Swedish Government Grants $175,000 to Fund Drag Queen Shows for Children

‘Lil Miss Hot Mess’ reads to children during the Feminist Press’ presentation of Drag Queen Story Hour at the Park Slope branch of Brooklyn Public Library in New York. PHOTO: Young Post/AP

The progressive utopia rolls on.

By Paul Joseph Watson | 7 November 2019

SUMMIT NEWS — The Swedish government will hand out the equivalent of $175,000 dollars from the inheritance money of dead Swedes without heirs to fund drag queen shows for children.

You just can’t stop progress!

The Public Inheritance Fund, a state body that manages the money, will give the cash to ‘Kulturföreningen Mums’ in Stockholm, which will use it to organize transvestite and transgender events where fairytales are read to children.

“The project will, together with children, young people and adults with disabilities, develop available normative creative fairy tales in the form of drag shows. Together with the target group and several organizations, the established business Among dragons and drag queens will create new fairy tales that reflect the target group,” writes the General Heritage Foundation. […]

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