairol to our Gillette Ask Dad, Grey’s advertising has put these mega-brands front and center in pop culture conversation, driven their growth and been honored at Cannes.”

At the other end of the spectrum are ads from Harry’s and Dollar Shave. They are funny and work, especially the Harry’s ad about going up against “Big Razor.”

Best Gillette Parody Yet

5 Comments on Cultural Marxist Echo Chamber Infiltrates Gillette and Creates Toxic Ads

  1. What cracks me up about all this is that biggest buyers of shaving gear are hirsute gentlemen who are on the hairier end of the male spectrum. Numen aren’t going to be doing much shaving or buying Gillette macho gear but this is who will be getting behind this koolaid. Unusual to see the selling machine get it this wrong, something else must be a foot..perhaps Gillette are going to do a big push on male moisturizers and douches?

  2. Hit post too soon…as others have commented elsewhere, the ad is actually aimed at women (household buyers) not men, and is primarily influencing them. Creepy social engineering…

    • That’s a good point, and that’s true for most products. But women don’t choose a man’s razor. If she’s buying it, she’s buying whatever brand HE prefers. For men, razors are personal decision as much as shampoo/condition is for women. This commercial was about creating viral buzz for the brand through virtue signaling. Many millennial’s believe that, when it comes to product advertising, it matters more that people are talking about your product than what they’re saying about it. They look to Nike as an example of how this works. They think that Nike had a sales spike because of the Kaepernick ad, not taking into account that that economy was spiking on its own. Loosening of credit allowed more families to finally buy their kids those $200 shoes they’ve always wanted despite Kaepernick, not because of him. I don’t think Gillette is in the same market position. This ad campaign damaged their brand and will impact sales. But next quarter we shall see.

      • It will be very interesting to see what happens I agree. Nike made a bet on Kapernick being popular with their demographic, which had questionable value to them over time, but helps the divide and rule agenda also. Gillette have a colossal global spend internationally and can quickly put huge money and exposure wherever they want it. While appealing to numen they can simultaneously appeal to men’s sex drives
        It’s all highly cynical and there is definitely a social engineering element baked into the business of flogging razors that probably is coming from somewhere else. I think unless a guy explicitly asks their partner to not buy Gillette because of these patronizing and sexist ads they will continue to add the brand to the shopping list.

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